lost in love

Ashley and Bee friend harry styles are best friends.she has feelings for him.but he had a girlfriend.does have feelings for her?will he break up with his girl And date her?


2. hurt

ASHLEYS POV  Yes i asked well i cant see you a lot as much he said looking down ad my smile fades.IS THIS YOU TALKING HARRY OR TAYLOR?i said with testa in my eyes....mine he said in so-i cittadini non off and said WE USED TO HANG OUT INTELL THIS BARBIE CAME i said as i got up and went home.i was curling up into a ball crying.ne record me and asked if i was allright.i couldnt beleive he would choose my bully over his bestfriend.ne called me i didnt listen to him on the phone.just put him on speaker.Hello he asked and said he was SORRY.dire i said under my breath.ASHLEY?i didnt feel like anwsering.he hung up.....i cried my self to sleep.


Next day of scogli

I didnt even look at him.untell he pulled me on the shoulder.WHAT?i asked harshley.il SORRY ok.he said.i dont care of your sorry little ass.gli hurt me sell done giù lost trust of mine . well some.


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