lost in love

Ashley and Bee friend harry styles are best friends.she has feelings for him.but he had a girlfriend.does have feelings for her?will he break up with his girl And date her?


4. cuts

Everyone laughed.what?i never i stopped.why did you do THIS?because i want you to forgive me then i will cut it off.NO BECERi said almmost crying.i ran home.in to the bathroom.i found myself close to a razor.i took it.im a nobody.i crossed it across my skin leaving blood on my wirst crying.Some one called it was harry.i put it on speaker.before he could say anything.i screamed in pain.ARE YOU HAPPY?i asked crying.my mom ran in before i could talk i blacked out.


I woke up in a white room.i look around and see a doctor walk in.you allright?Yseah my head hurts.well you can go home today!i tried to smile but it was weak.i got up.and sat in the car waiting to get home and dressed.i walked into school late.everybody stared at me.harry and his fake girlfriend sat near me.harry looked at me.i looked away......i got a text on my phone it said you whore.it was from a cheerleader smatha.i put my head down.it was time to go home.i was in my room.i took a razor.nor to deep i said.i cut in tell i knew it was enough.i walked to the park.dirty looks at me.i ran in the Woods trying to get away from reality.it got dark.i heard footsteps getting closer.

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