The spy gone vouge

A spy who breaks apart from the a spy group goes solo until she runs in to 5 guys doing the same thing. Well they fight side by side? Well find out



2. breaking apart

Widow's P.O.V (night)

Well another day another kill. I'm bored of the same old Same old. You know what I'm going to leave and go on my own!!!

-Widow walk's down to her boss headquarters-

Boss: widow what do you need now?

-Widow smiles wide-

Boss: widow?

-widow pulls her gun and points it at her boss-

Boss: widow what are you doing!!!!????!!!!

Widow: look things are going to change around here I'm going to break apart and we had a deal remember? You said I could take over if I wanted to and I want to so where do I sign?

Boss: look I told you that deal year's ago so I'm sorry I can't .

Widow: 1


Widow: 2

Boss: stop don't !!

-Widow pull the trigger-

Widow: 3

Widow ran to the window and jumped she grabbed her her grabbing hook and shot it at the near by tree making her swing towards it triple back flipping to land with out breaking anything. XD LOL!

Being that it was dark no one saw her. She ran and ran till she was in a ally.

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