the light behind your eyes

"The light behind your eyes." He whispers.

I've been kidnapped are you serious. Mysterious monsters inside of me.

I don't trust Frank Iero I mean he's in a band how trust worthy are band members? Well band members that saved my life multiple times are trust worthy but no.

No. Do I love him or hate him. I love his voice and when he sings me to sleep at night but being locked up away from the world makes me very weak and angry.

"The light behind your eyes." He whispers.

Its already gone though.


3. Im sorry

"You've gotta be kidding me right now" I say

"No Im really not" He says

"You were at a bar how much did you drink?" I ask

"I didnt drink anything Im serious there are monsters inside of you." He says

"Oh fine and what do they want?" I ask playing along

"The light behind your eyes." He says

Like what does he mean? Im gonna kill myself or something?

"You self harm don't you?" He asks

"Umm yeah so." I say back toying with the radio

"The've already started to take the light and joy away from you." He says back

"Okay so what are you just keep me locked up until Im happy?" I ask

"Yeah basically." He responds

"Ill kill myself" I warn

"No you wont" He says back.

Okay maybe I wouldnt but Id want to.

"I was sent." He says

"By who?" I question keeping my gaze on my lap.

"Im not sure it just kind of came to me in a dream. I saw a girl crying on a blue bedspread asking for death asking for somebody to take the pain away. And then she lifted her face to pray and I saw your face. I woke up and I just knew where to find you." He says back looking at me with teary eyes.

Yep thats me.

"So basically God sent you a message to save me?" I ask quietly.

"Yeah now do you trust me." He asks as we pull in. Its now day time.

"Nope and quite frankly(;) frankly) I really dont like you." I say with crossed arms.

He rolls his eyes and gets out and carries me into his huge house.

"Put me down" I punch his chest.

Wow he's pretty cute and strong and I get to live with him this is great. No no its not this bad this is really bad.

"Where do I sleep?" I ask trying to push away the small crush forming.

"Ill show you." He says still holding me close to him.

"Your not gonna put me down?" I ask very innocently.

"Are you gonna run out of the house." He asks innocently

"Maybe." I say back as innocently as possible.

He shakes his head and starts to carry me up a flight of stairs.

He puts me down lightly on a carpeted floor and blocks the door with a smirk.

"This is your room." He says motioning to the very large room that was very plain.

"Ill take you shopping tomorrow for anything you want for the room."

"Anything?" I question. He nods in response.

After about 3 hours of talking about random stuff I fell asleep on my new bed which was huge.

I woke at 2am as usual and fell asleep then again at 4 as usual but this time I couldn't sleep.

I got out of my bed and tip toed down the hall to Franks bedroom.

I can kill him while he's sleeping. Maybe. But no he's to cute when he's sleeping.

I watch him sleep for awhile with even breaths and then go to tap on his shoulder.

"Frank." I whisper.

He wakes up and smiles at me "Yeah Noel." He asks.

"I can't sleep." I say back.

He moans and then rolls out of his bed taking my hand and pulling me back to my bed.

I lay down and he sits on the edge of the bed looking intently at me.

"What's your favorite song?" He asks.

"Helena." I say back with confusion.

He smiles at me "So you are a fan." He says.

"Yeah I guess." I say back.

He starts to sing the song in his beautiful voice.

Almost as beautiful as Gerard's voice for the song. Maybe more I don't know.

I start to drift back to sleep as the song ends.

"Goodnight Noel." He whispers kissing my forehead.

Goodnight Frank I wanna say back but I can't force myself to be happy towards the boy who kidnapped me even though I think I'm starting to like him.

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