the light behind your eyes

"The light behind your eyes." He whispers.

I've been kidnapped are you serious. Mysterious monsters inside of me.

I don't trust Frank Iero I mean he's in a band how trust worthy are band members? Well band members that saved my life multiple times are trust worthy but no.

No. Do I love him or hate him. I love his voice and when he sings me to sleep at night but being locked up away from the world makes me very weak and angry.

"The light behind your eyes." He whispers.

Its already gone though.


2. drunk

"Nancy pass me another one of those umm the umm fruit things I like." I slur to the guy behind the bar.

"Noel you've already had 7 and my name is Walter not Nancy." He states.

"You look like a Nancy you bitch now give me the fruity shit I like." I yell.

He laughs in response.

"Fine here Noel but thats the last one how are you gonna get home?" He asks.

"I was kind of hoping maybe you could drive me home Nancy." I say in more of a question.

He sighs but agrees.

"Thanks Linda I'm gonna go dance with cute boy over there whats his name?" I ask.

"My name is Walter and that guy over there? His name is Ryan." He says pointing to the cute boy with a beer in his hand.

I start to walk away and then turn around confused.

"Hey Linda?" I ask.

He turns to me and sighs.

"Yes." He says back in a question.

"Whats my name?" I ask.

"Your name is Noel." He responds.

"Bitchin." I respond and walk over to the boy.

"Hey Ryan right?" I slur.

He nods.

"Wanna dance?" He asks.

"Its gonna cost you." I say with a wink.

"How much? He asks.

"I was kidding but 5 dollars would be pretty cool so my friend doesn't punch me in the face." I say.

"Whos your friend?" He asks.

"My friend Dylan hes a guy made a bet with me and I lost so if I dont make money off of guys like you tonight he's gonna hurt me." I say to Ryan who is now listening.

"That sounds like a shitty friend to me." He says.

"Yeah well he is." I say now sobering up a bit.

He gives me 5 dollars and we dance in the back of the club for about ten minutes until a familiar face walks in.

I stop dancing and walk over to the bar again.

Who is this guy? I know his face but not in person I've seen pictures of him somewhere.

God dammit who is he?

"Hi I'm Noel who are you?" I ask to the boy.

"I'll give you 200 dollars to come with me." He says in my ear.

I giggle and nod.

He leads me out of the bar into a dark alley where I pass out within seconds hitting the cold pavement.

**3 hours later.** (Its still nighttime)

I wake up in the darkness and hear pacing and remember what happened a few hours ago.

"Who are you?" I ask into the darkness.

"I'm supposed to be your savior." He says back.

"And how are you gonna do that?" I ask.

"I don't know yet but I'll find out." He says.

"Do you trust me?" He asks in his charming voice.

"Not for a second. You kidnapped me from a bar you psycho." I yell out.

"I have to save you we don't have any time take my hand." He warns.

I hesitate.

"Noel take my hand or they'll kill you." He says keeping his hand out for me to take.

"Who?" I ask taking his hand.

He drags me through a door into a rainy world.

Suddenly flashes go off camera flashes all around us.

"Frank smile for us." They yelled.

"Frank who's that is she your girlfriend?" Another asked.

He pulled me close to his body and suddenly I could clearly see his face.

Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance.

Holy shit Frank Iero kidnapped me.

"Don't look at them." He whispers in my ear.

I nod and look down at our feet in pace with eachother.

"Fuck off." He yells flipping off the cameras.

Oh my god hes so hot. Wait no he kidnapped me so not hot.

"Go with it." He whispers before pushing me away from him and connecting our lips.

How does this do anything.

He pulls off my jacket and throws it in the opposite direction.

the Paparazzi all ran after it and Frank threw me over his shoulder carrying me to a small car and putting me in the passengers side.

He quickly gets in and drives off.

"Where are you taking me?" I question.

"Where I can keep you safe." He reassures.

"From who?" I ask.

"From the monsters." He says.

"Monsters aren't real." I say back.

"In this world they are." He says.

"What world?" I question.

"Our world your dying Noel the monsters they aren't visible to you or me thats because." He goes on.

"Because what?" I ask.

"Because there inside of us." He says turning to me.

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