its about justin bieber and a girl named jessica they where in highschool and only 17 they where about to graduate before the summer came but more exciting stuffs comes


3. the date

all justin could think about was the date its 3:00 i get ready this what im wearing 


justin texted

come outside

he was so cute i didnt say it though

he was wearing this


justin: you look beautiful umm get in 

me: you dont look to bad yourself

justin: thanks so i have a surprise wearing go this restaurant but i can tell you i can only show you

we went inside


wow this beautiful

justin: i no heres your seat my lady

me: oh thanks

we ate some spaghetti i guess its his favorite and we drunk a little wine



me: oh shit its freaking 8:00 

justin: all right let go justin pull out a woad full of money and put some on the table 


we left he stopped in front of my house 

justin: jess can i ask you something

me: sure

justin: did you like me before you found out i had a girlfriend and now you think like one of those go straight to the next guys cause ima tell you your freaking beautiful but you play hard to get like why man i just want you to try and date im like come on man

i reached in and kissed him so that he could be quiet but all i did was fall in love with him

uh i have to go i ran in the house went up stairs fell straight on my bed face first 

me: what did i just do

my phone rings it derek

hey derek

whats up um how are you

good i just went on a date with justin and i kissed him

derek: really you kissed him

yeah but it wasnt nothing ill call you tommorow i need some rest bye


justin calls

helllo jessica i need to ask you something will you go out with me 

it depends will you cheat

no then yes ill go out with you 

bye hunn  


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