its about justin bieber and a girl named jessica they where in highschool and only 17 they where about to graduate before the summer came but more exciting stuffs comes


4. *me and justin only*

justin comes knocking on my door 

mom: who is it 

justin: is jessica here 

mom: yeah shes right up stairs keep your hands to yourself to

justin: okay mom

he goes upstairs he opens my door then closes it and locks it 

im laying down under my cover he behind me i can fell something so turn around it was him i gave him a kiss then we start making out then my mom knockes on the door justin i think its time for you to go its getting late

justin: okay mom 

justin: whispers ill talk to you later okay babe he gives me another kiss then he leaves


me: um bye

what just happened did it really happen i bearly been going to the school i have bestfriend a boyfriend and im freaking happy as heck well i guess i better get some sleep

*next morning*  

*ring ring*

hello who is this

babe im going to school ill see you later 

oh okay um im still suspended until tommorow so talk to you later babe bye

i went straight back to sleep when i woke up it was 5:00

me: shit its 5 it got to get dressed 


mom: honey your boyfriends knocking at the door 

i run down stairs open the door but its not justin its derek 

mom: who is that handsome fellow there

me: hes my best friend whats up derek

derek: hey i was wondering if you wanted to go to six flags with me

me: um sure but is it okay if justin comes 

derek: sure if hes driving okay let me text him

do you want to go to six flags with me and derek

yeah ill be there in five minutes

i changed in to some clothes that i can get on rides with


justin comes we get there in about 15 minutes

derek: soooo which ride you want to get on first

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