its about justin bieber and a girl named jessica they where in highschool and only 17 they where about to graduate before the summer came but more exciting stuffs comes


1. introduction of heartbreaker

Hi my name is Jessica im 17 i live in calabasas,California im the only child and my dad left me and my mom when i was 8 years of age my mom has tooking care of me for a long time i have to switch from school to school cause im not in the right district so today im going to a different school i wonder how this is going to go.

*PART 1*

me: mom do i really have to go to school today i hate school since i have to move around schools all the time 

mom: yes Jess you do don't ask me again hurry up and get dressed so that you want miss the bus

me: bus when have i ever had to ride on of those things

mom: today day so i get ready for school but i just threw something casual on just like usual and my messy bunn  



me: bye mom see you after school

mom: bye honey

the yellow bus pulled up i got on it and it took us too school as i was getting off i seen a gorgeous boy in come out the back seat of a black car 


i guess his name is justin bieber the popular boy in school with his slutty ass girlfriend courtney

boy from across the way

hi are you new i can show you your classes

me: he was cute but i had my eyes on justin hin name in derek he was on the football team with justin


derek: so your class is right her most of your classes you have with me except for you 6 and 4 but thats okay right

me: yea yea um who is that boy over there

derek: oh thats justin but dont get to close his girlfriend is jealous of any girl justin even talks to 

justin walks by

derek: ay whats justin bro 

justin: whats derek my main man who is this is she your girl

derek: oh no man she doesnt like me she has her eyes on something else 

justin: is that right well who is it 

me: its none of your business

justin: okay cutie ill see you later

courtney: who is this little skank your talking to justin 

justin: courtney shut up dont call her that its dereks friend jessica right

me:yeah i have to go the bell just rang lets go derek

my first class was with derek it was pre calculus justin walked in late he sat right behind me 

justin threw a note at me

whats your number 

me: dont you have a girlfriend ask her for her number 

justin: im sorry that she called you out your name so just give me your number

me: you have to earn

the bell rang




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