A Harry Potter World

If you have ever wanted to be part of the wonderful world of Hogwarts, then here is your ultimate chance the only problem is that it will be in a story :( Dang it.


2. Story Info:

Main Characters:

Wendy Comet, 12, Gryffindor, Pure-Blood

Ashani Jones, 12, Gryffindor, crush on Prof Snape, 

Annie Tobin,12, Gryffindor, Boyfriend Ron, Half-Blood

Valerie McCormack, 14, Gryffindor, Boyfriend George, Half-Blood

Annabelle Malfoy, 12, Gryffindor, Boyfriend Luke Sky, Pure-Blood

Lucy-May Jones, 12, Ravenclaw, Muggle-Born

Kiki, 12, Gryffindor, Boyfriend Harry, Muggle-Born

(My character) Octavia McCormack, 12, Ravenclaw, Boyfriend Dean, Crush George, Half-Blood


Set in second year of Harry Potter era (Chamber Of Secrets) then carries on with their lives through their schooling. Octavia is at Hogwarts with her friends and her sister, she has had a little crush on George Weasley and when her sister (Val) begins dating him she hates her and will not talk to George or Val. She eventually gets over it when the handsome Dean Thomas asks her out and she believes that she is in love with him.



 Wendy McCormack, 12

 Ashani Jones, 12

 Annie Tobin, 12

 Annabelle Malfoy, 12

 Lucy-May Jones, 12

 Kiki, 12


 Valarie McCormack, 14

 Octavia McCormack, 12




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