We'll here I am, on my first day of attending the London City Company of Dance. Hi my name is Mack, well it's actually Makayla but I just prefer Mack, I'm 17 and have just moved into the dorms at the LCCD. I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous, I'm a 17 year old who has just moved out of home to go to the school of my dreams!


3. chapter3

After class Bailey and I went back to our room to get changed for our contemporary class. "Was it as horrible as everyone says?" Bailey asks. "What are you talking about Pindelle?" "Harry. What was it like? Was he a self absorbed snob like everyone says?" "Kinda, but he- he's an incredible dancer!" "Yea, that the annoying part, he puts in zero percent effort, yet is just amazing!" She said and we both laughed. "I heard someone saying that he got an offer at the Bolshoi last year." "Yeah, but he's never going to accept an offer, he's Harry Styles, lazy ignorant scum!" She laughed as I walking into our small shared bathroom to change. "So why does he keep coming back if h-" instead of ask Bailey I was apparently asking the guys himself. "So who keep coming back where?" He says with a smirk. "Where's Bailey?" I ask "your really bad at answering questions Alec!" "How do you know my last name?!" "There you go again!" He says with a laugh. "So let's go back to the beginning, who's coming back where?" He asks knowing that it's him were talking about anyway. "Irrelevant! Where's Bailey?" I say with a huff "she just went to talk to as friend or something" ok we might be getting somewhere here "and how do you know my surname?" "I do my research." Too bad he doesn't put the same effort into his dancing as he does his stalking. "So I was thinking you could meet me tonight? Studio 6, be there?" "Why?" "Too practise of course!" He said with a smirk on his face "what time?" "7:30" he said walking out the door. I looked down at my ugly ballarina feet and realised if I didn't get a move on I was going to be late. I grabbed my dance bag and slung it over my shoulder, as I walked through the corridor I saw Bailey facing one of the doors. "No! What makes you think I'd do that too her? Honestly? No, stop. Don't ma-" *insert incredibly awkward kiss in here* who was she talking too? I walk up the corridor but by the time I made it to the door she had already pushed herself in and closed the door. Oh well. I continued to the stair case and saw Harry leaning on the railing. "What are you waiting for?

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