We'll here I am, on my first day of attending the London City Company of Dance. Hi my name is Mack, well it's actually Makayla but I just prefer Mack, I'm 17 and have just moved into the dorms at the LCCD. I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous, I'm a 17 year old who has just moved out of home to go to the school of my dreams!


2. Chapter 2

It was the first day of classes today. I went to the front office and collected my timetable. First up Monday morning- Pas De Deux, great. I slowly walk up the hall to find studio 6, after searching for at least 15 minutes I finally found it at the very end of the corridor. I walked in to the studio and only saw three other guys warming up. I had twelve minutes to spare so I put my bag on the racks, grabbed out my skirt and pointe shoes. I already had one of my new black leotards on underneath my jumpsuit so I changed out of that and put my skirt on. I added a few more bobby pins to my bun to secure it and put my shoes on. I walked to the middle of the studio and started stretching. As I sat down two other girls walked into the studio as they did, I wandered where Bailey was. With only four minutes to class, I would have thought more people would be here by now. As they minutes ticked by the bell finally rung and the rest if the class filed into the studio quickly changing and getting into the middle to start stretching. As the class slowly spreads into line formations I see the guy I saw last night slowly dordle into the room,already ready to dance. "Good morning class! I am Ms Eastwen I will be your Pas De Deux teacher for the next four years." Wow, I didn't even see her come in "This is Mr Telapo, he will be assisting me for the males." "We assume you all checked the partnering sheet lastnight or this morning?" The class replied with "yes Ms Eastwen" completely in sync. "We're going to give you ten minutes to find and get to know your partner." I found Bailey "so who is that, Harry Styles?" I whispered without even saying anything she points to the guy I ran into last night. "Good luck!" Is all she says before walking off to find her partner. I walk over him "um hi" I say shyly. "Oh!! Princess good girl! I'm Harry!" He says in the most sarcastic tone I've ever heard. "I'm Mack, so how long have you been dancing for?" "Why do you care?" "I'm just doing what Ms said I-" "Good morning Styles." Says Ms Eastwen "M'orning Eastwen" "Still repeating first year I see" "still a snobby bitch I see" I can't believe he just said that! This is the best academy in the entire UK! "On your first strike Styles, don't push it!" She yells and walks away. "What do you weigh?" "Excuse me?!?!" "What?" How rude can he be?! "You can't just ask someone how much they weigh!" "I'll ask what ever I want, I'm getting to know you" "um 88 pounds I think? You still haven't answered my question yet" "16 years!" He says with annoyance written all over his face. "Times up! Can everybody get into lines of three, girls infront of boys like so!" Ms Eastwen said as her and Mr Telapo stood together demonstrating what we were to do. Harry imediatly walked to the back of the studio, and honestly I was too afraid to Argue with him about where we stand. I followed him and stood infront of him. "Both of you in fifth, girls right, boys left." I shuffled my feet to stand in fifth position with right foot infront. "So girls it's Demi plié, Pas de chat en lair, chasse passé arabesque into a penche and up pas de valse to left left, pas de valse to the right Boys- plié lift plié chasse passé tendu, support her down, support her up follow her pas de valse, pas de valse. Got it? Ten minutes practise it!" "Ok so 5 and a 6 and a 7 and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, down 1, 2, 3, 4, pas de valse 5, 6, 7 ,8. " wow your really good!" " well this is my third time doing this" "oh"

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