the styles brothers

The styles brothers are very different theres Harry,the boy from one direction.He's popular,rich,and famous and is good with the ladies.Then theres marcel styles,the nerdy,shy,quiet boy who sits in the back of the classroom.What happens when they both find a unique girl and fall in love? read to find out !


3. summer break;


Marcel's POV:

It's the last day of school! I don't want school to end :( for everyone else it's a miracle because they get to do whatever they want.Harry is excited for the summer because Harry,Briana,Summer and I are going to spend half the month at the beach house our parents got a year ago.They're never around because they're always on business trips.Maybe it's good to be at the beach house because I get to spend time with Summer.I could tell her how I feel... maybe this would be a good idea after all.



Were all packing our bags for the beach house,I pretty thrilled for this,Summer is helping me pack my bags since she already had her bags packed before me,as I put my essentials in me and Summer's hand touches for a quick second,sparks ignite in me and I slighty blush at the touch."I'm so excited! We could collect seashells,go surfing,get our tan on!!!." Summer half screamed.I laugh at her excitement and she laughs along with me."C'mon guys were leaving!" Harry screams as he closes his bedroom door,Summer claps her hands in excitement as we head downstairs with our bags.Once we head to the car,we put our bags in the trunk and sit in the back seat,usually I sit in the passenger seat next to Harry but Briana is sitting up front,I don't mind.3 hours late... Summer is asleep with her head on my lap,we reach the beach house,"Summer wake up were here."I say as I shake her.I get out the car to see an amazing view of the beach,I stand there in amazement."beautiful ain't it"Harry whispers in my ear.I nod my head,get my bags and head inside.

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