the styles brothers

The styles brothers are very different theres Harry,the boy from one direction.He's popular,rich,and famous and is good with the ladies.Then theres marcel styles,the nerdy,shy,quiet boy who sits in the back of the classroom.What happens when they both find a unique girl and fall in love? read to find out !


1. introduction

Marcel's POV:

Hi, I'm Marcel im your typical nerd,you may have heard of my brother Harry from one direction.I'm different than he is,He's talkitive,I'm quiet,he gets all the attention,I sit in the back of the class room and hide away in my bedroom at home from the big bad world,Hes tough and brave,I'm weak and scared.I get bullied.I have a bestfriend her name is Summer.She is very beautiful,we have been friends since kinder-garden.One day when I change and become brave enough.I will tell Summer how I feel.(I have a crush on her)I'm going to ask Harry if he can help me change.


Harrys POv: hi loves as you know I'm Harry,I have a twin his name is Marcel,he is a great guy and very smart.I have a wonderful girlfriend named briana,she's very wonderful.I want to spend the rest of my life with her.I hope Marcel will Summer how he feels soon.They seem like a cute couple.

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