Save Your Heart { A 1D Fanfic }

All that you want's under your nose, yeah
You should open your eyes but they stay closed, closed

I, I wanna save you
Wanna save your heart tonight
He'll only break you
Leave you torn apart, oh
I can't be no superman,
But for you I'll be super human

I, I wanna save you, save you, save you tonight


6. Chapter 5

"I remember leaving the cemetery, visiting my parents. When I saw a dark figure coming in my direction. I got scared and ran to my car and left. Then all I can remember is hearing faint sounds of police sirens."

"So do you think you can make out who that mysterious figure was?" Office Ballard asked before clearing his throat. I shook my head no. He wrote more things on his little pad the reached into his pocket, he had a little white card in his hand.

"Here's my card," he said call me if you remember anything. I'll probably come back tomorrow for more questioning seeing as though you cant leave today." With that he was out the door. Harry came back in.

"Why are you still here?" I asked sounding ruder than i meant to. He shrugged.

"Because!" he chirped up "Well when you put it that way, I giggled" "Im hungry!" I yelled out" laughing afterwards "The cafeteria here is pretty good" Harry said. I looked over to my purse on the bedside table. "Can you hand me that" I asked pointing to my generic "Gucci" bag. He grabbed it then gave to me. "Thanks," I smiled.

"Here" I handed him some cash. "Now go but me food!" I demanded. He laughed, "You remind me of one of my best mates!" "But if I'm going to get food, then I'll pay, besides your in a hospital bed! Give yourself a break!"

"Well when you put it that way." We both laughed, his dimples showing.

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