Save Your Heart { A 1D Fanfic }

All that you want's under your nose, yeah
You should open your eyes but they stay closed, closed

I, I wanna save you
Wanna save your heart tonight
He'll only break you
Leave you torn apart, oh
I can't be no superman,
But for you I'll be super human

I, I wanna save you, save you, save you tonight


1. Chapter 1

Adrianna's POV

~ Heart beats harder time escapes me trembling hands touch skin it makes it harder and the tears stream down my face ~

Just minutes ago I was driving down the highway when an eighteen wheeler slipped on the icy road and crashed into me.

Seconds passed that seemed like millenniums. I waited for someone to rescue me. I could hear the engine, still on and i thought that at any moment it would over heat and explode, along with me. I could feel a single tear run down my cheek as i slowly drifted away.

I awoke to a white room and a man was standing over me, watching me. A smile grew on his face when he noticed my eyes open. I noticed his curly brown hair, it looked really familiar and those green eyes, i knew I've seen somewhere before.

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