You're Mine

So there's a girl named Andrea. She is 17 year's old. She was like everyone else, you would've guessed. Not exactly... She partied a lot, drank a lot, and did bad things. But, she did all of these things for a reason. That reason was to get away from the secrets,drama,hate,and hell also known as her life. All of a sudden her life changes before her eyes when she meets someone. Does that mean better things are gonna happen? Or, is this person gonna make her life a living hell?

***Warning: Bad language may appear frequently in this book***


5. It's finally over

-Matt's POV-

I got a text from Andrea saying she wanted to see me. I'm almost at her house now. I'm thinking about why she wants to see me. Last time this happened, let's just say it got a bit steamy. That was like 2 months ago though. I pull up to her house, checking my appearance in the mirror. May seem kinda like a douchbag thing to do, but if she's gonna wanna do it, I wanna look good. I get out of the car and start walking. She's at the door waiting. I walk up and give a wink. She looks nervous, I don't know why. We sit on the couch and look at each other for a bit. She looks at me with soft eyes. I lean in thinking her eyes are saying yes, but then her body tells me no. She automatically leans back a bit, turning her head and pushes me away from her lightly. She begins to say in a quiet voice, "Matt please stop. This is the complete opposite of why I wanted you to come over. I really mean, I want to talk." I scratch the back of my neck awkwardly and move back. I sit down facing her, thinking about what she wants to talk about. Is she pregnant?!? Yeah... No. My mind can't think of anything else she would want to talk about right now.

-Andrea's POV-

I can tell he's confused. I take a deep breath and start to talk. "Matt, I think we should.... Break up." His eyes widen big, so does his mouth. He tries to say something, but all he can do is move his mouth a tiny bit. I look at him in the eyes. He looks so upset and guilty. I continue to speak softly and carefully. " I mean, it's like we are completely different people now. I don't think we are good for each other anymore...." He gets up shaking his head, starting to pace back and forth. I start to worry, not knowing what he's gonna do. He's a ticking time bomb, you never know what he's gonna do next. He starts yelling loudly,"Why? Everything is okay! Why do you want this? .... Is this a prank? Are you fucking joking Andrea?!? I shift in my seat a bit. My body already flinching, knowing whats gonna happen. I wait for his hand to go flying somewhere on my body, but he just keeps walking back and forth. He clenches his fist tightly with his eyebrows together. His face full of anger and sadness. I just want to get up, cry, and give him a hug. It's to late now. He hates me. He probably wants me dead."Andrea, I love you! You don't notice that, and you never will! I'm actually fucking happy this is over! You never fucking cared about me!" Tears threaten to spill from my eyes. He storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him. I try to get up to chase after him and say sorry, but my body just stays. My mind is telling me, you didn't do anything, it's not your fault, you did the right thing. I finally get up and look out the window. He pulls out dangerously fast. Then speeds down the street. Tears lightly fall from my eyes. They're a mixture of guilt and happiness, happiness that it's finally over.

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