You're Mine

So there's a girl named Andrea. She is 17 year's old. She was like everyone else, you would've guessed. Not exactly... She partied a lot, drank a lot, and did bad things. But, she did all of these things for a reason. That reason was to get away from the secrets,drama,hate,and hell also known as her life. All of a sudden her life changes before her eyes when she meets someone. Does that mean better things are gonna happen? Or, is this person gonna make her life a living hell?

***Warning: Bad language may appear frequently in this book***


7. Club time

- Andrea's POV-

It's been 3 days since Matt and I broke up. Even though my heart and mind didn't want us to be together anymore, I miss him. A lot. But I want to move on. Find someone who actually cares about me. I can't even believe I'm still thinking about me and him. I'm the one who put everything to an end. I groan a bit and cover my head with the blanket I'm using. I just lay there breathing. As soon as I'm about to uncover myself, from all the hot air, my phone beeps. I get a text from my friend Rachel. It says, "hey girlie! We need to get u out of that house. How about we go clubbing? :P ". Clubbing is one of the last things I would do right now, but there isn't anything for me to do. So I text back saying, " fine. When And where?" . She texts back saying, "we should go to the Vault nightclub. I heard it's good. And I'll pick u up at 9. Wear something sexy. ;)" oh god, this is gonna be a long night. It's 5 right now, so I can be lazy for a bit longer. Then I'll get ready. *2 hours later* I hop up and go get ready. I pick out a dress that is sexy, but won't make me look like a slut. I finish getting ready and walk down stairs. I watch the clock in till it turns to 9. Then I hear a knock on the door. I get up to open it, but the knocking turns into pounding. I run to the door as fast as I can, since I'm wearing heels it's pretty hard. I open the door to see a bright smiling Rachel. She then whistles at me and says," Oooo, looks like someone is ready to be a heart breaker tonight." I roll my eyes and grab my clutch. We then head out to the club. I'm actually pretty excited. Who knows, there might be someone famous there.

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