You're Mine

So there's a girl named Andrea. She is 17 year's old. She was like everyone else, you would've guessed. Not exactly... She partied a lot, drank a lot, and did bad things. But, she did all of these things for a reason. That reason was to get away from the secrets,drama,hate,and hell also known as her life. All of a sudden her life changes before her eyes when she meets someone. Does that mean better things are gonna happen? Or, is this person gonna make her life a living hell?

***Warning: Bad language may appear frequently in this book***


3. Class time

-Andrea's POV-

I was putting my things away in my locker, getting ready for my next class. There was no one in the hall way which was very unusual, but I loved it. At least I can finally get some peace and quiet to myself. I shut my locker, with a bit of a smile on my face. I was happy, because so far I was having a good day. I only had to see Matt once, which was on the way here. I was also happy, because I still keep thinking about the guy I bumped into. I don't know why, I mean I only bumped into him and he said sorry. I don't get why my mind is making such a big deal out of it. I closed my eyes, enjoying the quietness. Then, all of a sudden I was pushed against the lockers. I was going to scream thinking it was Kayla, a girl who has been bulling me ever since the first week of school. I opened my eyes awakened and panicked. Once my eyes focus on the person that did this, I realize its Matt. Peace and quiet, gone. Good day, kinda gone. He instantly starts to grab my waist, trying to kiss my neck. I squirm and freak out a bit, while trying to get lose. He starts to try and make out with me. I start freaking out even more. I'm trying to yell "Stop!!!"and trying to get loose, but his grip on me gets tighter and tighter. His lips get rougher and rougher. Then all of a sudden a deep, angry, rough voice yells, "Get the hell away from her! Don't you get it? She doesn't want you, or like you!" I think of a way to get away from Matt, then I realize something. The voice, is the same voice of the guy I bumped into. Only it's full of anger and protection. My heart flutters from the voice, and shakes from the fear of Matt. I try to escape Matt's death grip, and try to see the face of the guy. Matt's big idiot head is blocking my view though. Matt's face instantly turns into a scared, nervous, worried face. The guy runs over and pulls Matt off so rough that I feel the pain Matt has. Then Matt takes off running, leaving me with this random guy. I mean I'm happy he left, but really? He leaves his girlfriend with a stranger that might hurt not only him, but me. I feel safe though, very relieved. I let out a deep sigh of relief. I go to look at this guy that saved me, but he has already turned around, put his hood up, and is walking away. Even though I can barely speak, because of what just happened, I try to shout to him," Thank you!", but it comes out quiet. He might hear it, but he's already around the corner. Even if he did, he probably won't turn around. Yet again I miss the chance to see this mystery guy's face. Tears still in my eyes, because of Matt. I blink and my heart drops. I can't take Matt anymore, and I already miss the mystery guy. The halls fill quickly, with people rushing to get their things and make their next class. I turn around and open my locker slowly. Tears still falling from my eyes. I grab my things and close the locker. I walk slowly, through the people. Nobody cares about me anymore, so no one really notices me crying. Actually they don't even notice me at all. I'm just air. That makes even more tears fall from my eyes, down my face. The tears burn falling from my eyes and burn on the way down my face. I finally get into my class and rush to the back, so the teacher doesn't notice me. Not only do I not want the teacher to see me crying and pull me aside, but I also have a detention by this teacher. Yay! Even more fun to cheer up my day. Actually the teacher wouldn't care about me crying, that would make him happier to yell at me for not turning in the detention slip. I slide down in my seat and try to collect myself before class. It doesn't really work though. Then on top of all this, I realize the rest of the classes I have today, I have with Matt. Double yay!

-Matt's POV-

Zayn pulled me off Andrea so hard, I have marks on me now. I keep running through the school, to the parking lot. I don't care if there's a half a day of school left, I'm getting the hell out of here. I'm not gonna get my ass kicked, or possibly killed by him. He's one of the real bad boys, that's in a gang,parties a lot, and does bad things. This is why I have people watch Andrea. When he wants something, he won't stop until he gets it. What's he even doing here? He lives no where around here. Maybe he's just stalking me, his prey, waiting for the perfect moment to kill me and take Andrea away from me. He told me hes seen her around and that she's a perfect wonderful girl, that I don't deserve at all. He also said, that he feels so bad for Andrea having to put up with me. He clearly wants to just get to Andrea to get into her pants, and make me pissed off. He wants me to go crazy in front of Andrea so she thinks I'm crazy, and runs off with him. Well guess what? To bad, Zayn Malik is not gonna get my girl.

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