You're Mine

So there's a girl named Andrea. She is 17 year's old. She was like everyone else, you would've guessed. Not exactly... She partied a lot, drank a lot, and did bad things. But, she did all of these things for a reason. That reason was to get away from the secrets,drama,hate,and hell also known as her life. All of a sudden her life changes before her eyes when she meets someone. Does that mean better things are gonna happen? Or, is this person gonna make her life a living hell?

***Warning: Bad language may appear frequently in this book***


6. Authors Note(I'm back!)

I'm so sorry I haven't updated for like the past month or so! There's been a lot happening in my life. But, I wanna thank you guys for reading, liking, and favoriting my book. I'm working on the new chapter right now. Who knows...maybe there will be 2 chapters, since I haven't updated in a while. :)

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