The Year of Opportunities

This story is your typical high school based story. What is the state of Texas best known for... Football! This story will not just be about football; there will drama, realistic situations, romance, boundaries will be broken (that have and haven't be broken in real life).


10. The Party: Part One

Traci’s POV:
     Wednesday had to be the day where I have three tests, but all I can think about is Kimberly’s party tonight. I was caught off guard when I received the party invite from Kimberly. I did not think that she or Ashley would ever talk to me again. Veronica never said anything bad about Dimitri that day, but she still apologized and we hung out at school with Valentina. Maybe this party will put all the drama behind the rest of us. 
     “So, Dimitri, are you coming to Kimberly’s party tonight?”
     “No, I have work after practice, but I am most excited that I have a brief shift tonight. My parents text that my favorite cousins are coming in town for the next couple of weeks. I haven’t seen my cousins in over three years. But I have no doubt that the party will be exciting.”
     “Yeah, you’re right, and plus I will have Veronica and Valentina: Team V.T.V. I Know you are going to have an awesome time reuniting with your family tonight. Hopefully they can make it to the games.” 
     “Thanks, babe,” Dimitri said with his arms wrapped around my waist and kissing my lips. “Also, good luck on your tests!”
     “Same to you!” I responded and then departed for the testing room.  
    Two tests done, only one more, but my focus is on lunch. I usual don’t buy school lunch, but Veronica got me hooked on the cafeteria food, especially on Wednesdays. We sat down at the table next to the window. 
    “I see you are cheating on Taco Cabana, Traci.” Veronica said sarcastically.
    “If they ever find out I will blame you because the school cafeteria food is never supposed to be this good,” I responded. 
    “Valentina, how are you adjusting to everything at Garland Knight High?” Veronica asked. 
    “So far, it is going great,” Valentina said with excitement, “I transferred at the right time. I don’t have to worry about having three tests in one day, and get invited to a stranger’s party tonight. It has been a smooth week.”
    Immediately after Valentina said that, she received a note saying she was needed in the principal’s office. She lifted her head and said, “I will see you guys later.”
    My last test was finally over, and now I can just enjoy free period. Veronica and I decided to leave school and head to update our party outfits. But really, it was really my wardrobe that needed to be upgraded, simply because I need better jeans, shorts, and new tops. I found multiple pairs of clothes and headed for the dressing room.
    “Veronica, what do you think of this outfit?” I asked.
    She scanned me from head to toe and said, “I give the green light on the black jeans, but the top is definitely a no.” Veronica left the dressing room and immediately returned with a red top that would reveal both my shoulders. “Try this on; I am sure you will have anyone, including Kimberly, talking about you.”
    I liked how the top felt, and decided this would be my outfit. As I walked back into the dressing room, locked the door, I took a deep look at myself into the mirror. The more I saw my reflection, I began to feel the same way I did when I wore the black dress. I grabbed my phone and threw myself an individual photo shoot. Pose after pose, picture after picture, and the bigger my smile had become. Then I thought about how this moment was getting me to step out of my comfort zone. I would hardly wear these type of clothes, and everyone knew that. So, I decided to do one more non-Traci thing. 


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