Aria Has A Problem


3. The big bad

Chase broke up with me because he was not ready for baby's yet and that he wanted to live his life  and didn't want to take care of kids yet. I think I am ready to move on sadly I loved Chase. My mom came up to me and said I found somebody who you might love his name is Ezra and he is 18 and your 17 he said he has always loved you and that he wanted kids. Me and Ezra are together and we are doing it a lot turns out he loves it as much as I do and he said he wanted one more kid, I didn't but I loved him so much he had to have another kid, it's very hard to give birth but it's worth it with him he loves me to death. OH MY GOD DOES THAT FEEL SO GOOD STOP IT NEVER MIND KEEP GOING OHH!!!  I hear a knock on my door it's my mom she asks if I am alright in there and I am straight up forward with her I am doing it with Ezra. Your what she asks and walked in and sees me and Ezra doing it. 

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