Added To The Harem Larry AU

My name is Louis Tomlinson I'm 19 years old average boy from London and gay openly.One night me and my roommate Niall went out only later to be gagged and kidnapped what will happen next to me what will go on i've been added to a harem


2. Prologue

Louis POV


Louis hurry the fuck up i know you dont need that much time to get ready Niall yelled

calm your tits Niall im almost done i yell back 

i open the door and niall standing there waiting to go pee 

i walk out to my room to get ready i decided to wear some black chinos and a black v-neck i combed my hair 

Niall Hurry up i scream 

Im almost ready you arse he roared back 

we left out house like hipsters walking down to our jobs as strippers the place we work at is called the naughty butterfly after Niall and i walk in the back we change in to costumes tonight i was a firefighter and Niall was a cop the music started pumping i walked down the stage ripping off the coat men started whistleing i pulled off the pants held by vinal only to be in a g-string my femnine legs my sun kissed skin i worked the pole like a expert i left the stage with 200 dollars in hand urg i got another show in 15 minutes  i walked in my dressing room to change the lights went out i was grabbed i tried to scream but failed beacuse theres a towel gagging me back i was thrown in what i think was a trunk im scared and cant get my breathing steady the engine of the car started and all i could do was cry the blindfold around my eyes was damp from all my crying we it a bump and my whole body jumped and hit the roof of the trunk the car had stopped after what had seemed like a eternity the trunk had been opened two men grabbed me lifting me up we walked down what had seemed to be a hallway then two big creaks from doors being open were heard

We got you something a bradford accent said 

Good he wil be a nice addition to my harem the man siad with that the two men left the doors slammed shut and thts when fer was taken over the blindfold was yanked off my eyes i cringed from the light the duct type ripped off my mouth and the sock being taken out of my mouth 

Why a-am i here i stuttered 

Well my men were out and about to find me a new addition to my harem he said 

no i want to go home i said 

this is your home he said gently toucing my cheek 

i slapped his hand away "dont touch me" i said thats when in went down hill he grabbed my neck sqeezeing firmly i was gasping for air tears started to flow 

dont you ever reject me you will only speck if spoken to nd yu will obey he said 

i tried to nodd he let go and i started coughing he sat on his throne tonight im gonna break you in he said smeriking it took me a bit to register what he said the i started shaking my head 

does that mean your not going to obey me he said 

i shook my head 

then come here  pleasure your prince he said i slowly walked over tears passing my waterline after tht all there was is fighting 

AN: first larry fanfic yay but i know this is short i dont care so just deal with it 

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