Journey Of Magic

Arianna Blackwood is her name. Let's say her whole life has been a lie and most of friends know her secret that she doesn't know. She has magical powers that she doesn't know of she has nor control it. She has to go to a school of unordinary people She falls another guy but he has powers but also a secret. We'll she be able to handle all of this?


2. Chapter 2- What's going on!?

Arianna POV*

I kept on thinking about what just happened. The way my body went it had all this anger and sadness inside. I didn't want to think about it anymore it may just be.....


???:"Yo! Bitch".

Me:"Who is this"? I asked with curiousness.

???:"It's Vanessa"!

Me:"Oh hey,bitcchhhh"! I said softly.

Vanessa:"You wanna come to a party"?

Me:"Who's the host"?

Vanessa:"Wyatt Henderson, it's gonna be live"!!!

Me:"Okay,okay I'll come and should I bring my bathing suit"?

Vanessa:"Yup" she says while popping the 'p'. "Also I'll pick you up"!


Later on at the party......

Me:"No leave me alone"!

???:C'mon baby you know you want the Ricky Love"!

He then try to grab my ass and kiss my check. I pushed him away and try walking away. He tried again and I screamed.

Me:"I said NO"!!! A big powerful force came from out my mouth. I stopped my left on ground it made it rumble. It made Ricky stumble a little and was shocked. I was still surprised I had some big forceful around me and my voice was louder.

Ricky:"Wow, what the fuck is wrong with you"?!

Me:"I-I don't know"! I quickly ran away to the pool. Was something really wrong with me? I needed to know! I stood there just crying, no one really seemed to care. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to se the person....

It was Madison. She was the leader, the alpha, the queen bee of the PPG.

Madison:"Awww what happened? Every boy thinks your ugly"? She said in a little girls voice.


Madison:"Oh shut up,bitch. You need to get a life and I think you should start now. I mean look at you, your so poor, ugly, untalented...oh a triple threat"!

I just stood try to fight the rush if waves trying to escape. I felt my go body go back. I stumble into the pool and I kinda didn't know how to swim or relax when it comes to water. I started to struggle and panic. My body started get heated,feel pain and get a rush if power through me. Soon enough water started going up in the air and I had a walk way were no water was in the way I got out and ran away to the park. People were scared if me saying 'ahhhhh' and 'oh my god'!

I felt someone running after me. I try stopping them away by doing a hand stop. It then instead push them back with force. But they blocked it.

I know I have powers.....

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