Journey Of Magic

Arianna Blackwood is her name. Let's say her whole life has been a lie and most of friends know her secret that she doesn't know. She has magical powers that she doesn't know of she has nor control it. She has to go to a school of unordinary people She falls another guy but he has powers but also a secret. We'll she be able to handle all of this?


1. Chapter 1-Woah

Hello my fellow readers! I hope you like this. plz don't steal so let's start readying the story...1..2...3...READ!!


???? POV*

I woke up on a smile on face. It was Saturday and I wanted to have fun.

I took a quick shower and put lotion on my body. Don't want to be ashy! Anyways let me introduce myself, I'm Arianna Blackwood. I'm a black girl but I'm now where ghetto or ratchet. I'm kinda of a nerd but a cool one. But anyways my mom says she has a 'surprise' for me. I put my toms on, star skinny jeans and my 'meh' shirt.

I then ran down stairs hoping to see some food and my mom. My dad is somewhere he left me at age 14, I'm 16. I saw a note on an empty plate....

"Honey, I had to go leave early, some errands and there's a bagel in there for you and the cream cheese is in the fridge. You can go out but be safe. contact me for emergencies!

Love, Mommy "

I didn't want the bagel but I may eat it later on so I grabbed it and put it in my side bag. I left to go to the dinner had money to go but not like restaurant money tho. I didn't want to be alone so I called my boyfriend to see if he wanted to come. He accepted, I walked to the dinner.

I arrived at the dinner and sat down waiting for Trey-my boyfriend. But I was approached but the PPG-Pretty Popular Gurls. They came up to me which mean things to say. Sometimes they go to far.

"Hi, Arianna you lonely like usually? Don't even speak we really don't need the hot smelly air in the place. Did daddy buy you some a new purse.....???

Oh wait you have no dad! LOL! Bye peasant.

That was too far, when they walked away I started to tsunami of water in my eyes. Luckily Trey came in time.

Trey:"Hey babe....whats wrong"?

Me:"Nothing" I lied trying to smiling.

Trey:"I know when your lying babe so tell me what's going on.

Me:"Something got in my eye". I said trying to get him to stop worrying.

Trey:"How do cry when only one thing gets in your eyes"?

Me:I hate his smartness! "We'll it was dusty over here and I swooshed it away and it got in my eyes"... I hope he'll believe that.

Trey:"We'll okay". He gave me a kiss on the check. He then grabbed my hand but I felt a shock of electricity come through my body. Then the waiter came over to get our orders.I was angry of what just happened and he was looking at our waiter ass! He then jumped up a little.

Trey:"Woah! what the hell was that"? he asked me taking his hand away quickly.

Me:"I don't know"!

Trey:We'll I got to know errands? Right"?

Me:"O-okay". He got up and left without kissing me or when saying I love or see ya later! What a jerk!

Trey POV*

She's developing to quickly. Its DARK POWER I NEED not good power!! She's had good in her since her stupid mother! Her dad nope, bad as hell! He's my boss by the way if I don't get this done he's gonna kill my ass! But anyways I have to make her stay with me not go to that goodie two shoes school!


Hello my fellow readers! I hope you like it! Plz tell me! Luv Ya😘


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