Half-Blood Heros: The Son of Apollo

Alex has had a crush on Katie ever since they first met. what happens when a monster attacks them at school?


1. Manticore Attack

Alex was really not expecting a manticore to show up in the middle of 7th hour math. As a typical 7th grade dyslexic and ADHD kid he was just trying to do his homework, to no avail. There are so many distractions! The new girl is just so distracting to Alex. She has been here only about a week but the other students claim she has been here all year. Her name is Katie Brown she has dark brown hair with purple on the ends and brown eyes, she always wears dark clothes. Today she was in a black leather jacket, purple skirt, a black shinedown shirt, black leggings, and black knee-high combat boots. She always had on a black beaded bracelet with a silver skull charm on it. Suddenly the whole building shook. A voice blared over the intercom "Students! Lockdown! Lock the doors and- AHHH!" Oh no Alex thought. Mr. Rockwell spoke calmly but he was obviously freaking out on the inside "Everyone to the corner just like the drills!" He locked the door, turned the light off, and sat in the Katie spoke sternly "You do not see me" she said snapping her fingers "I was never here." Alex was confused and Katie's form disappeared for a second and was back again. He stood up and walked over to her tapping her shoulder. She spun around "You can see me?" She asked. "Y-yes" Alex said "why wouldn't I?" "Oh gods, you can see through the mist!" "The what?" She opened her mouth to say something when a loud roar was heard throughout the building. She tapped the skull charm on her bracelet and it grew into a long black sword with a black leather handle. The door was ripped from it's hinges by a giant lion type creature with a spiked tail. "I thought I smelt two half-bloods here." he said licking his lips. "two?" Katie said looking over her shoulder at Alex "Oh gods." "Look out!" Alex shouted as the creature shot one of its spikes at Katie. She swung her sword and dodged the spike. Then she did something Alex never expected to see. She thrust her hand in the direction of the creature and a crack opened up in the floor. Skeletons crawled out and grabbed the creature pulling him into the crack. The floor closed up trapping the creature. Katie grabbed Alex's hand much to his excitement and ran out of the classroom dragging him along. They got outside and ran up the streets of Miami Florida to a park. Once they were there they sat on a bench. "Ok what just happened?!" Alex whisper-yelled. "That creature that attacked us was a manticore." she said calmly. "He called us half-bloods what is that supposed to mean?" "It means that you are half mortal and half god." "uh, so you're telling me that one of my parents is a god?" "yes, which parent have you never seen before?" "My dad, he abandoned me and my mom." "Ok lets get you to camp half blood." "uh what? where is that at?" "its a camp for demigods and is one of the only safe places for our kind. it is located in long island sound new york." "er you do realize that we live in Miami Florida right?" "yes" "ok... shouldnt my mom know were we are going?" "yes lets go now." She grabbed Alex's hand again and ran into the nearest alleyway "I dont live here." Alex complained " I know" Katie said. The shadows bended around them and the next thing Alex knew they were standing in his bedroom. "Woah how did you-" Alex said "dont worry about that now we have to tell your mom!" Katie interrupted. Alex lead Katie down the stairs and into his mothers study. His mom was a book writer in her spare time. "Alex? What are you doing home so early?" His mother said "Mrs. Miller Alex has to go to camp now. we were attacked at school." Katie said. "Oh no! Do you need a ride?" "no Mrs. Miller I have my own transportation, we just wanted to let you know we Alex would be." "alright, I love you hunny be safe." Mrs. Miller stood up and hugged her son. "Bye" Alex and Katie said in unison. Katie then grabbed Alex by the arm and ran to the nearest shadow. When Alex opened his eyes he was on top of a hill with a pine tree on it. Around the pine tree laid a dragon fast asleep and on the tree's lowest branch a shimmering golden wool was hanging. He then looked at the field below them and saw a big two story light blue house with white trim on one side of the house was a big strawberry field but on the other side was a volleyball court. Kids in orange t-shirts and blue jeans were playing volleyball, walking around, or swinging swords at each other. "woah" Alex said."Welcome to camp Half-blood!" smiled Katie. They walked down the hill and into the big blue and white house. "This is the big house." Katie said. A man came into the room, but he wasn't a regular man. From the waist up he was a man but from the waist down he was a white stallion. "woah." Alex said mouth open. "Hello Katie, I presume this is a new camper you found?" the man horse guy said. "Yes Chiron," Katie replied "we were both attacked by a manticore at school and he said that he smelt two half bloods and Alex could see him." "I see" Chiron said "Take him to cabin 11 until he is claimed." They walked out the door and to a bunch of weird looking buildings. "Cool!" Alex exclaimed. Katie led him to a cabin that looked the oldest and most worn looking, its brown paint was chipping and a staff with two snakes intertwined around it was overhanging the door. "This is were you will be staying." Katie said "I'll get you all that you will need from the camp store. just go inside for now." Alex walked in to find a bunch of people reading magazines, pulling pranks, playing cards, or just talking to people around them. only a few of them looked up at him even fewer smiled. He sat down near the door which seemed to be the only empty spot in the room. Soon he drifted off to sleep.

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