The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


9. Seeing

   Me and Lou left the hospital and are headed to a hotel. Fans were screaming. Loudly. We got in and the surcurity guards locked the doors. "One room." Louis said. "Name sir?" She asked. "Louis Tomlinson, and this is Sophia Charles." She nodded. "Ok here is your key, level three on your right. Thank you have a nice stay!" She said and we went to our rooms.

      I unpacked my stuff and layed on the bed. "I gotta go in a bit, you'll be fine, right?" I nodded. "Yea, I'm not leaving this room." He hugged me. "Love you!" He yelled. "Love you too, have fun." I said and he closed the door. I looked at th clock and thought. I opened the window and waved. "Hi!" I yelled everyone flipped me off.

    I get hate everywhere. I know they love them. But it's hard for me. Someone knocked on the door. I opened it and saw Niall. "Hey." I said opening the door. "What are you doin here?" I asked. He laughed. "I heard what was going on and came." He said. "Thanks Niall." I said hugging him. "Say hi, they just flipped me off." He smiled. He opened the window an there was screaming for miles.

     Niall left and someone knocked again. I opened the door and it was Liam. I hugged him. "Li Li!" I said. "Hey uh I guess this is bye." He said hugging me. He kissed my cheek. "What?" I said. "Louis said y'all are leaving." I looked at them. I opened the window. "Hey guys! Tweet Louis if you don't want One Direction to end!" I yelled and everyone took out their phones.

   I pulled out my phone and called Louis. "Hey! I meant I need a break not to move to a different place!" He was confused. "Wait.... wha?" He said. "I want to stay here!" I yelled. "What about you know who!" He yelled back. "I'll talk to him."

    I called Harry. "What!" He yelled. "Sorry, I thought and remembered all the fun times we had." I saidand heard a sigh. "Fine I miss you too." He said. "I won't touch your butt from now on." I giggled. "Gotta go, bye." I said. "ILY." He said. "ILY you too." I said and hung up.

    I called Louis. "Hey going to talk to Harry at his place." I said. "Ok babe call me if anthing happens." I smiled. "mKay love you bye." I hung up and called a cab. "Where to ma'am?" He aksed. I told him the address and got to the house.

   I rung the door bell. The door opened and I saw Harry. It looked like he'd been crying. I hugged him. "Why did you cry?" I asked. He pulled me inside. "I thought I lost you." He said. "Why would you think I would leave you?" I questioned. He kissed my lips gently.

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