The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


12. No 1D?

    I woke up to screaming. I heard. "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!!!" And "SHE LIKES ME NOT YOU!!!!!!!" I got up quickly and ran out the room. I saw Louis and Harry. I ran in between them and Louis threw a punch at me. He quickly freaked out. "Oh my gawd I'm so sorry!!!!" He yelled. Harry sat beside me. "That's why she likes ME not YOU!!!!!" He yelled and I looked at them. "I'm not dating either of you right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled and they both stared at me. "Um let me get you a ice pack." Louis said and put it on my face.

    Liam ran in and saw me on the floor. Then he saw Harry and Louis. "WHAT DID YOU GUYS FUCKING DO?????" He yelled the loudest I've ever heard. He ran to me and pushed them away. "Did they hurt you?" He asked. "Which one?" He questioned. "I can help you if you tell me!" He yelled trying to help. Zayn also ran in and looked at the guys.

    I went in my room. Too much drama for me right now. The yelling continued. I heard a knock. "Come in." He said in pain. It was Zayn. "Hey if you tell me what happened I can help." He said rubbing my back. "Don't mess with either of them.... Bring Louis in please." I said still in pain. Louis came in and rushed to me. "I'm so sorry more then I have ever been!" He yelled.

     I talked to him and told him that I need a break. He said was it because of that he punched me. I said no. I said I just needed to think and if he could bring in Harry, he said yes. Harry walked in looking like he was going to cry. "Liam pissed me off!" He yelled running to me. He hugged me. "I'm sorry." He said. I looked at him. "Don't be, it's not yours or Louis' faults." He looked at me in the eyes. "I still love you." He whispered.

    I took a nap to drown out my pain. I woke up and saw Harry and Louis talking. "I'm sorry." Harry said. "It's my fault, you didn't do anything." He said having a bro hug. I smiled. "I don't blame either one of you." I said and they noticed I was awake. Liam was beside me, Zayn was on the other side. "Oh my brother from other mothers." I said hugging them both.

    Louis came in the room to screaming. "I'M QUITTING ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" Louis yelled. I ran in as he was leaving he bumped into me. "Louis! Why?" I yelled and he pushed me away. "All this fucking shit that has been going on!" I grabbed his shirt. "Louis fucking look at me!" I yelled and he turned around. "What do you want? Not me! You sleep with my best friend!" He yelled and ran out the door.

    I walked to my room with my hands on my face. Harry followed and was saying stuff, I couldn't hear because I was crying. I opened my bedroom door and Harry followed. I fell onto the bed sobbing. Harry layed beside me. He was hugging me. "Nothing is going to help Harry." I told him. He kissed my head. "But I need to try."



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