The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


4. Mum?

   Me and Harry are closer then ever. He is my best friend and Louis might be my fiancé soon. But I need to figure this out. My closest friend that is a girl is my mum. I need to see her. I looked through my phone and saw a contact. 'Mummy!' Is what it said I clicked call. "Soph?" I heard her voice. "Yes mum?" He started crying. "Baby come home, to your family." I sighed. "Mum I'm bringing my friend." She sighed. "Who?" She asked. "You remember Harry?" I asked. "Yay!!!! Harry the only boy I have liked for you." She yelled. "Ok mum be over in a hour. Love you." I told her. "I love you too Sophia." I hung up.

    Me and Harry packed our stuff and headed out the door. Once we got there I ran and hugged my mum. "Come on Harry. You're a part of this family." My mum told Harry. He joined the hug. "Soph I thought you had a boyfriend." My mum questioned. "I do but Harry is my REAL boyfriend. Lou is not the same." I told her and Harry hugged me. My dad ran and hugged me. "Sophia! Who's this?!?!!??!??????!!!!!" He yelled. "Harry." He hugged him. And whispered in his ear. "Trust me I won't." He told dad. My dad shook his hand. "Welcome to the family son."

    We all ate dinner and watched tv. The hole time Harry was staring at me. "What?" I asked Harry. "Nothing." He said I blushed. "I'm bored. To the park!!!" I yelled. Harry followed. "You two go ahead." Mum said. I nodded and walked out of the door. Me and Harry walked to the park. I sat on the swing. "My parents are acting weird lately." I sighed "sorry." He looked at me strangely. "Why are you saying that?" He asked. "It's just, they usually are kinda crazy and now they're serious."

   Me and Harry went back to the house. We were laughing and I opened the door. "What?!?!?!" He yelled. "It's not what you think!!!!" Harry yelled. "Really? You're trying to hurt Louis aren't you?!?!?!?!?!?!" He yelled. Me and Harry looked at each other. "Liam, I forgot my jacket from a couple nights ago." Harry told him. Harry went and got his jacket. "Bye." Harry said. "Bye." I said. "I'll take care of him, don't worry." I said and waved bye. Harry shut the door and Liam looked at me.

     "I gotta go Sophia." Liam said and got his stuff. I sat on the couch alone. I pulled out my phone and called Louis. "Hey Lou, um it's me Soph and I miss you. Sorry I haven't called you. Can you tell me what hospital so I can come see you? Love you, bye." I hung up. I started to cry.  About four minutes later I got a text. 'Don't talk to me ever again.' The text said. I called Brittney. "Hey!" She yelled. "Um hi can I come over?" I said crying. "Um yeah of course, what happened?" She asked. "I'll explain at your house. Thank you bye." I hung up and got my keys.

   *skip car ride lets just say a lot of crying*

   Once I got to her house she exploded me with hugs. "What happened?!?!?" She questioned. "I was dating Louis and he wasn't the same." She nodded. "I always have liked Harry." She nodded again. "Me and Harry hooked up secretly and Liam found out." Her mouth was open. "I guess he told Louis." I said and once again I was exploded with hugs.

  Once again I called someone. "Ello?" His voice was different. "Um hey Niall. Did Liam tell Lou?"  The other end was quiet. "Niall now or never." I asked. "Um no. And I'm sure of it!" He yelled. "Niall! I want to know the truth!" I yelled. "Even if I'm wrong I wouldn't tell you." He said and hung up. I got back in my car. I drove to the hospital. *skip car ride* "where is Louis Tomlinson?" I asked. "Name?" I sighed. "Sophia Charles." I said. "I.D.?" I handed my ID to her. "You're not allowed." She said and I froze.

    I called Louis. "Ello?" He said. "Um hey! I'm here to talk to you." I said madly. "One minute. Yes Sophia Charles." He said. "Come on up." He said. I hung up. "Sophia, room 47." I nodded. "Bitch." I said under my breath. I made my way to the room. "Louis hall please." I said. "Be right back mum." He said and came in the hall. "What do ya need slut?" I nod. "So one minute you love me to death another you say I'm a slut?" I ask. I turn around and leave. "That's all you wanted?" He yells to me. "How about you actually talk to me!!!"! I yelled and left.

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