The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


7. I miss you

Liam had just drove me home and I'm sitting on my couch. I looked at the tv. "Sophia! One Direction's lover has just spent the night with Liam Payne!" I said on the first thing. I sighed and my door opened. It revealed Harry. I smiled. He sat beside me and kissed my lips. "Hey, something's up." He said looking at me. "What's wrong?" I looked at him and I felt the butterflies. "I just spent the night in the same house with Louis." I said and he turned my head to face him. "It's alright." He said gently putting his lips on mine. I removed our lips. "No Harry." He frowned. I looked at him. "I need to talk to Louis!" Harry yelled. "Harry! It's not his fault! Don't go piss him off for nothing!"I yelled and he stood up. I tried to keep him from leaving but he's too strong! He threw me up against the wall. "Don't." I said and he shut the door behind him. Once he left I cried my eyes out.

       I checked my phone. More followers. I looked at them and saw @Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles but no one else. I knew Louis wouldn't follow but, I thought Zayn and Niall would. I sighed and sat on the wall. "What am I going to do with my life." I whispered. My door opened and I saw Harry looking at me. "What?" I said and he sat beside me. "I'm sorry." I looked him in the eyes. "Don't hurt Louis." I whispered.

     I sat in his lap and cried. I pulled out my phone and called Lou. "Stick with the plan Harry." He nodded. It was ringing then he picked the phone up. "Ello? It's jello." He said and I smiled. "Hey, um it's me." There was no answer. "I know you don't want to talk to me, I miss you." I started to cry. "Harry and I aren't doing well." I continued crying. "Please Lou, I miss you I love you, I need you." There was a sigh. "I'm coming over so we can work it out." The call ended.

        Harry left after kissing my lips. I sighed and sat on the couch. My door knocked. I got up and opened it. It was Lou in a hot jacket. "Hey." I said and he came in. He sat his stuff down then crashed his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. His arms found a way to my waist. He pushed my back on the wall. It reminded myself of Harry. My legs didn't even think. They went to his waist. He stopped kissing me and looked in my eyes. "I missed you too."

      We sat on the couch and kissed once in a while. I looked in his eyes. "I'm ready if you are." He said. I smiled. "I've been ready." My lips smacked on his. He grabbed my legs and put them around him. I was about to fall off the couch but he had his grip on me. We continued kissing. I opened my eyes once in a while. He suddenly removed his lips. I looked at him. "I'm so tired!" He yelled and went to our room.

       I had cleaned up so I wasn't afraid. He layed down on the bed and looked at me. I smiled and layed beside him. I closed my eyes and found someone on my lips. I opened my eyes. "Your so beautiful." He whispered. I blushed. I can't believe he likes me. I'm the girl with a couple pimples. Glasses. (I have contacts) And he falls for me. I dose off and don't even think.

      "Hey." Louis says and i look at him. "Hmmm?" He smiled. 

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