The Bestfriend

Sophia's boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend is Harry Styles. Forever they have been known as Sarry. Could Harry actually be the one? Will Harry date her enemy? Will Louis leave One Direction?

Read 2 find out!!!


14. I Like you

   I woke up and walked into the kitchen. Harry was there smiling at me like he was waiting. "Hey." I said. "Heyo." I smiled. "I feel like hell so shut up." I said smiling. He hugged me gently. "Love you." He whispered. I smiled. I can't say who I love or the other will get jelous. Louis walked in. "Hey." He stood beside me. "Lou, he's not going to touch me, don't worry." I whispered. He grabbed my arm. "I don't know that! Remember?" He said. I tried to look away. "Do you love me?" He questioned. I can't tell him!

    I looked away. He stared at me. "Do, you, love, me." He said easier. I felt tears form. "No, huh?" They broke. I started crying. "No, well guess what? I care about you." He walked off. Harry walked in. He saw me and started to hug me. "Soph." He tried to calm me down. "Soph." It so didn't work. "Sophia." He picked me up and put me on my bed. I cried myself to sleep. Is it going to be like this when there is a plus one?

    I woke up with dry tears on my face. I looked up and saw Harry. His eyes were closed and he was breathing lightly. I checked my phone. It was only twelve. I got up trying not to wake Harry. I managed to get out of the room. Liam walked over to me. "What happened to Louis?" He asked. I sighed. "Well....."

     "He asked me if I loved him." I said looking at Liam. "I can't feel loved when I'm pregnant." He smiled. "I get it." I smiled. "I don't want to lose either of them." He nodded. I pulled out my phone. I clicked 'LouBear!' Ringing ringing ringing ringing, getting worried! "Uh, hello?" He said. "Hi Louis um, I wanted to explain." I said hopefully he will keep on the phone.

    We talked and I explained. I don't know what he's thinking, but hopefully he forgives me. He'd say he would think about it. I don't know what he's thinking though. So I think he's coming over later.... I don't know! That's all I know that IDK!

    I opened the front door. "Hey." I said smiling. "Yea, I thought about what you said." He said and smiled. "Soph, I understand, tell me you like me." I smiled. "I like you Louis." He smiled. "I like you too." He kissed my head and smiled at me. "Let's, me you and Harry, have this baby, together." I smiled and thought. If I tell who's baby it is, the other might, leave my life.


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