Dear Diary (Niall Horan)

Niall found a diary. Later on, he wants to find this anonymous girl. Will he find her? If so what will happen? maybe find love with in each other..


1. Chapter 1

Niall was running away from the paparazzi until he stumbled into a oldish looking book. He quickly picked it up and ran towards the tour bus where Paul was yelling to him to hurry up. The cameras flashed like lightings thought the windows of the bus and they drove off until the flashings of the cameras looked like fallen stars on the road. Niall sat down trying to catch his breath and then remembering about the book he has found. He took a quick glance at the old looking book and searched around the book to see who does it belong to but there was no name on it. He opened it to see if the name was in it but than finding out it was a diary. He didn't want to be rude enough to actually read this anonymous person's diary. So he grabbed it and tossed it into his bunk bed.

Hours pass on, all the lads were sleeping but him. He was just laying down, non-stop thinking about the diary, making him lose his patience. He couldn't help it anymore so he grabbed it and begins to read it

"Dear Diary,

How can people be so rude. I just can't stand these words it's like being jabbed by thousands of knifes in the heart. I can't take it anymore. I wish I could just run of to a place where no one knows me but It would be the same thing, people are going to judge me anyways. Maybe they are right I should just kill myself to get rid of this pain but no. I have to be strong. Just like my mother said to me right before she died and leaving me with my abusive father. I rather be who I am than die. Here comes my dad. No one can ever help me.

A fresh warm tear rolled down Niall's cheek but continue reading.

My father finally has finished abusing me. I got new fresh buries on my skin. I'm in so much pain right now but still strong. I escaped into my back yard to go with my Doberman , Dagger. My father locked him up in a small storage house because he tried to attack him once, he was just trying to protect me from him. I feel so bad for him now. His just so sweet. It's all my fault. Why was I brought to this world of torture."

Niall's eye were blurred out by the tears. He didn't get why people treat someone like this. He got off his bunk and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. After he got his drink he just went and sat on the big couch,thinking.

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