My New Life

I'm alone. Well, not completely. I have my brothers. They have always been here for me. Except for Connor who is somewhat insane after watching Dad kill Fletcher. I'm fine I guess except for the fact that Dad hurt me, both mentally and physically. That will forever haunt me. My name is Ashley Emma Grace, and I am 14 years old. My father almost killed me after my mother died. I was then put into an all boys orphanage because the girls orphanage didn't have room. That has not been fun. I have been here for 2 years and always feel unwanted. What happens when 2 families get in the way if a normal life?


2. South London's Home for Boys

     "ASHLEY! GET YOUR FAT BUTT UP AND OUT OF BED! YOU'RE ABOUT TO MISS BREAKFAST! IF YOU DON'T GET UP, I'LL EAT ALL OF YOUR BREAKFAST FOR YOU!" screams my extremely annoying twin brother Aaron, banging on a metal pot from the kitchen with a wooden spoon-my usual wake-up call.
    "Uuuuggghhhhh!" I groan angrily, trying to slap him across the face like he deserves, instead hitting the edge of my bedside table, slicing my hand open.
     "Ow!" I scream violently in pain as my hand bleeds onto my nicest pajamas, a ratty old T-shirt and sweatpants. We don't have the best living standards here at the orphanage.
    "Well that's what you get for trying to hurt your dear older brother," he replies, finishing it off by sticking his tongue out at me, running out of the room before I try to slap him again, and heading to hog the last of the breakfast in the cafeteria of South London's Home for Boys. Great.
     "You're only older than me by seven minutes!" I scream at him as I roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to clean off my hand, ready to slap him across the face when I find him. Oh my god, he will be a goner when I get to him.
     After I have cleaned and bandaged my hand, I head downstairs to see what the boys saved for me this time. They actually saved me something this time. A napkin. I really should thank them. This was more than usual. Insert sarcasm here.
     I head back upstairs to change and see if the bathrooms were cleared out yet, so I could get changed without the boys staring at me. Apparently, not seeing any girls for a long time makes any girl you see automatically sexy.
     I was stuck in this hell-hole full of boys who like to stare at me because South London's Home for Girls was completely out of room, so they decided to put me here with my six brothers. That has No. To tell truth, it hadn't been that bad, but at times I wish I had another girl to chat with like I did only two years ago.
     Two years ago, I'd had friends, or a friend. Actually, she hasn't been a friend at all. She hadn't been the nicest to me, but she was the closest thing that I had. Now that I look back, I should have slapped her across the face when I had the chance. Well, it's too late now. She had ended up spreading a nasty rumor about me that I will not repeat here due to me not wanting to ruin your little minds even more than they already are.
     I later moved and was free of her, but not free of the rest of the world. That's another story though; I'll save it for later. Now I was stuck in a boys orphanage after my mom died in a car crash caused by dad, my dad killed my older brother Fletcher, he abused me, and was later arrested for murder, DUI, and abuse. Two years later me and my six brothers are living in South London's Home for Boys (and One Girl), never going to be adopted.
     As I headed to the bathroom, I ran into someone.
     Shit. I'm dead.


A/N Sooooooo? What do you think? Are you confused? Are you asking yourself "Who is Jake? Why is she scared of him?" Good. That's good. I really hope you like it. Of you have any ideas on how we could fix it, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you! I love you all my adorable little derpies! xxxxx

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