My New Life

I'm alone. Well, not completely. I have my brothers. They have always been here for me. Except for Connor who is somewhat insane after watching Dad kill Fletcher. I'm fine I guess except for the fact that Dad hurt me, both mentally and physically. That will forever haunt me. My name is Ashley Emma Grace, and I am 14 years old. My father almost killed me after my mother died. I was then put into an all boys orphanage because the girls orphanage didn't have room. That has not been fun. I have been here for 2 years and always feel unwanted. What happens when 2 families get in the way if a normal life?


3. Jake

   Crap. I'm dead
   "Ashley. What a surprise to see you here. I wasn't expecting this," he says with a snarl. I know he hates me. He hates everyone. "So what are you doing here at this time of day, or really any time of day? Shouldn't you have killed yourself by now?" he continues.
   "Shouldn't you have taken a shower by now?" I retort. "You smell like sewage waste. I didn't think it was possible to stink that much."
   "Ooh. We got a feisty one do we? This should be fun," he says rolling up his sleeves to punch me. "You really should kill yourself. No one cares about you except for your brothers who should also kill themselves. I mean really. They're all pathetic. Especially that idiot Connor. What's up with him anyways? He miss his mommy?"
   I'm itching to round kick him upside the head like he deserves, but I stop myself. There are better ways to hurt him than just kicking him. Much better ways.
   "I hear you guys talk about someone named Fletcher all the time. Who's Fletcher? Did he kill himself because he knows you? Is that why you always cry when he's mentioned? Is that it? Or did your dad kill him like he deserved? Your dad was smart to do that. Too bad he didn't do the same to you and all of your idiot brothers."
   Alright. That's it. I punch him across the face, round kick him, and the cherry on top is that I'm a girl to him. I'm just a pathetic wimpy girl to him. Not anymore. Not anymore.
   Then I hear Mrs. Hopkins' voice. She owns the orphanage, and is in charge of all punishments. Let's just say that if you do something you're not supposed to, don't get caught. And I just got caught. Shit.

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