My New Life

I'm alone. Well, not completely. I have my brothers. They have always been here for me. Except for Connor who is somewhat insane after watching Dad kill Fletcher. I'm fine I guess except for the fact that Dad hurt me, both mentally and physically. That will forever haunt me. My name is Ashley Emma Grace, and I am 14 years old. My father almost killed me after my mother died. I was then put into an all boys orphanage because the girls orphanage didn't have room. That has not been fun. I have been here for 2 years and always feel unwanted. What happens when 2 families get in the way if a normal life?


7. Grounded

I stood in horror as I watched Mrs. Hoppkins walk up to me. i peered over at jake, but he was smirking at me. and once more, i itched to punch him. " What's all going on!!??!" yelled Mrs. Hoppkins. I opened my mouth tho respond, but jake beat me too it. " She punched me. I didn't do anything." he said with fake innocence. my blood was boiling. i saw my brothers waking to the dinning hall. " Ashtion!" i yelled. they all looked over at me even though only one of their names is Ashtion. he imediataly saw my problem and came over. "We apoligize,, Mrs. Hoppkins. she is just not having a good day." good day my ass, i thought. she completely ignord him and looked at me. "your grounded."  that was utterly horrifying. "N-no please I'll do anything!" i stuttered. ignoring my ples, she grabed my arm and lead me to 'The Quiet Room' or as I like to call it, Hell. she pushed me inside and locked the door on her way out. all that was in the room was a tiny bed, a dresser and a chair. my back was now to the door. as i slid to the floor, i begain to sob. i needed to be strong, for my brothers, but this....... this is too much.




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