Poisoness words

Theres a small house somewhere in a small unknown area with a small unknown postcode. In that house live a mother of 10 all of the ages 18 & under. On a normal sunday evening this tranquility and innocence of the household is disrupted. Mother daughter brother son, all at the end of a 8 millimetre pistol taken hostage in their own home. A place of harmony and safety they said, they lied. Drugs lies and cheaters. This facade these children put up for their mother is over they are unmasked in plain sight. The question is who's the traitor? Who's the liar and who's the cheater.


1. unmasked

In a unique suburban household set in a idylic utopian like area , betrayal is in the air with every breath inhaled a lie is exhaled , whilst another is busy cheating his way to the top another is a traitor of morals and values. Which of the 10 siblings is a) the liar B) the cheater C) the traitor ?

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