Poisoness words

Theres a small house somewhere in a small unknown area with a small unknown postcode. In that house live a mother of 10 all of the ages 18 & under. On a normal sunday evening this tranquility and innocence of the household is disrupted. Mother daughter brother son, all at the end of a 8 millimetre pistol taken hostage in their own home. A place of harmony and safety they said, they lied. Drugs lies and cheaters. This facade these children put up for their mother is over they are unmasked in plain sight. The question is who's the traitor? Who's the liar and who's the cheater.


2. The tell tale of a liar

Monday morning up awake and ready to conquer the world or so i thought. With 9 siblings i felt superior to the world my whole life except now my eldest brother and sister are in 6 form that leaves my evil witch sister NO shes not a nice person i guess thats why mum and dad named her after a teenage witch makes sense really, back to the point ' i was approached today in a way i would never allow if i had a say in the matter, he comforted me when i needed someone, he was my shoulder to cry on, i was vulnerable and he took advantage, i felt weak powerless, stripped of innocence & now i walk around with no-one around me aware of my mental state, my family and friends just think im in a daze like im going through ' one of those phases'( whatever that means) they dont know how upset or abused i really feel i guess its safe to say i wear my mask pretty secure. Day come night my eyes drown in tears of the faint flashes of that horrific night and the monster its turned me into. How i know i cant say no but i have to live with knowing a lost child out there is in danger because of me. I lie day in day out to anyone and everyone , and i have to protect these lies to protect those i love ! He knows where i live he knows THEM he knows me, so for now I'm just his lap dog if he says jump i say how high. theres only 3 options for me 1) jail&watch those i love suffer2) come clean& watch those i love suffer 3 or LIE & suffer alone. Its simple really.

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