Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


5. The loss of Innonence

~~My room was littered with garbage; it was covering my floor, dresser, and vanity table. The once  neon green bed sheets were now a nasty snotty green, fading farther and farther away with each washing. I was heading downstairs so that I could grab some breakfast but was shocked when I saw that my mother was in a chock hold, and was turning blue because of Shaw. Before I realised what I was doing I had jumped onto Shaw’s back, but I was too late, my mother’s lifeless body fell limply to the floor like she was some type of rag doll. Someone grabbed my shoulders and I was slammed into the wall by Shaw’s arms, he had his slimy fingers around my throat and started choking me.
In that moment my father decided to come in after finishing having a smoke and when he saw my mother’s body lying on the ground he started screaming bloody murder and charged for Shaw, but he suddenly stopped in his tracks as a sharp, red tail wrapped around his throat and decapitated him. I’m not sure how I did it but I somehow was able to get out of Shaw’s hold on me and was able to leave a visible scratch on his arm before I made myself evaporate and ran out of my house. I needed Alex; he would know what to do.
Once out of my house though I was almost sucked back into it because of the sudden change of temperature, when I turned to face my house in my human form I saw that flames were licking hungrily at the house. I was almost tempted to go back inside but then I remembered my parents. Lifeless on the ground, so I turned my back on the house that raised me and was walking by my friend’s house when I heard her snickering as she yelled out, “there goes the freak, I’m glad that we used the rest of my lighters for this!”
“Why the hell did you do this to me Ange?” I asked, my voice strangely came out stronger than what I felt
“Obviously because I don’t want to be living near a freak like you, so I fixed the problem” she stated it like it was the simplest thing in the world
Looking at them I could see that all traces of what used to be my best friend since diapers was gone. All that was left of her was the popular, mean girl who could make anyone’s life a living hell if she hated them enough. Turning away from them I started biting my lip trying to stop the tears that were threatening to come out. “Just wait, find Alex first” I started chanting to myself in my head over and over again until I saw the open gates at the front of my school.
My personal nightmare got even worse because as soon as I reached my best friend and life line he physically pushed me away from him and said “get away from me Violet”
“Please Alex, I need you” I whispered, not trusting my voice to go louder than this
“Find someone else who cares” he said while walking away from me, and never looking back
As the time got closer to the beginning of school more and more students started crowding the hallways, but everything around me had turned mute as I slowly made my way towards my locker and sat down, putting my head in between my knees and I was physically able to feel my heart tearing into pieces in my chest.
My eyes shoe open and I was confused for a minute as to where I was because of the intensity of the dream. I slowly sat up letting my sheets fall off of my body, the shock of the cold was 10 times worse as I realised that the tears were still flowing freely from the pain that I have tried to hide from the world for so long. I got up and as quietly as I could, I changed into some actual clothes instead of pajamas before making my way down stairs and out to the yard.
Looking up at the night sky I’m amazed at how beautiful it can look being littered with so many satellites and stars. I sighed sadly and shivered at the thought of having to live through the memories of the worst day of my life. Like living through it once wasn’t enough? Something heavy was suddenly placed on my shoulders. My eyes immediately opened and it took some time for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, so I just let my head move to where ever the noise was coming from until the person finally settled down in the grass beside me.
“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” asked Alex
“Couldn’t sleep” I lied my gaze staying straight ahead of me.
Nothing was said between the two of us for some time until he started shivering, of course being Alex he would never admit to this, even with no top and a small pair of boxers on. Oh no the great Alex Summers could never get cold. So I decided to be the bigger man and I got so close to him that I was practically sitting on his lap, and wrapped my arm around his shoulders so that he would be able to share his blanket with me.
“I’m find” he grumbled attempting to push me away
“The more that you push me away the more I’m tempted to actually sit in your lap to make sure that the blanket stays over the both of us” I warned
Searching my face and eyes for any trace of a fib, he finally gave up realising that I wasn’t going to stop arguing about this until I won. So I got myself all snuggly and warm beside Alex while still being under the blanket. After some more silence he wrapped his arm around my waist, placing his head on top of mine he whispered “I’m sorry” into my hair
“For what?” I asked
“Not being there for you when you needed me” he mumbled squeezing me tighter against him
“You didn’t know Alex, so what could you have done?” I replied inching my head closer to his in comfort.
“Believed you” he sighed sadly
Alex and I just sat there, our bodies intertwined with one another once again just gazing at the stars, their thoughts millions of miles away from where they were now. It would have been the perfect date until Violet was rudely shaken awake my Alex getting up violently and started pacing around in front of her acting like a lunatic.
“What did you show Libby that picture?” he asks angrily
“Which one?” I whispered already knowing which one he meant and feeling guilty about it.
“Violet! You’re not stupid so stop acting like it!” he demanded
“Because she needed to know the truth” I mumbled
“What truth?”
“That she’s your baby sister” I said with as much strength that I could muster
“How in the hell is she my sister?” he grumbled
“You really want me to answer that?” I asked with as much sarcasm as I could
“You should have told me about this sooner!” he snarled starting towards me angrily like he was some kind of animal and about to pounce on his prey.
“Well I’m sorry if when she came to me you were in a prison where I couldn’t find you!” I yelled
“Violet” Alex warned
“Go to bed Alex” I whispered standing up and walking away from him and into the forest for the night.
When I woke up the next morning I almost screamed not knowing where I was. I remembered having a fight with Alex last night and heading into the forest and falling asleep on the ground. What I can’t seem to recall is ever coming back to the mansion, if that’s where I was at all.
“Good, you’re finally awake” my body froze instantly recognizing that voice and not liking it.
Turning around slowly I came face to face with the European man who had taken my parents away from me so long ago. He smiled a sneaky grin, and I knew that something bad was going to happen to me from the sudden drop of my stomach, but I never, ever would have imagined this.
“Now that you’re awake, before I hand you over to Shaw. I’m going to show you the rules around here” he whispered inching closer and closer to me with each word while his eyes roamed over my body longingly.
Once he was in front of me his eyes stopped staring at my chest before he continued with his torture. “On your knees,” he whispered, voice tickling my ear. Obliging to his orders knowing that there was no way that I was going to be able to get out of this, I kneeled down on my knees in front of him and started crying when he told me to undo his pants and boxers.
After he was done with me he ordered me to get up and get my clothes back on before going to meet Shaw. When we arrived all eyes landed on us as Shaw started laughing at the scene, “Now is that any way to treat our guest Sebastian? You’re supposed to give them the grand tour, meet everyone else, then have you’re way with her” he laughed merrily once more
“My apologies, I just couldn’t help myself, I was too excited to wait” Said Sebastian while his arm dropped from around my shoulders and down my body slowly tracing my body until he finished with his hand on the small of my back and inching underneath my ripped jeans.

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