Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


4. Testing, testing

~~Opening the fridge I grabbed one of the many bottles of water and was about to guzzle it down when I heard a window breaking. Out of instinct I bolted it towards the stairs and was taking them two at a time to get upstairs as fast as I could to see what the hell was going on.
“What the hell is going on up here?” I shouted at all of the bodies surrounding my bedroom window.
“Come on their going to push Banshee out of the window!” Raven said excitedly grabbing my free hand and dragging me towards the window.
The only spot that there was enough room for me to see was just above Alex’s head, so I grabbed a sip of my water bottle before throwing it onto my head and made my way walking towards Alex before I jumped onto his back throwing him off guard.
“What the fuck?” he asked looking at me questioningly
“I want to see what the hell is going on, and the only place for me to see that is right here.” I said smiling
Turning his head back around him, he reached up to get a good grip on my ankles and held on tightly. The professor was telling Sean what it was that he needed to do before he pushed him out of the window. We all heard the sound of him screaming like a chicken, then a chorus of curses and whimpers as Sean landed feet first in a rose bush……and getting stuck by lots and lots of thorns.
I had to hide my face in Alex’s neck to try and disguise my laughter, but unfortunately I was so close to almost having to bite him in order to hide it. So before I bit Alex I jumped off his back and over towards the bed and doubled over in laughter, apparently though I wasn’t the only one that this had happened to because when I finally got control of myself again I glanced up at all of my friends and almost started laughing again because of the positions that they were in.
Libby was balling her eyes out in hysteria, Raven was clutching her stomach from her laughing to hard, Alex was in the same position that I had been in rolling all over the floor, crying, and clutching his stomach for dear life, and Erik….Erik was actually smiling and laughing along with us surprisingly.
“I’m going to go and see if he’s alright” I said finally able to catch my breath
 Turning into the kitchen I almost broke out in laughter once again as a beat up; dirty looking Sean was attempting to get all of the thorns out of his body.
“Would you like some help?” I asked giggling at him
“Only if you stop…..owe…..laughing at me……” he said while continuing to take thorns out of his arm
 So I walked so that I was standing behind him and started pulling the thorns out of his back and arms before he could try to stop me. 3 hours later and I had finally pulled out the last thorn from Sean’s ginger hair. The only plus to this situation…..Sean was smelling pretty dam good!!! Anyways when Sean had left the room I started sanitizing the counters and sinks and started getting the supplies out that I would need to be able to make lunch for the group.
 I had my arms full and kicked the pantry door shut when I noticed that Alex was right behind the door, so I sighed and said lunch will be ready in an hour.
“That’s fine,” he said “is there anything that I can help you?” with he asks
 It was a good thing that I had reached the counter just as he said that because I stopped in shock, and dropped everything that had been in my arms and onto the counter in shock. “Who are you and what have you done with Alex Summers?” I asked jokingly walking over to him and putting my hand on his forehead pretending to check his temperature.
“Nothing” he growled swatting my hand away grumpily
“Fine, you can take your anger out on the sandwiches then” I grumbled throwing the loaves of bread at him.
 For the next hour, this was how it was between us while we were making the food for everyone. Alex and I were about to call everyone for lunch when I quickly caught his attention before he could shout anything.
“Look Alex, I’m sorry that I snapped at you like that, it’s just been a long time since you have willingly wanted to help me with something like this.” I said hurriedly
Sighing he looked over at me, then came towards me and surprised me by wrapping his arms around my waist giving me a tight squeeze before whispering into my ear, “I’m sorry too, the training that Charles has me doing feels impossible to do, and it just seems to be bringing out the worst in me, “sighing he started absentmindedly tracing small circles in the middle of my back with his fingers.
Holding onto him tighter I said, “It will seem like that right now but trust me, if you keep practicing you will get better at taming your powers sooner than you think,” I replied digging my face further into his shoulder to try and comfort him more.
 We just stayed like that, just holding onto one another as if it were only the two of us in the mansion, unfortunately everyone got hungry enough to start using their noses and one by one everyone came in from their respective part of the houses from their training. When everyone entered the kitchen they were all shocked to be watching the moment that Alex and Violet were having.
“Now that we have everything settled, can we start eating, I would rather not waste delicious food such as this,” stated Charles looking at the table once again full of an enormous amount of food.
 I didn’t really want to leave the comfort of Alex’s arms, and I don’t think that he wanted to leave this grip either but unfortunately we both had to, so with a dramatic sigh from both of us we let go of one another and sat down at the table so that we could eat.
“So Erik, Moira, and I are going to go and see about a lead that we have on Shaw, we want all of you to continue on your training and be in bed by curfew” demands Charles
“Other than Libby and I because we need to train,” I said between mouths full of food
“Not tonight Violet, I’m sorry,” he says sighing
“Well tough luck because if we have any chance of beating Shaw then every member had to be training and that includes Libby,” I stated
“Violet.” He warned, “a word please”
“No” I say
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me, you left me in charge of her training and I will see to it on what terms are best for her,” I said determinedly
“When we get back you and I are going to have a talk,” he said getting up and walking away angrily
Once out of ear shot Erik looked over to the girl and said “you shouldn’t have don’t that”
“Fuck you Erik, I’ve known him longer than you have so what gives you the god dam right to try and tell me what I can and can’t say to my own brother?!” I shouted got up and pushed my plate away knocking my chair over in the process, and made me way over to the patio doors and slammed them as hard as I could to make my leave noticeable
 At first I was just walking around the property, but that soon got boring so I made a different route to walk on and started walking through the forest, hoping to find some kind of peace or serenity with the sweet smells of nature surrounding me. Ducking my head underneath a large branch I purposely stepped on all of the leaves that had fallen so prematurely.
 Listening to all of the different sounds around me, it had calmed me down now, but I knew that if I wanted longer lasting relief from it then I would have to start using my powers on a more regular basis. While I was in my own peaceful world, I felt small fingers find their way intertwining with mine. Libby knew enough not to say anything when I got into this type of mood, so we just walked hand in hand through the forest until we made our way back to the mansion.
 I took Libby back to her room so that she could get some sleep for tonight before making my way down to the bunker, hoping that Alex wasn’t in there so that I might be able to let off some steam and practice. Once I got in there I locked the bunker, walked to the centre of the room, taking a deep breath I decided to start with the basic and smallest versions of water and making my way from there to bigger and more difficult amounts.
 Clearing my mind off all thoughts, I closed my eyes, and focused on forming a small bubble of water on the palm of my hands. Once they were there I let them expand into hundreds of other smaller bubbles that had surrounded me so that all I could see was a very thick wall of bubbles surrounding me. I watched in amazement at all of the bubbles surrounding me, slowly they started mixing together to form a small river amount of water  formed as a circle all around me, just floating in the air waiting for my next command. Smiling I decided to take things up another notch and I imagined the water making a lap around the entire area of the bunker before it slammed into my body. After it made its slow attempt for a lap, it stopped for a moment almost like it didn’t want to go forth with its next task but went for it anyways. As suddenly as it had stopped, the water started racing towards me as fast as a speeding bullet, I heard someone suck in a deep breath of air in anticipation wondering what was going to happen next.
 At the last moment the water stopped in front of me and before I knew it there was a large puddle of water in front of my feet and slowly started making its way back into my slightly dehydrated body by entering the soles of my shoes, or what was left of them at least. Turning around I smirked at a flabbergasted Alex and said, “It’s pretty impressive what you’ll be able to achieve with a little bit of patience and hard work.”
 Still speechless at what he had just seen, Alex kept looking at me with a mix of astonishment and admiration splashed across his face. I passed by him and out the door when he finally decided to come back to his senses and decided to run after me. Pressing the button for the elevator, I was just about to enter it when Alex’s hand grasped my arm and started turning me around so that I had to face him.
“I just came looking for you to see how you’re doing, but that was….wow that was……incredible” he said breathlessly “in all of the time that I’ve known you not once have you ever blown up like that,” he added
“I did once;” I whispered shifting my balance from foot to foot nervously not really wanting to go back to that day
“What? When?” he asked incredulously
“The day that I found out why you had abandoned me” I mumbled
“You cracked because of that?” he said obviously trying to hide his laughter, but failing at it miserably
My eyes starting tearing up, and I was trying my hardest not to cry but I knew that I wasn’t going to last, so as fast as I could I explained. “Actually my parents got murdered right in front of my eyes, and the girls went behind my back and destroyed my home because they found out about my mutation and freaked. I went to school wanting to confide in you because I knew that you would understand, but then I found out that you decided to leave me too and I snapped.”
 The playful smirk that was planted on his face, slipped off his face as he saw the expression on my face and the words that were slowly sinking into his head, he was taken back once again by my outburst of what had happened. Not wanting to say anything else of even to be anywhere near him, or anyone else for that matter I walked into the elevator and finally broke down. When the ding of the elevator had sounded, I bolted up the stairs as fast as I could and shut myself in my bedroom crying myself to sleep. Hoping that I would be able to feel better before training Libby tonight.
 It only felt like I had just closed my eyes when I was being shook awake once more. Groggily I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes to see the sun pouring into… wait the sun, shit Libby was going to be so mad at me! I thought starting to freak out
“Doesn’t worry I’m not mad, I came to wake you up last night but you looked really upset so I just slept with you instead,” she said plopping down on the end of my bed furthest away from me.
“Thanks Libs, but why did you let me sleep for so long though?” I asked jumping out of my bed and picking up some clothes off the floor smelled them, they seemed decent enough, so I slipped them on and followed dear old Mad Libs into the kitchen.
 Walking backwards Libby was giggling and said “I didn’t but people are already awake and freaked out when there wasn’t any food prepared for them, it was funny!” She smiled as she turned around and continued skipping away happily I sighed in content and thought why can’t everyday be like this?
When I got down stairs though going down towards the bunker I stopped in my tracks, something was different, the light was on for the bunker which meant that Alex had to be in there practicing, but he’s never usually this quite. My curiosity getting the better of me. I made myself melt into a small puddle and slowly slipped underneath the door unnoticed by the current occupants.
 Even though my hearing was gone I could still see that whatever was going on Alex wasn’t too happy about it and looked extremely pissed off. The professor said something and smiled at the teen, Hank though looked scared shitless at whatever was going on and looked down towards the ground, shifting his footing away from the mannequin a couple of feet. Alex powered up and when the light was gone I saw that his blast had hit his target and missed both my brother and our brilliant scientist. After a bit more practice all three of the men decided to exit the bunker, so once they were gone I slipped by the door and quickly got back into my normal form, shut the door, and began my training session.

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