Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


6. Our battle begins

~~My torture kept on getting steadily worse and worse every new day that I was held there, I’m not sure how long I was even there for but its felt like forever since I’ve seen everyone. The days go by and a routine was starting for form with the different types of torture that they would make me go through, wake up in the morning and have a rape reminder from Sebastian, then go and have some breakfast with everyone spend the rest of my time there with Shaw attempting to act like my father, Azazel watching me with lust filled eyes. When he gets the chance to get me alone he takes me back to my cell and he rapes me during lunch, we go back and join everyone else for a while again and when Sebastian takes me back he has his way with me one last time and he’s been making each time rougher and rougher. At the end of the day though my brain and heart decide to torture me even more by making me dream and weep about the family that I have been taken away from. Hank, Sean, Charles, Raven, Erik, Libby, and Alex. The dreams would either consist of one or all of them, sometimes they would show me the events on what happened the last night that I had spent at the Xavier mansion and the moments that I had with Alex.
Today though when I forced my heavy eye lids open I knew that something was different, something that made my heart feel heavier that it usually does while slowly making its way to my stomach. The door to my room started creaking open in protest and out of pure instinct that I had gained from the past I had forced myself into the farthest corner from the door in some naive hope that it might protect me from my captors and waited for what was to come.
“Today is your lucky day my dear” smiled Shaw while slowly making his way towards me
I didn’t say anything in reply to him
“You must be wondering why” he continues “Today is the day that we will show these humans why they have a reason to be truly afraid of what it is that we can do, today is the beginning of a new world where mutants won’t have to be scared to show who and what they truly are, and you are going to help us” he smirked
My breath unexpectedly caught in my throat and I started choking and coughing trying to get my breath again. When my brain caught up with what Shaw was saying I could feel all of the life being drained out of me, or whatever life was left in me from being tortured so much. “Get yourself together and I’ll send Sebastian back in a little while to come and fetch you.”
“Actually I think I’m going to have a little fun before I do that” smirks Sebastian while sneaking out from behind my door, “And I believe that we have done this enough times that I do not need to have to tell you what it is that you need to do, so start removing your clothes. And do it slowly, I want to memorize everything” his smile revealed how seductively he wanted me again. Sighing I started undoing the buttons to my top while he forced me to watch him take off his many layers of tops as we walked towards me bare chestedly, placing his hands on top of my waist and started nibbling his way from underneath my jaw line towards my chest. 
After Sebastian deemed that our time was over with, as roughly as he could manage he pulled himself out of me, sat down in front of my face and with just that one action I knew that he was demanding that I sucked on him one last time before we had to go and meet with the others. He sighed disgustedly as I finished and got up, putting his clothes back on he said “get yourself together and put your clothes back on” and with that he left the room.
Once we got out of the car u saw that Shaw was having a hot one sided debate with Azazel, while Angel was standing off to the side talking to herself and fixing her freshly done manicure. She looked up to see me and an arrogant smile graced her lips as she yelled out “well, well, well guess who finally decided to show up.” Pronouncing each word slowly, looking at her face I couldn’t tell if she was saying this to me or Sebastian (who I’ve noticed that she has seemed to have a great interest in, especially lately).
“Good” replied Shaw walking away from Azazel and towards Sebastian and me
The two men spoke for some time then Shaw lead the three of us onto the sub while Azazel disappeared to who knows where this time. They sat me down in a soft white leather sofa while Shaw walked out of the room into one that looked like it was a circle of millions of mirrors.
I’m not sure how long that we were under the water for, but suddenly a weird sounding wave was all around us, almost like it was a human sonar machine……wait a minute, human sonar? ……SEAN!!!!!!!! A wide happy smirk flew to my face as I thought of him. My face was starting to ache from not having smiled in what must have been a very long time. My ears must have popped at least twice and I could only assume that the sub was going above water once more, because that’s the only reason that your ears would pop under water right?
Almost as if this situation couldn’t get any worse, it felt like the sub was crash landing, god I hope we’re on land for this to be happening! There was nothing that I could hold onto or strap myself into that would be able to keep me stable so I ended up flipping and flopping around until we landed. Sebastian was furious, he quickly unstrapped himself and grabbed a rough hold onto my arm and started forcing me to go outside with him to make sure that I didn’t do anything.
I swore under my breath as my foot caught on the last step and I stumbled, and Sebastian caught me before I fell and forced me back onto my feet. My eyes felt like they were blinking at a thousand times per second as my vision slowly got back to being used to seeing in the sunlight. Looking straight ahead of me my breath suddenly became shallow and my eyes betrayed me instantly beginning to water at the sight of my family. Moira, Charles, Raven, Erik, Hank, Libby, and Alex. Alex caught my watery gaze, he must have been ready to run the length of the beach to try and get to me but I violently started shaking my head telling him not to do it. He didn’t understand, but Erik did and gratefully to me he placed a firm hand on Alex’s should and gently told Alex to stand beside him once more.
Raven must have made some sort of movement because Angel charged towards her pissed as a rhino and after that all hell broke loose. Hank charged towards Azazel, Libby ran towards Sebastian and me, Alex right on her heels screaming her name. He stopped midway though when he saw that Azazel was getting the upper hand with Hank.
Since 75% of the attention has been diverted off of me I raised my arm, begging to glow I radiant blue. I made a rush of water come to me and I threw all of the water towards Sebastian’s head, quickly ducking out of the way so that I wouldn’t get caught in the cross fire. The water caught him by surprise and he let his grip go on me and he was thrown backwards into the sand and closer to the sub.
“Havok!” I screamed “Help Beast” I yelled out to him while collecting the water on the beach and forming it into a giant sphere so that it would surround Sebastian and suffocate the son of a bitch.
Libby started walking calmly towards me and said “What’s his name?”
“Doesn’t matter Libs he’s gonna die anyways” I said
“What is his name?” she demanded in a strange mono tone type of voice
“Sebastian” I said spitting it out like it was snake venom
“Look at me Sebastian, look into my eyes” she chanted
Sebastian complied hypnotically and whatever he saw must have scared him because he started withering around in pain. Since I was so out of practice from not using my powers in how ever long I had been held captive, my arms were starting to get tired of holding onto the extreme weight of human and water. So without another world between Libby and me, we moved Sebastian in his hypnotic state so that he crashed into the side of the sub and became unconscious.
Smiling I looked down, and ended up falling on my knees so that I could hug the breath of out my little sister. “You knew didn’t you?” she whispered
My eyes started tearing up in happiness at finally being reunited with her and mumbled “I had a feeling”.
Hearing a loud thud we looked up and saw that Banshee and Havok were a in a mass of limbs with one another, “Libs I want you to go and wait in the plane with Charles” I said starting to push her towards the plane.
‘But Violet…” she whined
“I’m back now so that means that you have to listen to me, now go!” I yell giving her one last final push towards Charles.
When I saw that Libby was with my brother, I ran as fast as I could to the guys and helped them up one by one. “Violet, thank god” sighs Alex as he picks me up and twirls me in his arms happily. When he sets me down I didn’t greet him with words, I greeted him with a feverish kiss to his lips. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist pushing me closer towards him, while I rewrapped my arms around his neck so that I had a hand tangling in his mess of blond hair, having a tight hold of it and him. Breaking apart for air I dug my head as far into his shoulder as I possibly could just wanting to know that I would be alright and not believing that this was actually happening.  Apparently Alex was feeling the same way since his arms were holding onto as much of my body as they possibly could and kept on muttering soothing words into my ears but to who he was saying that too I had no idea. At this moment I didn’t really care though because I had my family back, and most importantly I had Alex back with me and in my arms once more.
A violent shudder from deep in my bones forced its way out, the amount of energy that was behind it was astounding because it almost made both Alex and I fall back into the sand, but luckily he was able to keep both of us on our feet while never letting go of our tight embrace on one another. Alex just continued to hug me though like nothing had happened that had almost made us separate once more, and he kept on whispering even cornier but loving soothing words into my ear while kissing whatever skin that he could reach.
Breaking away from his embrace I turned around to Sean thinking that he would be just as ready, or even more ready because of our closeness but I was disappointed when I saw that his attention for the moment was elsewhere. Suddenly though Sean had tugged me behind him and when I turned around so that I was facing the battle scene once more I saw why Sean had done what he did.
Shaw’s body was floating in the air, a small stream of blood was freely flowing from a hole in the middle of his forehead where I’m assuming that Erik must have forced something metal into the man’s skull for punishment of killing his mother in the war. Erik started yelling something about who the real enemy was and that we shouldn’t have been fighting one another but joining sides instead. I don’t think that anybody had believed him truly, not until Charles decided to take a look around for himself.
Charles and Erik started yelling at one another, then decided to take their argument to the next level and started beating the snot out of one another. The only thing that I heard was my brother yelling about not killing innocent people because they were only following orders. For the next few minutes I swear that all of life had been put on silent mode, because I never heard the shot of the gun, but I did see him reflecting something then whatever that something was it had slammed into the bottom of Charles’ spinal cord and rested there. He put a hand to his lower back and in even slower motion he fell face first into the sandy ground beneath him with a mix look of shock and pain written across his facial features.
Looking back at Moira a flash of pure rage was raging through my stomach and the thought that she had just paralyzed my brother for life! I was about to scream at her but I stopped in mid step when she looked straight at me in pure shock and horror, her hands lifted up to her throat and I thought that she was going to start strangling herself but looking closer I saw that she was holding onto a metal necklace that was around her neck. Apparently it had come to life all on its own and was trying to kill her, before I could say anything though she let go of her necklace almost as soon as she had picked it up and also fell to the ground but this time she fell unconscious.
Life came off mute as Libby started screaming at Raven “get away from me, I trusted you Raven!” she stormed around and ran right into my legs and instantly started crying her little eyes out. Raven stood there with a look of shocked ignorance on her face, looking towards me for help I gave her the coldest death glare that I was able to muster up and she silently started walking away from us.
As she was walking towards Erik I could feel my heart breaking into pieces, one side wanted to stay with her, but the other needed to be here and stay with the people that I truly belonged with. I had already lost them once, and I’m not sure if I would be able to handle it a second time emotionally or physically.
“Beast” she yelled back to us “Remember mutant and proud”.
 I looked over towards him and almost wished that I hadn’t done so, his eyes were swimming with unshed tears and I’m almost certain that if I looked closely enough at his hands I would see that his claws would be sinking into his skin that would be leaving a trail of blood flowing down his arm and into his uniform.
 They all disappeared and when they did we all ran to join Moira and Charles onto the sandy beach to see if there was anything that we might be able to do for him. “I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my legs” he kept on muttering to himself over and over again, hopefully this was all just because of shock and that he wouldn’t actually be paralyzed for life.
“This is all my fault” muttered Moira standing up and off the ground.
“No Moira, it’s not” I answered her also standing up, dusting the sand off what was left of my pants I walked over to her and we hugged one another tightly as the boys decided what needed to be done and did it.

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