Life is a Dream not a Destination

x-men first class story for Havok/ Alex Summers


1. Let's begin again

~~Looking out of the cab window a wide smile crosses my face as I watch my brother start running towards the cab before it has even stopped trying to get to me. So when the cab did finally stop I paid him, grabbed my bag, and ran out to meet my brother half way. The smile that was on his face could only be described as a child going into the candy store for his first time and wanting everything in the store. When I finally reached my brother though he had his arms out stretched and ready to catch me when I finally ran into his arms.
"Charles, I missed you so much!" I mumbled into his sweater vest
"As have I missed you, come on I have some friends that I want you to meet" he said with that smile still on his face as he grabs my hand and started dragging me to the front entrance of the FBI building.
"Did you finally start building that team of mutants that you were always dreaming about?" I asked excitedly
"Can't I ever just have one thing to surprise you with?"He sights disappointedly
"The people that are on this team?" I hinted nudging him playfully
As we neared the door he suddenly turned to face me, still with that huge smile plastered on his face and said "I'm sure that you will enjoy being with this group" and squeezing my hand in excitement he opened the door then quickly threw his free hand over my eyes so that I couldn't see until I was further into the room. But before he even got the chance to uncover my eyes someone else was already there throwing their arms around my neck so tightly that I was already starting to lose what little air I had in my lungs from their excitement.
"Finally! The sister of all sisters has finally arrived! Shouts Raven excitedly as she was spinning me around in a half circle.
I tried to smile at Raven's excitement to see me but I was barely able to breathe at this point so i just tried as hard as I could manage to, to say her name. Lucky for me though she caught on quickly to my few words and let go of her hold on me so that I could talk to her.
"Whew" I said taking a deep breath "it's good to see you too raven" I said hugging her again
"Charles can I do the introductions ppppllllleeeeaaaasssseeeee," she said whining
"I guess so" he heaved
"So Vi", she said leading me to the centre of the room," this is Darwin, she said pointing to each person, his power is to adapt to anything to be able to survive, Sean or Banshee, she said pointing to a pale ginger hair boy, his power is a loud solar scream, Angel, she said pointing to a beautiful girl with long black hair, she is able to fly with wings on her back, Hank, and he is able to hang upside down by his feet, and finally this is Alex, she said pointing to a boy with blond wavy hair and baby blue eyes( eyes that you were hoping that you would never have to look at again). And he has the power of fire rings coming from his chest."
"Hello everyone, Alex" I said cheerfully to everyone, well other than Alex
Everyone said their hello; all that Alex said was "Violet" without looking up at me.
"You two already know each other?" asks Charles
"Unfortunately" I sigh
"Violet this is our last new member, his name is Erik or Magneto" says Charles happily as he points to a man in black clothing.
"It's nice to meet you" I smiled
"Pleasure" was all he said before disappearing again
"Anyways, Erik and I are going to a conference so I don't want to come back to how things were last night, understand?" asks Charles
Choruses of sure's, yes', and got it left everyone's mouths before the pair of men left the room. For the rest of the day the group mainly left to do their own thing but Raven and Angel decided to follow me into my new room to keep me company and chat while i was unpacking my belongings and putting them into the proper drawers.
"So what's up with you and Alex?" asked Angel
"Nothing, we use to be friends but that was when we were kids," I replied flopping down onto the bed and hoping that they would drop the subject.
"Come on Vi, we both know that there's more to it that that" says Raven trying to push my buttons.
"There is but im not sure how much that Mr. Pushover would want me to be telling you" I said, and before either of them could say anything else i gave them the death glare.
When the three of us were done gossiping we went back into the main room to join the boys in whatever it was that they were doing. Alex and Darwin were playing with the pinball machine, Sean was lying down on the couch sleeping, and Hank was sitting in one of the chairs chugging down his bottle of pop, so the girls and I went over and Raven sat down beside Hank, Angel sat on the couch opposite of Sean, and with me being me I decided to plop down on Sean's legs which woke him up instantly.
"Was that really necessary?" he asks while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and sitting up to give me room.
"No I just wanted to sit with you" I smiled innocently
"Didn't know that the circus was in town boys," shouts one of the agents "why don't you give us a little something" he says motioning towards Angel.
Angrily Raven got up and shut the curtains so that we wouldn't be able to see the agents.
"Just ignore them. They're just being stupid" she says
"Guys being stupid I can handle, ive handled it all my life, i would rather them look at me with my clothes off then the way that they are looking at me now" she sighs
"At us" whispers Raven sadly
The group of friends were all quiet for a few minutes until they heard something coming from outside. The boys stopped what they were doing when the sound came again. Slowly everyone got up and im not sure what compelled me to do it but I went towards the window and opened the blinds and that's when I realized what was going on. I was the first one to scream in horror as everyone slowly started to realize that it was bodies that were lying lifeless on the ground. Sean quietly came over to stand infront of me and pushed me backwards to where the rest of the group was standing close together.
More agents started realizing what was happening so they came in larger groups and were standing infront of all the windows and doors. We saw a man who looked like the actual devil appear on the grass and we started shouting at the agents to turn around and shoot him. But when they began to shoot at him he disappeared again then reappeared infront of the agents and started killing more of them. When we heard the gunshots we all ran and hid behind one of the couches. Alex and I were the last ones behind the couch so Darwin switched places with us so that he was that last one and could use his power to protect us.
I never realized how scared that i truly was until Darwin shouted that he had had enough or hiding and ran to the closest door to try and persuade the agents that we could help. Of course the rest of us followed to help try and convince the agents even though we all knew that there was nothing that any of us could do. As one of the agents infront us got executed we all ran back into the middle of the lounge and stayed as close together as we could.
Darwin and Sean stayed by Angel and Raven, while Hank was with Raven and beside me and Alex. As the devil guy came walking in with another man with a white suit and a funky looking helmet i started getting more scared out of what was going to happen to us. Out of instinct I reached out for Alex's hand, and to my surprise he gratefully took it and lightly pushed me further behind him so that there might be some chance that they wouldn't have seen me. Unfortunately no such luck as they had noticed my absence.
"Where is that beautiful girl with the multi color hair and gorgeous smile? Asked the man with the funky helmet.
At the description of my appearance Alex stiffened and started squeezing my hand even harder than he was before if that was even possible, and with my free hand I grabbed onto a fist full of his shirt and dug my head in between his shoulder blades wishing that I could disappear and not be seen by anyone.
"I don't know what you talking about" said Alex grumpily
"Here she is" said the devil guy as he disappeared, appeared behind me and grabbed my torso, and reappeared infront of everyone else again.
"How beautiful" said Shaw putting one of his hand underneath my chin looking into my eyes "But why are you wasting your time with them when you could live like a queen with me?" he sighs
"Because I already live like a queen" I stated and spit into Shaw's eyes
His hand was across my face in a matter of moments then gone again, "pity" he says while removing the spit from the eyes. While Shaw was moving away the devil guy put his hand at the top of my head and started yanking on my hair so hard that I had to bite my lip to muffle my screams.
When everyone was distracted by Shaw's little speech I looked over at the tap in the kitchen and my eyes started dimly glowing as the tap started rising and the water started trickling out. I concentrated as hard as I could to transform myself into a puddle of water that I almost lost concentration when I was actually able to do it. Focusing I moved myself in-between Alex's legs and held onto him a bit as I was slowly getting my human form back. Hesitantly Alex reached back and he found out the hard way what I was doing as he found my hand and he felt the water turning into flesh and holding onto his hand tightly.
Everyone was turning to face the window and I didn't know why because I was still transforming, when Alex turned around with everyone else he turned around slowly so that he wouldn't tip me off of what little balance that I had gotten back.
"Angel" whispers Raven sadly as we all move toward the open window
"We don't belong here, none of us do" she said
"Wait im coming too" says Darwin moving towards Angel's outstretched hand
"And what might your power be?" asked Shaw
"I adapt to survive so I guess that im going with you." he says
"Excellent" smiles Shaw
"Alex now!" yells Darwin leaning over Angel to protect her as Alex starts firing shots toward Shaw with a smug look on his face.
Unfortunately the smile gets swept off of his face because when the dust clears we all witness Shaw absorbing Alex's power and shoving his fist down Darwin's throat and saying "adapt to this" before disappearing with Angel.
I watched as Alex tried to go over and help Darwin but I had to move infront of him and push him back telling him that there was nothing that we could do, and it was a good thing that I pushed him back when I did, because Darwin gave up the fight knowing that there was no way that he would be able to adapt to Alex's power inside of him. The next thing that I know pieces of our friend were flying everywhere as Darwin exploded into thousands of little pieces.
"No!" screamed Alex
"He's gone Alex!" I said sadly losing my grip on his chest
He pushed me away from him and went over to where Darwin was last standing, I went over to him to try and comfort him but all he did was push me away again. So I waited and once Alex sunk to the ground sitting on his knees I decided to go over to him once again, and this time when he pushed me he pushed me into his chest, put his face in the crook of my neck and we both started crying over the loss of our friend.
Even though everyone wanted to be by themselves and go into their own bedrooms, we all decided that it would be a better idea if we all stayed together, so Sean went to get the blankets from any room that he could and pulled the chairs together and claimed them as his bed for the night. Hank and Raven snuggled together on one of the couches and Alex had taken the other couch for himself, and I was content with sleeping on the floor until Alex sat next to me.
"It's to cold out to be sleeping without a blanket, the couch is alot comfier, and I have the last blanket so we might as well share it" he said quietly
"Fine" I was to tired to argue with him so I just sat on the couch beside him and tried to fall asleep.

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