What Happens when you mix Knowledge and Innonence?

Blinking at the fire’s sudden bright ferocity I never would have guessed that I would be thrown into this type of situation. The simplicity of attempting to introduce a beloved cartoon to your friends then being thrown into their world, where once upon a time you had also been with the characters yourself yet not even realising it.


2. My partner? Is this some kind of a joke?

~~ Images flashed in front of me like a movie that had no sound put into it and I was deaf from life’s beautiful voice. I could see my friends and I enjoying ourselves during lunch at school, we were walking around and dancing wanting to enjoy ourselves as much as possibly before we were forced to face the wretched exams that all students are forced to take in their high school years.
 My eyes shot open as the feeling of claw’s on my back scare the shit out of me and wake me out of my dream state, with the adrenaline still in my system I wipe the tears out of my eyes and looked around me wildly to try and see if I could find who ever or whatever was scratching at my back. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see anyone that was even slightly awake so I sighed and was about to go back to sleep when I heard a snapping twig. I stayed silent not really knowing what to do until Izzy crawled his way out of the forest.
 Looking towards me he smiled when he realized that I was awake and once he got back on he feet he motioned for me to go towards him, so I do. I slowly and carefully made my way over to the red headed boy and tried my hardest not to walk on any body’s bodies, once I got close enough to him to be within reach he grabbed my hand and basically started dragging me through the forest and away from his group of friends.
 “Izzy what are you doing? Where are you taking me?” I asked repeatedly trying to get some type of an answer out of him to unfortunately to no avail.
 We continued to walk in silence with me being dragged behind him for what felt like a very long time until him and Tentomon decided that it was time for a break. As soon as he let go of my wrist I plopped down on the damp ground, not worrying about my clothes and heaved in a long, deep breath in and out. “Here’s some water.” He mumbled sitting down on a rock across from me and passing me a large bottle of water.
 “Thanks.” I breathed and greedily snatched the bottle away from him with both hands and gulping down all the water that I could fit into my mouth at one time. “Where are you taking me?” I asked after catching my breath a few minutes later.
 He didn’t answer right away and instead took another gulp from his bottle of water before answering me. “We’re heading to Primary Village. It’s where all digimon start out as eggs and once they’ve matured enough they wander through the forest on their own.”
 “Why are we going there?” I asked.
 “You know how Tentomon follows me everywhere that I go?”
 “Well he’s my partner, so if anything decides that it wants to try and attack us then Tentomon will defend us.” He explained.
 “And that has to do with Primary Village how exactly?”
 “Because I’m not always going to be there to protect you as much as I would like to be, so we need to find your partner before we attempt to find any of your friends.”
 “Do you remember anything about my partner?” I whispered faintly, twirling the bottle around in my hands absentmindedly.
 “His name was Bearmon and when we were little you would always call him your own personal huggable, loveable, teddy bear. “ He smiled chuckling at the thought. I couldn’t help but smile that seemed just about right to me.
 We started walking again and as normal it was pretty quiet between the two of us with the main thing being heard was the sounds of our laboured breathing from having to treck so far and not being used to it. He put his arm out in front of me to stop me from walking any further, we were at the edge of the forest and Tentomon flew in front of us and left our line of vision to scout the new area for threats. As soon as we saw the flying lady bug again Izzy and I both let out the air that I don’t think either of us had realized that we had been holding.
 As we stumbled along on our way out Izzy and I held onto one another for support on the rough terrain, he refused to let go of my hand after that, not that I minded of course……OK, fine. I thought that it was a little weird, but oh well. I want to try and complain as little as absolutely possible while being with him.
 I believe that it took us the rest of the day to get to where we are now, Primary Village is just within seeing distance, Izzy had told me that what we were able to see now were the giant block towers that they had around the perimeter of the village and that we were still a fair ways away from it. There was a beautiful view in every direction around me, the sunset glow was casting many shadows with everything that the fading light was still touching.
 “I don’t like this Izzy.” Tentomon kept on repeating to his friend trying to get the boys attention.
 “We don’t have a choice Tentomon. And trust me I wouldn’t have set up here if there was any other possibility. “Izzy said reassuring his partner.
 “Well I think that this spot is beautiful.” I yelled back to them.
 Both boys sighed in agitation.
 When the boys finally had the fire going the sun had disappeared for the night and I was starting to get a little chilly, the fire was nice, warm, and cozy. Tentomon had gone fishing earlier and that thankfully cleaned whatever fish that he had caught when I wasn’t with them. I was picking at my food and didn’t eat very much of it just because of the fact that I knew where it came from and was feeling horrible about having to kill it, then felt even worse when I wasn’t even eating it.
 My mind must have been more distracted that what I had originally thought that it was because it took me a moment to wonder why I couldn’t see the fire anymore or feel it’s warmth anymore, and that’s when he shocked me. Literally.
 “Tentomon!” Shrieked Izzy. “Why did you do that to her?”
 “Because she’s been ignoring us while we were discussing some very important information that has to do with finding her partner.” He stated angrily.
 “I’m sorry.” I whispered gently, hoping that my quietness might help him realize that I truly am apologetic.
 “That doesn’t matter. The digital world is a dangerous place for everyone at night time and me must stay on high alert.”
 “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” I mumbled again.
 “Tentomon, what has gotten into you?” Asked Izzy glaring at his partner in disbelief.
 “I don’t want you here during the night time because of how dangerous that it is here, and I can’t stress that fact enough because I’m defending two of you and I’m not able to digivolve if we get into any trouble.”
 “Then don’t let me be a burden.” I stood up and dusted off my hands before turning my back on the boys and continuing on my way towards Primary Village.
 “Whitney, wait.” Called Izzy. I continued on my way and ignored him every time that he called after me. It was at least ten minutes of brisk walking before he finally caught up to me and wrapped his fingers around my arm to try and make me stop. “Whitney. Stop.” He demanded jerking my arm back towards him.
 I stopped and waited for him to continue, not trusting myself to say anything. “I’m sorry about Tentomon, he’s just placing himself under a lot of stress because of not being able to digivolce and he’s scared that he won’t be able to protect us.” He said moving so that he was standing in front of me yet never letting go of my arm.
 “I never asked for either of you to help me Izzy.” I seethed. “If it’s anyone’s fault it’s yours.”
 “How is this my fault?” He asked.
 “Because you’re the one who chose to come with me, you never bothered to see if that’s what Tentomon wanted to do. You were so wrapped up in the illusion that I was back that you never thought of anyone else. “With every new fact that I was blaming him with I poked his chest making him take a new step back each time, and looking at his face he was completely speechless so I continued before I lost my nerve.  “You were so excited that I was back that you failed to realize that I’m not the same girl that you used to know, I’ve changed, I’ve grown up. Because of your stupidity you put your life and the life of your partner’s in danger for absolutely no reason at all!”
 “Your right.” He whispered lowering his head in shame. “I guess that I was just so excited to see you again after all these years and hoping that we would go back to the way that we were and never stopped to think about if you even wanted to. That the one person that I have ever loved, and who loved me back was finally back by my side that all of my common sense just left me.”
 “Do you know how hard it is to get attention from the opposite gender when two of your best friends are two of the hottest guys in school? How all of your friends have had multiple boyfriends and girlfriends to love, while the only person in the world who has your heart you have no way of contacting them?  That she doesn’t even realize that she has your heart because you never had the courage to tell her your feelings before you were separated?”
 “Then one day they just show back up in your life and have it feel like they were always there and never leaving your side, and yet they don’t even remember you?”
 This time it was me who was left speechless, and he must have been waiting for that to happen because he dropped his hands from my arms and intertwined them with my fingers instead. I tried to pry myself away from him because of the immense guilt that was building itself inside of me because of every wrong decision that I was making that the things that I was saying.
 “I’m tired of doing things for everyone else and leaving nothing for myself. For once I’m doing this for myself, because I want to do it. And yes I know that I didn’t give Tentomon a choice in the matter of protecting us but I know deep down he wouldn’t want this any other way, and I know for a fact that he has missed you and Bearmon both just as much as I have.”
 I didn’t know what to say in retaliation to that either so we just ended up standing in silence and I could feel the intensity of his gaze on me, trying to read my expressions and not once did it ever waver. Not even when his partner approached us. “Tentomon, I want you to apologize to her.” Izzy demanded his eyes never leaving mine.
 “Why should i?” He asked.
 “Because we both know that she is just as important to me as you are, and you have been very disrespectful to her lately and I don’t like it.”
  Tentomon and I watched the other’s movements trying to read the other’s expression at him being told to apologize to me, but with a huff we both had failed and even though I didn’t have to apologize I did anyway to the bug digimon. “I’m sorry for any inconvenience or trouble that I have caused or will end up causing to you in the future.”
 I think that I shocked him with apologizing to him when I didn’t have to but he quickly pulled himself back together and said forcefully. “I am also sorry for any of your involvement.”
 Izzy glared at his partner angrily but before he got the chance to say anything I smiled and replied. “Apology accepted.” Tentomon then flew back towards our camp and Izzy looked at me either in confusion of irritation but dropped It. “Let’s go back, I’m starting to get a little tired.” So we headed back and our dinner for the night consisted of digital world berries then made ourselves comfortable for bed.
Everything around me was an eerie blackness and I crawled off of my protective couch and began walking to the back of my home because my brother was taking such a long time trying to find the flash light and I whispered his name because I was too frightened to say it any louder. “Vincent?” And then I saw a ray of light being shot down from the sky, every instinct in my body was telling me to run and hide so that’s what I did. I ran back to the safety of my couch and forced myself to crawl underneath it hoping that the couch will help to keep me safe from the scary white light. The adrenaline was starting to leave my system from my quick sprint from my kitchen to my living room and I was quickly becoming tired with my eye lids starting to close against my will when I suddenly head a loud, awful, screeching noise.
My protective couch was being torn off of its hinges from against the wall and was gone as if it had vanished into thin air, everything around me was a bright light, it was that scary white light that I saw shooting down from the sky and had run from earlier. It found me. So I screamed and yelled and screamed at the top of my lungs for every member of my family for them to come and save me, but no one did.
Then the vision changed and I was on my hands and knees and crawling through a very small, narrow, tunnel. Something very powerful was pulling me further and further into the darkness and I needed to find out what it was soon and figure out why it is leading me here. Finally the tunnel opened up into a large cave and in the middle of it was a beautiful white egg, just sitting there. And from what I could see the egg held the design of a leaf floating in the air above a puddle, I stood up dusting off my knees but before I could get any closer to the egg the same force that lead me down here was dragging me away again until I was left in complete darkness.
 My eyes shot open and I felt something cold and wet on my face so I furiously swiped at my face trying to wipe it off, and I cuddled further into Izzy’s chest attempting to catch my breath and thinking about my weird dreams. What could it possibly mean? Does ‘Bearmon’ sense that I’m back? And is he or she trying to reach me through my dreams?
 As soon as I started thinking about ‘Bearmon’ my heart hitched in my chest. That had to be it! From what Izzy has told me, ‘Bearmon’ and I had always had the strongest relationship with one another than any of the other digidestineds did with their partners. It took some time but I was finally able to sneak my way out of Izzy’s arms and out of sight before Tentomon had spotted me and began my journey walking wherever my feet decided to lead me.
 I’m not sure how long I’ve been walking around blindly in this stupid forest but when I stopped to take a breather I heard some rustling of the bushes around me and I was instantly back on guard, Right in front of me not even ten feet away I saw a pair of weird pink eyes watching my every move.  So I took a deep breath and pretended to act cool and walk away from it as if I never even saw it and when I was walking a walked as fast as I possibly could away from the creepy eyes.
 I glanced over my shoulder when I was a good ways away from where I saw the scary pink eyes but I still saw them following me! I know when you’re scared you’re not supposed to run, but I didn’t care at the moment and as freaked out as I was I booked it and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. Looking around my surroundings I spotted a care not to far off so that’s where I changed my direction to and hid behind a big enough rock that could hide me.
 Once my heart had calmed down enough my thoughts began echoing that this was a stupid decision and that I should have kept running, but I was starting to get desperate and began to punch the rock wall behind me. The rock began to give way and I almost shrieked in a mix of delight and horror at my new found discovery
 I peeked past the rock and saw the shadow of a creature heading my way so I went back and punched and kicked the wall repeatedly until there was a big enough hole that I could crawl through, and that’s what I did. I bent down on my hands and knees and began crawling, I’m not sure how I noticed it with how dim the light was all around me but I saw that I had reached three pathways so I went on instinct and continued to go straight. But apparently that was the wrong way to go because suddenly it felt as if someone was pushing me backwards very forcefully so back to the three holes slowly I went.
 The force never left me when I got back and instead it picked me up so that I could go to the one on the right but it was also a harder spot to get too. My mind flashed back to my dream where I had the vision of that egg and once again my heart begins hammering against my chest again but the weird pulling thing suddenly disappears. I must be getting close! And as fast as I can make myself go in my current situation I crawled/ran until I reach the middle of this stupid cave. The walls begin to widen and heighten all around me and I breathe a sigh of relief, slowly I start standing up and looked around my new surroundings. But I almost wish that I didn’t. Because I’m here. In a dark scary cave. And looking at this strange white egg. Who just so happens to be my ‘partner’. O.M.F.G.
 As I’m looking at this egg/my partner I guess that I wanted to get a closer look my feet decide to slip out from underneath me and I’m rolling down a bumpy hill. When I hit the ground I moaned out in pain and laid there with my arms wrapped around my head. I really, really, really, wanted to sleep but I felt the scratching at my back once more and this time I allowed myself to scream bloody murder. My hand was over my mouth and I was spinning in circles trying to see who had attacked me but there was nothing out of the ordinary….Well other than me and this white egg. I sighed in confusion and ran my hands through my hair in frustration while making my way over to the egg and sitting down crossed leg in front of it.
 “Hey Bearmon.” I whispered. “It’s me…..Your partner.” Tears were stinging my eyes and I couldn’t help but let them fall, I forced myself to laugh and continued on with whatever words decided that they were going to come out. “This is so stupid! Not you Bearmon, I just mean the fact that I’m talking to an egg. In a universe that I don’t even belong in.”
 “Your right.” Said a strange voice. I jumped to my feet once more and a weird creature that looked to be a leopard walked closer to me. “You don’t belong here.” She said.
 “Who are you?” I asked.
 “It doesn’t matter because you’re not going to be around long enough to remember it.” She smiled. I gulped nervously and was going to say something smart but when I looked at her eyes my breath escaped me, those are the pink eyes of the creature that had been following me. “Good, so you do recognize me.”
 “What do you want?” I asked.
 “Nothing that you can help me with.” She yawned laying down and licking her palm boredly.
 “Then why are you here.”
 “You stupid humans and your stupid questions.” She sighed and glared at me. “My name is Lepordamon and I need to destroy the child of Innocence, which obviously isn’t you because you’re just a pathetic human and it’s been such a long time since I’ve had a nice snack.”
 My eyes grew wide in shock but before she had a chance to advance on me there was a blinding white light and she was able to come back to her senses before I did and before I had time to think I saw her shadow my body and she ran and jumped into the air above my head. The two of us fell to the ground and I was holding her up and away from my chest, she kept on stretching down in an attempt to take a bite out of my head.
 Before my arms fell back to my sides in defeat there was suddenly a red and orange blur that ran and tackled Leporadamon to the ground. “Not. My. Partner.” He growled smacking himself against her on the ground until she could no longer get up.
 “Bearmon?” I whispered. He turned around and hopped his way over to me happily.
 “Whitney! It’s been so long since you’ve last been able to visit. Way too long in my opinion. Oh my, look at how you have grown.” He continued chatting happily more to himself than to me.
 “You’re not Bearmon…” I mumbled.
 “Not yet. Right now I am Tsunomon, but as soon as I am able to digivolve I will be back to being Bearmon again.” He smiled and laughed.
 “Tsunomon watch out!” I yelled out.
 Leporadomon had gotten up and was making her way towards Tsunomon in only the way that predators do, but luckily I had warned him in enough time that he could get somewhat ready to attack back in retaliation.  He did a front flip sort of, and was almost able to miss his attacker in the air but she kicked him with her back paws. I didn’t know what to do. I watched and dug my fingers in anticipation to see if he had enough energy to sit up and keep going, but he never got back up.
 Leporadomon circled him, taunting him in an attempt to make him keep fighting. AH!!! This is killing me!!! I know that I need to help him, I just don’t know how too. I took a deep breath to help calm myself down and sure as shit that’s when I get the idea. As quietly as I could I walked around the cave and found any rocks that I could and as stupid as this is going to sound I threw the rocks at her. With my shitty aim I never got any good throws in until I threw a rather sharp one at her paw. She howled in pure agony before turning her glare towards me. “You will regret doing that you stupid human.” She seethed.
 “Are you sure about that?” I taunted.
 “I’ll personally make sure of it.” And with that she charges towards me, I continually ran around in circles hoping that I could distract her long enough to be able to think of a better plan. But as usual luck was not on my side. “I’m getting tired of this.” She yells angrily. She lunges for me but I was just able to get out of her way in time to keep my feet. I made my way back to her and plopped down on her stomach like she was my comfy couch back home. She screamed in pain and reached out for my wrist, there was another bright light that distracted me and in the last place that I saw Tsunomon there was now a small brown bear with a bandana over his head.
 “Not. My. Partner.” He yelled angrily again as he ran making his way towards us. As I backed away from the two digimon memories started clouding my vision.
Bearmon was making fun of Matt and he danced his way over to the cliff still mocking the boy and he ended up losing his footing and fell, me being me I completely lost it and flung myself over the edge of the cliff to catch him. Not even bothering to remember that I had no clue on how to swim, and when I caught him that was the first time that we actually connected at we clung to one another for dear life.
The two of us were laughing at Gommamon because the two digimon had made a deal with one another on who could catch the most fish and to make it an equal battle Gommamon wasn’t allowed to talk to the fish. He wasn’t able to catch any, and then Bearmon was giving it a go but he didn’t really even try to catch any so that he wouldn’t make his friend feel bad and instead he just made a show of it. Gommamon had caught on and told Bearmon to really try or he might as well just eat his own taunting words so he put one of his paws in his mouth and started chewing on it until he decided to mumble that his paw didn’t taste as good as he thought that it would have.
We were alone with one another and just talking about all of the memories that we had with one another weather it was a good memory or bad one because we didn’t want to say good bye to one another just yet. So instead we went in search of Izzy and Tentomon and when we found them Bearmon told Izzy that he wanted to ‘talk’ to him privately. Tentomon and I followed the other two and Bearmon was mainly threatening the poor boy that if he ever did anything to harm me or break my heart than there was going to be major consequences.
 “Whitney? Hello is anyone there?” He asked tapping my thigh repeatedly as if he was knocking on a door.
 “Bearmon?” I asked.
 “Duh, who else did you think that it would be?” He made it sound like it was the simplest answer in the world.
 “Is that supposed to be a trick question?”
 “Obviously!” He shouted. “Now let’s get out of here.” He smiled and began walking back the way that I had come from.
 When we came out the sun was high in the sky so I assumed that it was at least midday here in the digital world. “Boy, I’ve missed being able to relax in the sun! Remember that day that Tentomon and I were arguing just as bad as what Matt and Tai would have? Man we insulted each other pretty badly, I still feel bad for wishing that we had traded partners.” He said casually and conversationally while walking next to me.
 I stopped in my tracks in shock. “You did what?” I exclaimed.
 He continued walking not even realizing that I had stopped. “What? You don’t remember that?” He called back to me.
 I was still glued to my spot and I could feel the beginning of tears stinging my eyes, when I looked up he was looking at me shocked and concernedly. “What’s wrong Whintey?” He asked. “Was it something that I said?” He sounded genuinely curious, but I didn’t care. I turned around and walked away from my so called ‘partner.’ “Whitney wait up!” He shouted. I couldn’t be around him right now so I started running wanting nothing more than to be as far away from him as I possibly could be.
 “Whitney, please stop and talk to me.” He said pleadingly. Once again I didn’t answer him but I head him when he began talking again. “I’m sorry to have to do this but you’re giving me no other choice.” And with that he tacked my legs and my knees buckled from underneath me and I fell to the forest floor crying my eyes out. “Please talk to me.” He whispered laying down in front of me.
 “I don’t remember anything and I wished that you never told me that.” I sobbed. He must have been shocked because he didn’t reply with any of his smart ass remarks.
“You really don’t remember me do you?” He whispered. I continued sobbing and that must have been answer enough for him because he stayed beside me and whispered an apology over and over again.
 We stayed in silence and once I had calmed down enough I was able to get back on my feet and we walked in silence for what felt like hours. “Stop.” Bearmon commanded and for once I listened to him.
 “Are you sure that she went this way?” Asked a muffled voice.
 “I don’t know she left in the middle of the night.” Sighed another voice that sounded strangely like Izzy’s.
 “Izzy?” I asked.
 “Wait, I thought that I heard something.” He said again.
 “Izzy!” I screamed in excitement and ran towards where I heard his voice.
 “Whitney!” He seemed to have the same thoughts as I did.
 We must not have been as far away from the others as it sounded because I suddenly found myself wrapping my arms around the shoulders of a red haired boy. “I’m so glad that we found you, we were worried sick.” He said holding onto me tighter.
 “I’m sorry.” I whispered digging my head further into his shoulder.
 “Bearmon, its good you see you again.” Said Tentomon flying over to my ‘partner.’
 “Yea you too Tentomon, Izzy.” He mumbled politely.
 “What’s wrong? It looks like you’ve been crying recently.” He asked wiping a stray tear away.
 “Blame him.” I said heatedly towards Bearmon.
 “Why what happened?”
 “Let’s just say that I found out the hard way that she has no clue who I am anymore.” He said sadly.
 “We can talk about that later, right now we have to go somewhere safe and talk there.” Izzy instructed the lot of us.
 We all walked to wherever it is that they were taking us, the digimon stayed behind us and chatted with one another and I stayed right next to Izzy intertwining my fingers with his in an attempt to try and find some comfort. He pulled me closer and held onto me knowing exactly what I needed and how to give it to me, so I gave him a small peck on the cheek as a thank you and smiled when he blushed furiously.

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