What Happens when you mix Knowledge and Innonence?

Blinking at the fire’s sudden bright ferocity I never would have guessed that I would be thrown into this type of situation. The simplicity of attempting to introduce a beloved cartoon to your friends then being thrown into their world, where once upon a time you had also been with the characters yourself yet not even realising it.


3. Dreams and Friendship

~~ My body felt cold so I flipped myself around until I could feel somewhat warm again but was stopped when someone had gently placed their fingers on the small of my back, I opened my eyes to see that I was cuddling very tightly into Izzy’s back and had my arm wrapped around his waist. I went to move my arm so that I could sit up but Izzy moved his hand so that it was on top of mine stopping any movement that I could have made.
 “You just have to watch what you say and give her some time to get to know you again Bearmon.” Izzy continued to whisper as if I was still sleeping.
 “That’s easy for you to say because she’s attached to you by the hip again already.” He muttered darkly.
 “That’s not true!” He stated. “We’ve already had a couple of arguments about this. I think that you just hurt her feelings when you were talking about the past, she already feels bad enough for not being able to remember anyone or anything that happened to us.”
 “The way that she sacrificed herself for me when we were being attacked I just assumed…”
 “I have a hypothesis that if she continues to be put into the same situations that we have been in before her boy will know how to react to it. Her body and heart remember being here but it’s like her brain had been wiped clean.”
 “But what can be powerful enough to do that?” Asked Tentomon.
 “The same thing that’s powerful enough to turn a digimon partner into a killer.” Said Bearmon.
 “What are you talking about? That’s impossible.” Scoffed Izzy.
 “The digimon that attacked Whitney, her name is Lepordamon and if what you say is true, that her friends are more digidestineds than it was one of her friend’s partners who had attacked us. I only recognized it because Whitney doesn’t have a digivice for me to digivolve from; ours has always been linked by our love and trust from one another. But now I have a necklace that has our symbol around my neck.” Peeking over Izzy’s shoulder I could see it now, it was a simple silver chain with a green leaf charm that was clinking with the armor that was already on his body. “The main thing that we have to do now if to figure out which of her friends is Lepordamon’s partner.”
 I decided to make my presence known to my companion’s. “I was lead to you in a dream.” I said to Bearmon.
 “Describe it to me.” He said. He must have really felt bad because he refused to look at me but looked at Tentomon instead for support. I told him everything about my dream and they all waited patiently for me to finish before they started asking any questions. “I was the one who lead you there, whenever I was dreaming it would always be about the next time we saw one another and you would always tell me that I lead you to where I was.” He smiled sadly.
 “Maybe that’s where we need to look though, in caves or deep in the earth.” I suggested sitting up.
 “There are too many caves to search and not enough time.” Declined Tentomon.
 “But if we start heading in the direction of the closest cave and I get another dream like I did with Bearmon….”
 “That’s still wasting too much time doing nothing!” Argues Tentomon.
 “Well do you have any better suggestions?”
 “Yes actually.” He said pigheadedly. “I say that we continue on with our previous plans of going to Primary Village.”
 “Izzy?” I asked gently placing my head down on his outstretched arm that was till resting on my hand.
 “What do you think that we should do?” I repeated.
 “Well…” He was silent for a couple of minutes. Knowing him he was probably analyzing our situation from every possible angle. “I agree with both of you.” Tentomon sighed and began muttering under his breath. “It would make logical sense to continue on to Primary Village because we are not very far from it. Then if we don’t find anything there than we can head to the mountains and continue our search there.”
 “Bearmon?” I asked wanting to know what he would like to do.
 “I agree with Izzy.”
 “Then what are we waiting for?” I asked.
 The walk to Primary Village was pretty intense between the four of us. Tentomon still obviously hates me because of Izzy giving me 95% of his attention instead of giving that attention to his partner, and Bearmon is still scarily silent because from what I believe he’s still trying to think of what would ok to be able to talk with me about and what might upset me further. Once we got to Primary Villlage though my mouth dropped in awe, there were big toy blocks that were stacked high up into the sky, and when I say big I mean BIG! They were practically same size and height of the statue of Liberty.
 “Something’s not right.”
 “What do you mean? Everything looks amazing!” I whispered still in awe of the place.
 “There was always two digimon protecting the digital eggs that had yet to hatch but many things have changed since you both have last been here, there is no more Primary Village that you remember from the past. Now it’s just a ghost town of everything that it once was.” Answered Bearmon sadly.
 “Let’s walk around and inspect things a bit more to see if it will be a safe place to rest for the night.”
 “I’ll go with Bearmon.” I volunteered.
 Izzy agreed and he walked away with Tentomon flying behind him so Bearmon and I walked in the opposite direction. We were pretty silent for the beginning of our rounds, but I didn’t care. I know that Bearmon is struggling with having to tread carefully around me but I wanted to show him that even though I don’t remember him it doesn’t mean that we can’t work it out and start everything from scratch. I was looking around at our surroundings feeling so overwhelmed and excited at the same time, thankfully I never had to ask any questions because Bearmon chuckled at my reaction to everything and acted as my tour guide and explained everything about the village. Soon enough we met back up with Izzy and Tentomon and told each other about our findings. We concluded that other than us there was not another soul in the village and that it was as safe a place to set up camp as any.
 This time when I felt the scratching at my back it felt like it was burning an impression into my skin it was that painful. I absentmindedly rubbed my back sitting up and I glanced over to where I felt a pair of eyes watching me, Bearmon had a mix of a curious glance as to why I was up and worried because he noticed that I was rubbing my back. So I stood up and moved closer to his so that when I spoke to him I could whisper instead of walking the other two by speaking normally.
 “Every time that I’ve woken up in this world it’s always been to the feeling of someone or something scratching at my back, but this time it felt like the scratch marks were being burned into my skin.” I whispered his unasked question.
 He sighed. “On our last adventure when we all thought that we had lost you to the darkness, something inside of me it was what you would have called a gut feeling  for me to scratch your back to claim you as my partner and that you and I belonged together, that the darkness would never own you. Matt and Tai were absolutely furious with me and refused to leave us alone together for the longest time. But that at the time was the only way that I could claim you because unlike the others we never got a digivice to help me digivolve.
 “Whenever I did evolve though it would always use up so much of your energy that the other’s always had to be around to hold onto you so that nothing happened while we were fighting, the digivice’s helped the others to control how much of their energy the digivolving used but because we never got one we were never able to control how much of your energy came into my evolution. The reason that you’re feeling the scratches now is because your body recognizes me and our connection to one another.” He said.
 “What darkness were you referring to when everyone thought that they lost me?” I murmured.
 “The darkness is something that can take on any form, for you it came in the form of loathing. We were walking through the forest by ourselves when you surprised me by sitting down on a rock and began crying to yourself and saying all these things that you thought of yourself to be. I broke down when I thought that I had lost you for good and that was the first time that I ever remember crying and screaming in rage for you, everyone came running to us and it took everyone humans and digimon alike to break you out of it because it had that hard of a hold on you.” He continued sadly.
 I didn’t know what to say in response so I tucked my knees in closer to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs, we both stayed silent and I tried as hard as I could to digest everything that he had told me but there was still one thing that was puzzling me. “If we were so close to one another and had as strong of a connection that your trying to get me to believe that we had with one another than how come I never felt the same way with you that I did for Izzy and Tk at my first glance with them?” I asked.
 “Because your relationship with TK was mainly sibling adoration because we all thought that he was cute, youngest of the group, more vulnerable, and more unaware about certain things because of his age. With Izzy, your relationship was more about the emotional connection and romantic feelings for one another. With me being your partner digimon our relationship is based on trust and since our personalities are different they are also very much the same, so whatever happened when you left the digiworld it only stopped you from remembering our similarities. But as to what made you like this I have no idea but I promise you that I will find out who did this and why they did it and I will make them pay dearly for doing this to you.” The anger and sadness in his voice was more than evident.
 I felt the small pull of my lips going up in a sad smile, I just mumbled my thanks to him and we fell into another silence but this time it was a much more comfortable one to sit in. “Hey Bearmon…” Then there was a faint voice.
 “Yea?” He said and for the first time today he was actually looking at me while I was speaking to him.
 “Listen.” I whispered.
 The voice was very faint but it sounded like the person was singing in a different language, the voice was absolutely beautiful but haunting at the same time. The weird thing was that it almost sounds like Poppy’s voice, the only other tie that I had heard her singing Hebrew was when we were in Torotnto to go and see the play Rent with my music theatre class. I listened in as closely as I could and sure as shit it was her voice so I got up and ran to the edge of the village as fast as I could.
 Once I reached the end of the village I strained my ears hoping that I would still be able to hear her voice but it was already dying with the wind and I had to force my tears to stay in my head. Bearmon must have been hot on my tail because I never heard him running behind me. “Whitney, what are you doing?” He asked suspiciously.
 “I swear that I hear my friend Poppy singing Hebrew.” I whispered sadly. He looked at me like I was nuts but started having second thoughts as he must be remembering everything that Izzy had told him this morning about my situation.
 “We need to wait until the morning so that we can get Izzy and Tentomon to help us since they’re still both royally ticked that you never told them where you were going when you went out on your own to find me.”
 I gave one last glance back out in the direction where I had heard my twin’s voice coming from and reluctantly followed my partner back to our camp site once more. It took some time but I was quietly able to move myself so that I was back in the safety of Izzy’s arms while Bearmon went back to his spot and continued watching over us while we slept.
I was at the entrance of a cave and unfortunately that was the only thing that I could recognize about my surroundings so I can only assume that it was night time. The four of us had heard the musical voice that I was telling them about and this is where it had lead us too, the invisible force that had lead me to Bearmon was the same force that was now holding us back from finding my friend. If the only thing that has been coming out of this cave is the musical voice of my friend then maybe that’s also the only thing that can get rid of this force field so that we can free her as well? So if I’m right then I’m going to have to sing to get her out, I’ve had stage fright ever since I was 5 years old and I don’t think that any of my other companions are going to try and sing. My hands began shaking and sweating and I looked over to see if Izzy had come up with the same conclusion as I had but him and Tentomon were still trying to analyze the situation, so I took a deep breath and focused all of my energy back on the cave and took a few steps forward and began singing.
You look around
It’s staring back at you
Another wave of doubt
Will it pull you under
You wonder
What if I’m overtaken
What if I never make it
Will you hear my prayer
When you take that first step
Into the unknown
You know that he wont let you go
So what are you waiting for
What do you have to lose
Your insecurities try to alter you
You know you’re made for more
So don’t be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes in you
You can walk on the water too
So get out
And let your fear fall to the ground
No time to waste
Don’t wait
Don’t turn around and miss out
Everything you were made for
I know you’re not sure
So you play it safe
Try to run away
If you take that first step
Into the unknown
He wont let you go
So  what are you waiting for
What do you have to lose
Your insecurities try to alter you
You know you’re made for more
So don’t be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes in you
You can walk on the water too
Step out
Even when a storm hits
Step out
Even when you’re broken
Step out
Even when your heart it telling you, telling you to give up
Step out
When your hope is stolen
Step out
You can’t see where you’re going
You don’t have to be afraid
So what are you waiting for
So what are you waiting for
What do you have to lose
Your insecurities try to alter you
You know you’re made for more
So don’t be afraid to move
Your faith is all
It takes in you
You can walk on the water too
When my voice had finished echoing around in the caves there was a moments silence then the sound of a bubble popping from deep within the cave and suddenly a heavy gust of wind came slamming its way towards us in a violent explosion and had awoken me from my dream state.
 My eyes shot open once more as I stood up and looked around me wildly in confusion, neither Tentomon, Izzy, or Bearmon were anywhere in sight. I started freaking out and still feeling the adrenaline from my dream I walked around in a circle and screamed their names as loud as my voice would allow me to but still no one responded to them. So with the adrenaline still in my system I began running wildly around the entire village at least three times and I never saw the bright orange flames until I was making my way back to camp for my fourth time.
 “Izzy? Tentomon? Bearmon?” I screamed praying that they would be somewhere close by and answer my call. My wish was granted because I heard all three voices before I saw their bodies huddled around the fire for warmth.
 “Whitney, where did you go?” Izzy had gotten up and I ran straight into his arms and held onto him for dear life. “It’s ok, we’re here?” He whispered into my hair while holding onto me tightly.
 “I woke up from a weird dream and when I went to tell you guys no one was around and I had gotten scared that something bad had happened.” I mumbled into his shirt.
 “No we just went to go and get some firewood. Everyone was getting cold and we didn’t want to wake you up.” He explained.
 “What was the dream about?” Asked Bearmon.
 I let go of Izzy but he turned us around so that we were facing our partners, not once ever letting go of me. “I was right about the caves, I tried to pay attention to the surroundings as much as I could. It’s surrounded by a forest and it was extremely dark so I assumed at the time that it was around night time bit it could have just been the trees that were extremely thick and blocking out the sun. There was a force field at the entrance of the cave that wouldn’t allow us to enter it, but I could hear poppy’s singing voice coming through it.”
 “How are we supposed to enter it then?” Asked Tentomon.
 “I believe that I have to sing.” I barely whispered.
 “If you don’t want to sing Whitney, then we can find another way.”
 “It would make most logical sense though.”
 “How so?” Asked Bearmon defensively.
 “Well if you think about it, she said none of us were able to get through. So that means neither human or digimon could enter it, and if the sound of Poppy singing was the only thing that was able to come through to us then that will be the only thing that we can get through to her.”
 “I heard my voice and I was singing into the cave, when I was finished the song and my voice stopped echoing there was a something that sounded like a large bubble was being popped and the force field destroyed itself but before anyone of us could get hurt I woke up.”
 “Tentomon, Bearmon, how many caves are there with that type of description?” Izzy asked beginning his analysis.
 They began talking a bunch of techno terms that I had no idea what they meant so I just waited until they finished and I got them to tell me in dummy language. Everyone stopped talking so I’ll take it that they were done. “Can you guys refrain everything that you just said in dummy language so that I’ll be able to understand what we’re talking about please?”
 “With the description that you gave us we’ve determined that there are only a handful of caves that we are looking for, but there’s a problem.” Izzy said.
 “Is it an easily fixable problem?”
 “What is it?”
 “These caves are a good distance away from one another so it’s going to take a good while to get to each and every one of them.”
 “Oh…” I whispered.
 The four of us stayed quiet, each thinking their own thoughts. Mine mainly consisted of the large amount of guilt that was beginning to consume me because of wanting to keep Izzy with me on my journey to find my friends and looking at Bearmon I felt even worse because I was relying on everyone else instead of who I should be relying on.
 Tentomon was going to be happy with my latest decision and I could also see that it was going to start a giant argument between Izzy and myself. So the only way to avoid all of that was to do it at nighttime but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to wait that long. Bearmon glanced over in my direction as if he felt my distress and we stared at one another as if whatever we wanted to say could be easily seen in our eyes. “Izzy I think that you should leave.” I whispered.
 He looked at me and shook his head from side to side. “We’ve already talked about this Whitney. I’m staying here until we find a way to get you and your friend’s home like I promised you that I would.”
 My hands formed into fists by my sides and I had to force my gaze downwards so that no one could see how much that this was tearing my apart. “I don’t want your help.” I muttered in as strong of a voice as I could muster.
 Izzy dropped his arms from around my waist and walked around me so that he was able to see me. “Whitney, what has gotten into you? I told you why I’m still here, with you.” He went to hold onto my hands but I was able to move myself out of his range before he touched me.
 “Go home Izzy, we don’t need you.” And with that I turned my back to him and walked my own way weather Bearmon was following me or not.
 Bearmon and I had spent most of the day in the forest that was east of Primary Village and had looked through a hand full of caves before I got a prickling sensation. It came as such a shock to me that I ended up stumbling and falling onto the rough forest floor. “Whitney, are you alright?” Bearmon asked bending over to help me back up on my feet.
 “Yea I just need to sit and rest for a minute.” My breathing was still ragged from falling but it wouldn’t take me long to get it back. I looked around me cautiously in case that shocking sensation was from a digimon attempting to attack me.
 When I took a step forward the prickling came back and just like before it physically turned me around so that I was facing the right direction. “Bearmon.” I whispered and began walking in the right direction.
 “Whitney, we already went that way and there was nothing there.”
 “Wanna bet?” He ran back to me and I must have looked different because he gave me a strange look. “What?” I asked.
 “Did you have that weird feeling again?”
 “Maybe…” And with that he continued to follow me quietly, for all he knew I could have been lying to him but I guess that he trusted me enough not to question me.
 Before either of us could question it, the forest suddenly darkened and the sounds of the surrounding digimon hiding in the forest had vanished leaving us alone in the dark, scary forest. “It’s nowhere near night time yes is it Bearmon?”
 “No this is different. This is the darkness that Izzy had warned you about, it’s a lot stronger than it should be.” He mumbled. “Stay close to me at all times, something’s not right.”  He growled protectively.
 Usually I would hate taking orders from anyone including him, and this is one of those rare moments where I am actually agreeing with what he is telling me to do because even if he didn’t I would have just done it anyways. We continued walking forward and were forced to stop because we had reached a dead end, but this is where the sensation was leading me so…
 “It’s gone.” I whispered.
 “Why would it lead us here though?” He asked, I knew that it was a rhetorical question but I couldn’t help but answering with mumbling anyways.
 “Super shocker.” A bolt of electricity flew into the wall directly ahead of me and I couldn’t help but scream when hundreds of boulders came flying towards me. Someone grabbed onto my hand and pulled me back into their arms protecting me from the blast.
 The dust and debris came flying back into the crooks around out faces and I started choking on the fumes and coughing uncontrollably trying to get some clean air into my lungs, and it didn’t help that Izzy was having the same problem that I was having because his shaking me was not helping either of us in any way at all!
 “Whitney are you ok?” He choked out in between coughing fits.
 “The cost is clear now!” Yells Tentomon happily.
 “Whitney!” Bearmon tugged and pulled on my clothing until he had my attention.
 “Jesus Christ Bearmon!” I choked out, I coughed a few more times before I was able to yell at my partner again. “Your making my choking worse by pulling on my like that ya no.”
 “Just wanted to make sure that you weren’t turning colors, which you are by the way. But you seem like your still ok.” He said smiling at me and walking away. I gave him my coldest death glare in between my different coughing fits until it was all out of my system.
 “What are you doing here anyways Izzy? I thought that I told you that I didn’t need you.” I whispered not daring to look at him because of how guilty that I felt about forcing him away.
 “Considering that you couldn’t even say that to my face I knew that you didn’t actually mean it.”
 “And what if I did?” He placed his index finger underneath my chin and forced me to look at him, he didn’t look angry just hurt and a little frustrated but happy that he was able to catch me in time.
 “You said that Tentomon and I were with you when you and Bearmon had found the cave so I made sure to follow you at a far enough distance so that you couldn’t see or hear us, but close enough so that we could still follow you wherever you went.”
 I couldn’t help the smile that had forced its way onto my lips, this kid really was something. I moved his hand away from my face and without breaking eye contact I interlinked our fingers placing them on my chest, wrapping my free arm around his neck and placed my head on his shoulder so that I could snuggle it into the crook of his neck. When all of this is said and done I hope that I can be as good of a friend/girlfriend to him as he’s been to me, hearing the snickers behind me I knew that he was blushing a worse shade than what his hair was as he held onto me.
 “Whitney, is this it?” Asks Bearmon. I sighed and unwrapped myself from the boy, I was going to have to get Bearmon back later for wrecking my moment.
 I looked up at the cave and I couldn’t place my finger on it but I definitely knew that something was up, looking at my surroundings like I did in my dream I began analyzing what I could remember and so far everything looked to be right. I stood up and carefully walked towards the cave and stopped just before the entrance, my hand raised and moved so that if the force field was there then it would touch it and for a split second we were able to see a rippling effect as my palm was forced to stop.
 You know how you throw a stone into a calm body of water and it makes that cool ripping effect from being disturbed? Well that’s exactly what it was like but after a moment my hand began sizzling like it was being burned and I pulled my hand back as fast as I could to try and limit the damage.
 Bearmon came to my side and took a quick look over my hand, once he was satisfied he then walked towards the entrance to examine it for himself. All four of us were silent then suddenly there was the faint sound of someone singing in a different language. Slowly it started becoming louder and louder until it sounded like she was right in front of us even though we all knew that she wasn’t.
 “So what now?”
 “I believe that this is the part where you begin singing.”
 Izzy must have seen the look on my face because he grabbed my hand and squeezed in encouragingly, I watched him for a moment because I looked away. Taking a deep breath I clenched my hands and I could feel my fingers digging into my skin and focused on that and began my singing.
 When the song had ended we were still listening to my voice echoing around the cave walls and I was surprised at how good my voice had actually sounded. I could feel myself tensing up because of what I knew was going to come next and I knew that Izzy was getting ready too because he was tightening his grip on my hand. Everything around us was silent and as we heard the breaking of the bubble we were preparing ourselves for the worst to happen.
 The barrier started breaking looking like little pieces of glass that were being chipped away but as they flew towards us and hit out skin, they melted into water droplets and it felt like we were drowning because of how much of it that there was. Once it finally disappeared we wiped ourselves off.
 “Is everyone alright?”
 “Yes, I guess so, and of course.” Coursed out of my three male companions.
 “Are you sure that you want to do this?” Bearmon looked directly at me while I was pretending to think of my answer.
 “I don’t want to. I have to, my friends never asked to be here so the least that I can do is find them and take them home.” I answered as honestly as I could.
 “Well then, let’s go.”
 I swallowed a deep breath and before they could get too far ahead of my I ran to catch up with my friends and clutched onto Izzy’s hand since he was the one who last entered the cave save for me, and I was now thankful that he had followed us. The darkness of the cave was silent and eerie with the only thing being heard other than the sound of our breathing were the tiny water droplets falling onto the cave floor. It felt like we had been walking for forever and we were all becoming tired of getting nowhere.
 “What if this is a trap?” At the sudden loudness of Bearmon’s voice we all jumped into the air, even though he wasn’t really speaking that loudly.
 “Even if it is it’s too late to go back now, we should be getting close.”
 “Should be but aren’t.”
 “Whitney are you sure that we’re going the right way?”
 “I don’t know. We must be because I don’t have that prickling sense…”
 “Listen.” Hushed Bearmon.
 Poppy had begun singing again but her voice was quiet, so a quietly as we could we began walking towards her voice, the closer that we got to her the louder her voice was becoming and I saw that there was a light at the end of the tunnel so I began running as fast as my legs would carry me. And I was just in time to because she decided that it was time to end her song.
 My mouth dropped and once more I was speechless. Poppy was sitting on the grass being as comfortable as she could be and began singing Hebrew again to the fist that were swimming in the pool that was in front of her. There was lots of grass that was the purest green that I had ever seen and the pond that the fish were swimming in I assumed it to be a small fresh water pond. “ASHELY THOMPOSN!” I screamed.
 She jumped about five feet into the air from being startled so badly and she turned around to yell at me, but once she saw who I was she smiled and ran towards us. I ran to meet her halfway ignoring the stares of my companions and threw my arms around her shoulders while hers went around my waist.
 “I’m so glad to see you twin.” She said squeezing me tighter.
 “Me too.” I mumbled. We hugged each other and danced around in a circle for a good couple of minutes still not believing that this was actually happening before we let the other go. “Poppy I want to introduce you to my friends. This flying bug is Tentomon and his partner Izzy. And this is my partner Bearmon.” I introduced placing my palm directly on my partner’s shoulders.
 “It’s good to meet you, I’m Poppy.” She smiled.
 “It’s nice to meet you as well, we’ve heard so much about you.” I saw that she was starting to blush because of Izzy and I couldn’t really blame her he’s a good looking guy. But I didn’t want her to get hurt because of his feelings for me, and for my possible feelings for him in return so I popped her bubble.
 “And apparently this isn’t the first time that I’ve been here either.”
 “It’s not?”
 “No and apparently Izzy’s my boyfriend.” I whispered. Our eyes connected for a brief moment and we both blushed at the mention of the word ‘boyfriend’, but like I hoped that she would my smart girl caught on that I already had dibs.
 “Good luck.” She said in between fits of laughter. “She’s a handful that one.” He blushed even worse and began rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.
 “I object, I’m not that bad!” I began defending myself. “Annie is totally 100% worse than I am.”
  She still laughed, but once she got herself under control she started talking again. “So what’s the plan now Gred?”
 “Well it would be nice to get out of this tunnel for starters and then we can interrogate you on what you’ve been through I suppose.”
 “Sounds good.” She smiled at me once again, and I couldn’t help myself I wrapped my arms around her again still not believing that we had actually found her, and began making our way back to the outside world once more.
 I thought that getting into the cave and finding Poppy was bad and that getting back out would be easy part of our plan, but boy was I ever proven wrong the cave decided that it was going to turn itself into even more of a maze than it was before just to confuse us. It worked, but I couldn’t help the feeling that something still didn’t feel right.”
 “What’s up slacker jacker?”
 “Do you sense that?” He didn’t answer me so I thought that I needed to repeat myself but just as I was going to say something he let out a low growl and started pushing Poppy and I further and faster out the cave.
 “It’s the darkness, hurry.” He yelled out.
 “Whitney, what’s wrong?”
 “The darkness is closing in on us so hurry up.” Bearmon yelled out again. Izzy grabbed my hand and I reached over and grabbed Poppy and the four of us ran out as fast as we could.
  Once we reached where our campsite had been the day before in Primary Village we all sat back to try and catch our breaths. “Well that was fun….Can we do it again?” In sync we all glared at Bearmon, each person glaring at him each for their own different reason concerning his comment.
 “What’s our plan Izzy?”
 “Seriously? We’re still trying to catch our breaths and you’re wanting to know what the plan is?” I knew that Tentomon hated me but still, this is getting ridiculous!
 “He’s right.” Izzy whispered still obviously winded from out very long sprint.
 “How about this.” I suggested. “Since it’s so close to dusk I sat that we stay here for the night, question Poppy in the morning then we go from there?”
 “Sounds good to me.”
 “100% agreed.”
 Izzy and Tentomon were staring at one another having another silent conversation, but when Tentomon huffed and flew away to get some more wood I figured that Izzy had won their little argument. He looked at me and nodded his head in conformation that they both agreed with my decision.

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