What Happens when you mix Knowledge and Innonence?

Blinking at the fire’s sudden bright ferocity I never would have guessed that I would be thrown into this type of situation. The simplicity of attempting to introduce a beloved cartoon to your friends then being thrown into their world, where once upon a time you had also been with the characters yourself yet not even realising it.


1. And so begins the loss of my sanity

~~Blinking at the fire’s sudden bright ferocity I never would have guessed that I would be thrown into this type of situation. The simplicity of attempting to introduce a beloved cartoon to your friends then being thrown into their world, where once upon a time you had also been with the characters yourself yet not even realising it.
 My story begins with my friends and I sitting in front of a TV. lazily flipping through the channels trying to find anything that might have some sort of entertainment for us while we were waiting for my computer to finish down loading the full first and second seasons of digimon so that we could watch it later. “Let’s watch us some Dora guys!” exclaims Annie sarcastically in a weird voice while flipping to its channel as both Poppy and Dana break out in song and dance for the back pack theme song.
 Annie is 5’7 with long blond and black hair that reaches her chest, Poppy is the same height that I am at 5’5 she has short dark brown almost black hair, and last but certainly not least is Dana finishing our quartet at 5’7 height with long curly strawberry blond hair. I was watching my friends with mild interest not even knowing why, but I’m guessing that it has something to do with the windows darkening. It’s only 7:30pm in the middle of summer so it should be light out for a while longer.
 Standing up I walked over to the window curiously wanting to know what on earth could possibly be going on, I know that the weather’s been messed up lately but the more that I’m thinking about it the worse that the sinking feeling in my stomach becomes. I glanced back at the girls their attention is 100% on watching the little girl speaking Spanish except for Poppy’s, who has been following my every move. “What’s wrong twin?” she asked.
 “I don’t know.” I replied never taking my eyes off of the window.
 Sighing Poppy gets out of her seat and as she gets closer my eyes are being dragged against their will to the shining object in her pants pocket, following my eye sight she looks down and grabs her i-pod curiously. “Well that’s weird.” She mumbles fidgeting with her electronic toy.
 “What is?” Asks Dana finally taking her eyes away from the TV, but before either of us could say anything an even brighter light suddenly shot out of the device and disabled the satellite.
 “DORA!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Screams Annie way too overdramatically. All of the little things in the room start flying around like there was a miniature tornado going through the room, the four of us dropped everything that we were holding onto and used our arms to cover our faces instead.
 I’m not even sure what to tell you, but when I moved my arms my mouth dropped open in a mix of shock and horror, because no longer were we in my best friends run down of a house but more of on the out skirts of a jungle with a broken black i-pod lying in front of us with a silly frog case surrounding it in a failed attempt of protection.
 “Where are we?” I asked in a whisper.
  “Really Whitney? Really?” Sighed Annie.
 “What?” I said with innocence written all over my face.
 “Well let’s see.” She said clapping her hands together and breaks it down as if she’s explaining common sense to a child. “First we were watching fricken Dora, then next thing I know were all standing around Smash’s broken i-pod, and the first thing that comes to mind is “where are we?” She replies exasperatedly.
  “What else am I supposed to say?” I shrieked.
 “Can we try and not kill each other?” Jokes Poppy coming to stand in between the two of us.
 “But why not?” Whined Dana.
 “For one, we are most likely in a different dimension…” she started.
 “No way, I never would have guessed.” The three of us chorused in mock amusement.
 “And secondly.” She continued glaring at us. “If we’re gonna have any chance at surviving then we’re going to have to work together as a team.” She finished.
 “Are you done ranting yet Smash?” Asked Annie trying but failing to hide her smile.
 “No of course not!” She said putting her chest and faking being wounded. “Oh wait… Yea I’m done.” She said jumping into the air excitedly.
 “I guess that we should start walking then.” Says Dana starting to walk backwards and punching both hands together for the oncoming anticipation.
 So the four of us were just walking, talking, and joking around hoping that we would be able to help pass the time and make light of our current situation. But unfortunately the daylight was slowly starting to fade away, having nothing with us for any type of comfort we walked to the very edge of the forest and made out home around two large what looked to be oak trees and sat down in pairs. The only way that we were ever going to keep warm in this strange place would be if we alternated sharing body heat.
 Sighing I looked up at the night sky between the breaks in the tree leaves and silently started crying to myself in fright of never finding out way back home and to our families, who must be more than worried sick about us by now. My concentration was broken as a snap from the tree was heard, unfortunately I was the only one awake and I didn’t want to disturb my friends we were able to fall asleep so I wearily kept my eyes opened and was looking around for anything that could have made a sound. My eyes were betraying me though as they decided to close one by one until I was able to fall into a fit full doze.
 The next time I woke up my eyes shot wide open and this time I couldn’t help but scream at the top of my lungs in fright, because right in front of my looked to be a man that was covered from head to toe in bright red blames. When he noticed that I was awake he smiled a creepy smile and next thing I know was that I was shaded by the darkness once more.
 The only difference this time was that I was conscious when I was blind folded; I was still able to hear and feel everything that was going on around me. There was a muffled grunt in front of me, then nothing. I sat there for what felt like forever until I had decided that enough was enough and my hands went right for the binds that were around my eyes, struggling to undo the knot.
 I couldn’t hear anything around me and my hands were getting soar from being behind my head for so long, with the last of my hope fading my hands fell to my knees and the tears that I had been holding onto for so long finally started falling. Usually I hated crying in unfamiliar territory but that’s the farthest thing from my mind at the moment and balling my eyes out because I was more scared for my friends then I was for myself seemed to be my best option.
 By the time that the tears had finished cascading down my face I was just about to fall asleep once more because of how emotionally tired that I had become from all of the crying that I had done but a small peck of fear formed in my stomach as I started hearing voiced coming right for me. My hands went directly for the binds and I started swearing worse than a sailor as my hands started fumbling while the voices were getting closer and closer to me. When the voices were right in front of me I let my hands drop back down and my eyes betraying me once again decided to let more tears fall.
 Another pair of hands was suddenly around my head, and out of instinct from the weird creatures earlier I started resisting him, not letting him have too much access but that was before he started swearing under his breath. “God dam it!” He swore standing up and backing away from me. “If you stop fighting me then I would be able to get the blind fold off of you faster.”
 I contemplated the facts in my head on why I shouldn’t let this stranger near me but before I could tell him anything I felt his hands around my head once more as he continued fiddling with the cloth. “Since we’re going to be a bit would you mind telling me a bit about yourself?” I asked shakily, now with my voice betraying me with how scared I was.
 “My name is Tai Kaymia, I have a younger sister named Kari. My favourite sport is soccer and my partner is a digimon named koromon.” He began as his fingers started loosening the giant know in the cloth.
 “Digimon?” I asked. He gently took the cloth off of me and as he did I shook my head to help me clear my head and my eyes of the remaining tears.
 “Oh my god.” He whispered shocked.
 “What is it?” I asked still scared.
 “I know who you are!” He said with awe in his voice.
 “Well that’s a little creepy.” I mumbled while struggling to stand up.
 “Let me help you.” He mumbles while also getting up himself and holding his hands out to me.
 I mumbled my thanks as we got me standing on my feet, but he had to hold onto me as we slowly walked out of the dark cave since I’ve been sitting on the ground for who knows how long. It was silent between us but looking out of the corner of my eyes I could see that Tai was giving me odd looks. Could you really blame me though for checking him out? I mean come on, alone come a hot guy to rescue you from a dark and eerie cave and claims that he knows who you are? Sure I’ll admit that that last bit was a little creepy, but still!!!
 We stopped at one of the millions of weird trees that there were here and took a breather. Tai looked at me again and I sighed in frustration, before he could ask me what was up I started yelling at him. “OK enough of this! Tell me why the hell are you staring at me like that?”
 He didn’t answer me right away like I was hoping that he would instead he turned his back on me and walked away a few paces running both of his hands through his unnaturally huge burgundy mass of hair that was plopped on top of his head. I was about to yell at him again but he stopped and turned to face me again. His eyes were closed in deep concentration and his hands were continually subconsciously knotting and unknotting themselves in his hair while he was thinking of a proper way to tell me whatever it was that he was going to tell me.
 Sighing he finally looked back at me and dropped his hands back to his sides and came back to me. “It’s a long story but to sum this up as much as I can for you, we’re in a place called the digital world which is full of digital creatures called digimon. My friends and I are partnered with a digimon and my partner is a small orange dinosaur looking thing named Koromon, they help us fight and defend this world.” When he was done he just stood there waiting for my reaction, his eyes were pleading for me to believe him, but I wasn’t sure if I could.
 I just stood there not really knowing if I should believe this attractive nut case or not. “Sounds like a cartoon that I use to watch to tell you the truth.” I finally mumbled.
 “That’s just because it’s only the condensed version, everything sounds the same that way. But trust me there is way more to explain but right here and now is definitely not the place to be talking about the past. My friends have a camp site set up at the beginning of the forest; I can explain everything to you there if you would let me. “ He breathed out in what I believe to be was relief that I hadn’t tried to run away from him yet.
 I silently followed him into the woods my mind reeling with everything. If I’m cluing into this right then he believes that I’ve been here before on adventures with him and his friends, but if that’s true then why do I not remember any of it? Or him for that matter?
 “Shit.” He mumbles suddenly stopping in his tracks as we reach a fork in the road.
 I bumped into him not even realising that he had stopped and voiced my confusion. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
 “I can’t remember if the camp is down the right side of the road of the left.” He mumbled.
 “Seriously!” I said incredulously moving so that I was standing in front of him with my hands on my hips.
 At least he was able to look ashamed that he had forgotten how to get back to his friends. He started singing eenie meenie on each of the pathways and I couldn’t stop myself from shaking my head at his immatureness, so I started walking away from him and towards wherever my feet decided to take me in this weird world. “Hey wait up!” He yelled out to me. It didn’t take him long to catch up to me and when he did we walked in silence.
 It didn’t take us much longer before we got towards the edge of the forest and we started hearing the voices of what I assumed were his friends. But before we went further towards the warm fire and the friendly voices Tai grabbed my arm forcefully pulling me to a stop and walked a head of me so that he was in front and facing me. He didn’t look as happy as I thought that he would have.
 “How did you know which way to go to get out of the forest?” He asked.
 “I didn’t.” I replied. It didn’t look like he believed me so I sighed and explained myself further. “I didn’t want to be standing around forever so my feet chose a direction to go in and my feet have never lead me to trouble so I went by instinct in guess…” I finished mumbling by the time that I go to the end of my statement.
 He stared at me a minute longer then he must have decided that he believed me because he let go of my arm and began walking away from me again towards his friends, so with no other choice I followed reluctantly behind him. We got to the group and this orange dinosaur type creature came bounding up to us and jumps into Tai’s arms catching his partner off guard as the both of them fell into the sand rolling around laughing and calling each other names.
 “Who’s this Tai?” asks one of the younger girls by the higher pitch sound of her voice.
 “Oh… Koromon get off of me for a minute.” He mutters pushing his partner roughly off of him so that he could sit up. “Everyone this is Whitney.” He introduced. Many of them gasp in recoginization and shock at hearing my name, so my earlier assumption of previously being here must be true then.
 “Let me guess, you all recognize me now too then?” I asked rather harshly.
 “Of course we do, how could we not after everything that we’ve all been through together?” Voiced another boy snapping at me, and sounded around the same age as both Tai and I.
 I took the bait of course. “Well I don’t remember any of this or you.” I snarled glaring at the jerk who said that last comment.
 “Then why are you here?” He bit back.
 “How the hell should I know? All I know is that I need to find my friends and get us out of here.” I shouted back.
 “Come sit by me and we’ll figure this out, there has to be a reason for all of this.” She says grabbing my hand and leading me furthest away from the jerk as she could get me and we sat down.
 She started introducing everyone from the youngest to the oldest, apparently this was Tai’s younger sister Kari that he was telling me about and the jerk’s name was Matt Ishada. I’m not sure why but I feel way to comfortable being around Kari, way more than I would ever like to be and when she introduced me to Matt’s younger brother my heart stopped. A young boy with chubby cheeks and bubbly blond hair appeared before my eyes smiling and laughing at a flying creature that was flying backwards in front of him attempting to tell the group a joke but messing it up repeatedly making everyone laugh even harder at the little creature. I had to blink my eyes repeatedly to being myself back and TK looked so sad that I didn’t remember him that it almost made me get up from my spot and got over to tell him that I do remember him. If only from a dream.
 And then my heart started pounding into overtime in my chest almost making me cry out in pain when she introduced to me Izzy Izumi. I remembered everything about him almost instantly, and clearer than what I remembered from being with TK.
 I was looking at a shorty with spiky red hair who was fiddling with the fire poker, he looked at me and smiled. We talked for a while and we must have been making a truce about something because we shook hands and were smiling at each other. Then at another point I was running towards him my heart beating frantically in my chest and when we reached the other we wrapped our arms around one another’s and when he pulled away to look at me I kissed him full on the lips. This time I had to repeatedly pinch myself to bring me back to the present day and when I looked at the new Izzy his hair was no longer spiky but his expression was guarded like he didn’t want me to see how much it was hurting him that I didn’t remember anything much like how TK was.
 I just continued staring at the fire while everyone around me were talking and laughing with one another and I blinked at the fire’s sudden bright ferocity, I never would have guessed that I would be thrown into this type of situation. The simplicity of attempting to introduce a beloved cartoon to you friends then being thrown into their world where once upon a time you had also already been with the character yourself yet not even realising it.
 My eyes were starting to sting with the beginning of tears so I mumbled to Kari that I would be back and walked to the edge of the beach and sat down in the cold sand with my knees close to my chest. Everything that’s been happening is just too much to comprehend right now, it would be a lot easier if the girls were with me but there not. And that just makes the guilt rise within me even more and the tears begin, I had no idea how to find them and I don’t want to ask the others for help because I don’t trust them.
 Speaking of which I could hear the sound of a quiet muttering behind me as someone began walking towards me and stopped when they were directly behind me. “Do you mind if I sit with you?” He asked. I just nodded my head not trusting my voice to say anything because it would probably just betray me like the rest of my body had. We sat in silence and peeking out of the corner of my eyes I saw that it was Izzy who had come to be with me. “Sorry about Matt.” He said facing me. “He’s always been a hot head.”
 “Really? I never would have guessed.” I murmured sarcastically.
 “Look I know that you don’t remember any of us or trust us for that matter but when we were last together…” He began but stopped as if saying that was too much for him. “You and I had a different kind of relationship than the others had and because of that we became inseparable from one another which made me the one that you were the closest too. And I just want you to know that I’m not leaving until we can find a way for you to get back home.” He said seriously.
 “That’s just it. I can’t leave, not without my friends.” I whispered refusing to look at him feeling more tears threatening to fall but I wasn’t going to cry with him around.
 “What happened to them?” He whispered.
 I snapped my head in his direction and glare at him but I wasn’t sure why, he had only asked a simple question and by the look on his face, his eyes looked curious and worried at the same time. Last time that I looked at him he was guarding himself but now he was showing me all of his emotions like he still trusted who I was from in the past. Sighing I gave in and told him everything that happened to until the time that Tai and I got to the others.
 He was silent, never interrupting when he was confused about something because it truly was a confusing story and he seemed to be taking it all in better than I’ve been able too. I began watching him again and his eyes were closed in concentration and he was using his fingers as if counting off things from a list and after some time his eyes snapped open as if he realised the answers to the world’s problems.
 “You said that it was a gut feeling in the woods?” He asked.
 “And you recognised mine and TK’s names.” He mumbled more to himself than to me.
 “How did you know that?” I accused.
 “I was curious about you so I was watching you.” He began mumbling and if I looked close enough I swear that I would be able to see him blushing.
 “Oh.” Was all that I was able to manage saying.
 “Why did you recognize our names?” He asked catching me off guard.
 I told him what I could and as I was explaining more and more the small smile that he started with turned into a massive grin and when I finished he was laughing. I glared at him and when he noticed he forced himself to stop and explain himself.
 “Your body remembers being here from when we were children and you heart remembers only the two of us because we were the two that you were closest too and would risk your life for.” He said smiling.
 “So that means…” I said slowly as the pieces began putting themselves together in my head.
 “It means.” He continued. “That the more that you’re here then the more memories will come back to you.”
 His words were sticking in my head and I could understand what he was telling me but somehow I just couldn’t believe him even though everything was starting to make more sense. So I just started shaking my head from side to side and denied everything that he had said. “No, no, no, I just need to find my friends and get out of this place.” I said sternly.
 He looked at me and I was trying my damdest to not look back at him and to focus on the beach instead but that didn’t seem to help because the more that I tried just to ignore the facts the more that they continued to push themselves into the front of my brain with such intensity that they began to make my eyes burn with the beginning of tears again. And I refuse to cry in front of anyone so I hurriedly got up from my seat in the sand and walked away, away from Matt, away from the other digidestineds, away from Izzy, and hopefully somewhere closer to my friends.
 I walked until I couldn’t walk any longer and in this case it meant that I had walked to the end of the beach and another entrance to this ridiculous forest. Looking at the closest tree I made a beeline towards it and I began to repeatedly punching and kicking at it feeling the pain and knowing that the pain would go away eventually I used it and my anger at Matt as my power source to keep going even though the adrenaline rush that I had earlier was quickly abandoning me.
 Another pair of arms wrap themselves around my rib cage and forcefully pulled me backwards and away from the tree that I had been abusing for who knows how long now. Screaming echoes in my ears yet for some reason my body hasn’t realised yet that it’s coming from me as I’m thrashing about trying to get out of my captor’s arms.
 “Whitney stop it’s only me calm down. It’s Izzy.” Says Izzy into my ear attempting to calm me down.
 His voice didn’t register with my brain so I kept thrashing about trying to get free and I was able to scratch at his arms hard enough that he had to let me go and when I was free I turned around and smacked him and screamed in his face finally letting my tears go once more against my will and fall to the ground. When he deems it safe enough to get close to me again he walks over to my crumpled form and wraps his arms around me again and I clutch his shirt closer to me and cry uncontrollably into his chest. I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve cried this hard or this much but I hope that it’s a good thing because I hate crying unless I’m by myself and am in my bedroom, which obviously I am not.
 It takes a while for me to finally calm down and when I do I focus on everything Izzy. He tightens his hold on me even though I’m not fighting him anymore and is gently rubbing his semi smooth hand gently up and down my arm sending pleasant shivers down my spine. His voice is whispering words of comfort into my hair and promises that I’m not sure if he is realising that he is telling me or is planning on keeping to me. Once my freak out is over and all of the anger and adrenaline is out of my system I feel so exhausted so I ended up slumping further into Izzy’s body wanting and needing his closeness right now.
 “Is that it?” He whispers.
 “Yea.” I mumbled closing my eyes and snuggling further into his chest than I already was.
 “Don’t get mad when I say this but…” He began and kissed my head before continuing his statement. “But I’m surprised that you didn’t blow up back at camp.”
 I couldn’t help it, I had to laugh. I guess that he must have known me pretty well if he still remembers when I am close to my breaking point. He smiled and laughed along with me and relaxing more against my back knowing that I wasn’t going to hurt him anymore.
 “I’m sorry.” I whispered freeing one of my hands and gently rubbed over the fain scratch marks when the both of us were done laughing.
 “It’s OK I know that you didn’t mean it.” He smiles. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes just relaxing into our hold against one another before he spoke up and said. “I’m probably going to regret saying this but we should get back it’s getting dark and the others are probably worried about us.”
 I sighed but followed his lead as he stood up and offered me his hands as we got up and were making our way back to the camp fire.

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