Believing In Love..?

Believe In Love..? With This Bieber Kid..? &&' I Only Known Him For Like 3 Weeks ..


1. the Begining

~ In The New House ~

Jessie : Mom..? Are We Gonna Meet The New Neighbors..?

Mom : Yeah Let Me Just Finish Cleaning Up . Go Get Dressed For Now .

Jessie : Ok . - i Go Upstairs &&' Lay On My Bed . - Why Are We So Far From Home ..? Well I Guess This Is Our New Home . - I Wear Black Leggings, A Large Sweather , Flats & Let My Loose Curls Out With A Beanie . Then I Headed Downstairs - Mom Are You Done ..?

Mom : Yes Honey I'll Be Down In A Sec .

You Wait Downstairs For A Couple Minutes .

Mom : Ok Lets Go .

~ Neighbors House ~

- Knocks Door -

Pattie : hey You Guys Must Be The New Neighbors .

Mom : Yeah , My Names Betsy . Nice To Meet You .. Uh-

Pattie : Pattie !

Mom : Oh Well Nice To Meet You Patty .

Soon A Young Boy Pears Out . He Looked Cute . But You Didn't Jump To Conclusions .

Pattie : oh This Is My Son Justin

Justin : Nice To Meet You . &&' Your Cutie

Jessie: -You Start To Blush .- Nice To Meet You Too .

Pattie : well Betsy Lets Head Inside .

Betsy : Okay

Justin : - He Just Stared At You Which Made You Feel Akward . - So Uh-- What's Your Name ..? Let Me Guess Miss. Cutie . He Said With A Grin

Jessie : - you Started To Blush Even More - No It's Jessie . Well Good Guess ;D .

Well That's All For Today I Hope You Enjoyed It . I'll Update As Soon As I Can ! &&' Share With People Please . I Would Appreciate It :D .

P.s. Romantic Stuff Starting Soon ;D

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