As Long As You Love Me

Justin Bieber, the schools bad boy and Stratfords hottie. Kylie Adams, one of the schools average girl, Stratfords nobody. So what happens when they fall in love?


2. The Date

*beep beep*

My phone rang I smiled as I saw who it was, Justin.   'Hey cutie pie, whatcha doin? ;)'  the message said.   'Oh just getting ready to go on a date with some guy named Justin. ;)' I replied    Justin and I got close and we've been talking a lot more. He actually seems pretty nice, but I'm still getting to know him. Today we were going on a date, so I'm kinda nervous. I continued putting my make up on. It matched my blue dress, ya I'm wearing a dress because apparently were going somewhere nice. Although I'm not sure if this dress is okay, because he didn't specify where.   *beep beep* my phone rang  Message from Justin: 'Alright girl, I'm almost there so don't take too long getting ready.'   I added some finishing touches and I was ready. I grabbed my purse and waited by the door, anxious to go. Justin is kinda my first date I don't really count my seventh grade boyfriend because it was middle school, besides that 'date' was actually just us playing mini golf with a bunch of friends. So I Waited patiently. Just as I saw Justin pulling up I was about to leave until I heard my name be called.   "Kylie sweety,where are you going?" My Dad said.   "On a date." I calmly said.   "A date? Whoa whoa whoa. You never mentioned this!" I was nervous to see what he would say. My mom came to the room when she heard.    "It's okay guys, it's not really a big deal." I said.   "Not a big deal? Baby it's your first date! Who is he? Where did you meet? Is he nice, is he handsome?" My mom said.   "I gotta meet this boy first." My dad firmly said.    "Well he's probably already here outside, I don't wanna keep him waiting.." I said. Gosh they can be so annoying sometime.   "What's this kids name?" My dad asked looking concerned.   "His name is Justin. Justin Bieber." I answered.   "Does he go to your school?" My mom asked.   "Well duh, I don't just meet guys on the street." I said.   I looked out the window and saw him pull up in my drive way.    "That's him I gotta go!" I began running out the door, eager to go. I saw Justin standing outside his car with some glasses on, he looked at me and smiled.   "Hey beautiful." He said.   I waved and hugged him. It seemed like he was gonna try to reach for a kiss but I stopped him because I felt uncomfortable with my parents there. Justin looked at me and smiled. Then he looked over at my parents.    "Hey I'm Justin." He said waving and smiling.   "Hi." My mom said smiling.   "So uh where are you two going?" My dad asked staring at Justin.   "Oh it's a surprise, but don't worry I'll make sure we have a good time." He looked at them and winked.    My parents looked shocked, maybe they took that in a wrong way. There was an awkward silence and then Justin said.   "Your daughter is very beautiful, and I'll make sure she's happy."   "Just make sure you bring her back on time, or you'll be in trouble." My Dad said.   Justin then nodded and he looked at me and grabbed my hand. He opened the door for me and I stepped in his car. Then he walked over to his set and started the engine. My parents waved and Justin and I waved back. My Dad gave me a look, and I knew he meant to behave. So I nodded back as we pulled out of the driveway, and began driving.   "Usually I just pick up the girl and leave." Justin chuckled.   "Sorry it's just my parents, are strict. Especially because they're not used to this." I said    "Wait, have you been on dates before?" Justin asked.   "Well no this is my first date." I said as I awkwardly began playing with my hands.    Justin looked at me, smiled, and raised his eyebrows.   "Seriously? You must be kidding me you're 17, really hot and this is your first date?"    "Yup." I said and began blushing. Wow I must seem like a loser.   "Well I'll make sure we have a great time tonight, trust me." He said.   "Thanks Justin, I appreciate it." I said   *10 minutes later*   We arrived at a restaurant. It was called  'Francesca's', I've never been to this place. I just know they serve fancy Italian food. Justin came to open my door and then he opened the restaurant door for us. We were holding hands and then he began talking to the employee at the front desk.    "Umm hi reservation for Justin Bieber." He said   "How many?" The man said.   "Dinner for two, and would it be okay if we got seats by the piano?" Justin said.   "Certainly, right this way"    We began walking to our table and we sat down.    "Wow Justin, you really meant it when you said we were going somewhere special!" I said.   "Oh ya know, I wanted to make it different from all the other dates I've been on. You're not like other girls, you're special." He said.   I began blushing.   "Well what kinda dates do you usually go on?" I asked.   "Well they're not usually dates, it's usually just us hanging out in my car or at their houses if their parents aren't home..." He said.   Justin has had a lot of experience and I haven't. I'm not gonna change who I am, but I can't seem like a loser or something. The waiter came to our table and took our orders. He started us off with some drinks, and then Justin and I both ordered the pasta special that they had. When the food came it was great, we finished it pretty fast because we were both hungry. This place is really cool they have a piano player and a singer while you eat.    "So was it good?" Justin asked.   "Yeah, thanks this place is great." I said.   Justin looked around and then smiled and looked back at me. He got up and grabbed my hand.   "What are you doing?" I said.   "You'll see" he replied and smiled.   He sat us down on the piano, since the people performing were on break.    "Justin I don't really play piano, I used to but that was a long time ago." I said nervously.   "It's okay, just watch me." He said.   He began playing and I quickly noticed the song, 'Let It Be' I love The Beatles. Justin started singing as he played. I was blown away, I didn't know he could sing, and the way he played was beautiful. Justin looked so passionate as he played, and then he began looking into my eyes. I was getting nervous, and he grabbed my hands and began helping me play the song.    "C'mon just play and sing along, get lost in the music." He said.   And so I did, we just enjoyed ourselves and it was like we were in our own little world. Suddenly everyone eating began clapping when we finished the song.    "Looks like we're not so bad" Justin chucked.    We got up and then we left the restaurant.    "Justin that was amazing, the food, and you sing so beautifully I didn't know you could sing." I said    "Ya most people don't, it's kinda something I keep hidden." He said.   "Why? Your really good." I asked.   "Because, I'm kinda not the type of guy people usually expect to be a musician. I don't really show this side of me because it's kinda like I have a reputation and It would be awkward if people did know I'm a musician." He said.    He started driving and we continued talking.    "Oh I get it, bad boy Bieber. You don't wanna show your soft side hot stuff?" I giggled.   "Yah you can put it that way." He said.   "Well what else do you play?" I asked   "I play guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, and I guess you could say I sing"    "Wow! I never knew that about you." I said In shock.   "Well I guess that's what dates are for." He smiled at me.   Justin looked at the time and then looked like he had an idea. He smiled and looked at the road. I wasn't sure where we were going because he wasn't driving towards my house. He was driving towards the woods, I thought that was weird. Justin made a couple of turns and then slowed down. We were in the woods, and I felt nervous for some reason.   "Umm where are we?" I asked.   "Just a secret place I go sometimes." He looked at me parking the car.   "The woods?" I questioned him.   "Ya, I thought we could just hang out here, this is where I come to get my mind off things." He said.   It was getting dark soon, because sunset was here so I kinda felt scared. I gulped as Justin opened the door for the car.    "Relax babe, there's no werewolf out to get you. And if there is, I'll protect you." Justin chuckled.   He locked his car and held my hand and we began walking somewhere. It seemed he knew exactly where he was going. After walking a while we stopped in front of a beautiful river. It looked so nice because the sun was setting.   "Wow, Justin this is so gorgeous!" I said gazing at the view   "Yah, it sure is huh?" He mumbled softly.   I was describing the details of this view and every little thing I liked about it staring at it for a while. My hands were intertwined with Justin's while we were sitting down on the grass. I was leaning on his shoulder, he was so warm. I've been staring at the nature so long I almost forgot about Justin. When I turned to look at him he was already looking at me, and it seemed like he was staring for a while because he was smiling at me staring into my eyes. I just looked at him funny.   "Oh, I'm, I was just uh-sorry." He said as he blushed.   "It's okay Justin." I said giggling as I looked at him with a smile.   Justin's point of view:   We were just smiling at each other for a while, just staring into each-others eyes. I admired all of Kylies beauty, shes so gorgeous. I found my eyes drifting towards her pink plump lips. God I want to kiss her so bad. But I'm not sure how she would feel, who knows if shes even had her first kiss? I kept my eyes passionately locked on her lips, and I just can't help myself. Before I knew it I was kissing her and our lips were moving perfectly nsync. I never wanted this moment to end. We had our arms around each other and enjoyed the moment. She pulled out of the kiss slowly and smiled at me staring at me. My adrenaline was increasing, and my heart was pounding.    "Damn." I didn't have any words.   "What's that supposed mean?" She looked at me smiling, but her eyes looked worried.   "It means that you're an amazing kisser." I winked at her.    I looked at the sky and saw the stars, it was late.   "The sky looks beautiful." Kylie said.   "Yah, look at all the stars, they're almost as pretty as you." Damn I'm smooth.   "Aw Justin, that's so sweet." She said as she blushed uncontrollably.   "How many stars can you count?" I asked.   She paused and pointed her finger, trying to count them all.   "I'd say about 20, because I lost count." Kylie giggled.   "Haha, hey I wanna get to know you more about you. Tell me 20 things that I don't know about you." I smirked at her.   "Umm okay. Well one you were my first real kiss, and I'm surprised you said I was a good kisser. Two, I always thought that you were some shallow guy who never cared, but now I see so much more in you. Three, my birthday is April, 26th. Four, I love soccer. Five, I've always thought that you were cute since elementary school. Six, I don't know much about hockey, even though I'm Canadian. Seven, I'm really shy, but once you get to know me I open up to you. Eight, I don't think I've done anything really bad because. Nine, I like cold nights because I can snuggle. Ten, I love pizza. Eleven, I really love music, but I wish I knew how to play more instruments. Twelve, I think I'm falling for you.. I can't think of anything else." Kylie replied.   "Haha you're so cute." I said as I laughed.   "Why? What's so funny?" Kylie sounded like a little girl, haha.   "Well because most girls just say stuff like weather they're a virgin or not, or something." I told her.   "Oh, well I'm not like other girls." She said with a smile across her face.   "I know, you're better."I said   I held her hand and we began walking to my car. I opened the door for her, and hopped in the seat, then began driving. We kept talking in the car, and it turns out we had a lot in common. The drive went by pretty fast, and I pulled up in her driveway.    "Justin, I had a really nice time." Kylie said.   "I told you I would make your first date special." I replied.   "You really know how to treat a girl." She said.   "Thanks, but you make it so easy being so sweet, beautiful, and easy to talk to." I added.   "Well I better go inside now." She said.   "Yah, hold on I'll walk you in." I said getting out the car opening her door.   We walked up to her door, and just stood there looking at each other. I wanted to say something, but I didn't even know what to say. So I let my body talk for me. I grabbed her gently and pulled her into a hug, beginning to kiss her soft lips. Just as I started to the door opened, and I saw her Dad looking pretty pissed off.   "What the hell do you think you're doing kid? Get your hands off of her." He said.   "Dad but-" Kylie began talking but her Dad interrupted her.   "Get inside now and go to your damn bed, go to sleep." He demanded.   Kylie immediately did what he told her to and looked at me before walking upstairs.   "I said you had to bring her back on time, or you'd be in trouble, what the hell is the matter with you, there's school tomorrow!?" He said.   "I'm sorry I was just-"  "Yah yah yah, shut up." He interrupted.   "I suggest you be careful, now get home."   "I just wanted to take her out, and make sure she was having fun because it seems like you don't ever let her." I spat at him. "Goodnight." I walked to my car and drove off.        
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