A short story

This is my first short story it's a fantasy about werewolfs and let me know if you like it and I'll finish it


2. The party

Tonight is a full moon and my friends invited me to a party I said i could go not thinking and they really want me there. As long as I leave at 10:00 then I can get back home before midnight And not kill anyone. I haven't told anyone yet I was hoping to tell my best friend, Zoe at the party. Zoe is in 10th grade also and she has long brown hair with a red tint and green eyes. She's also been my best friend for 9 years. And I'm very protective over her. I just haven't had the right time to tell her about me being a werewolf yet you know it doesn't just casually come up in a conversation like "Hey how's it going? Good? Oh well I'm a freaking werewolf." It was 7:00 when I arrived at the party and there was about 100 people there and they were partying hard. I found her at the back and sat down and said "Hey can I talk to you? It's kinda important" before she could respond her boyfriend came by and gave us a drink. I suddenly felt dizzy and I blacked out.

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