I wasn't a bad kid, not at all.
Then how did I end up in a prison like this?

Meet Ariel Love, a junior at Harrison High in Arizona. Normally a very pristine girl, she ends up having detention due to a small mistake, and meets Jay, a boy who'll change her life forever. The only problem is- she's afraid of heights.


2. Rebel

"Pass me a ciggy," Tyler said, standing next to me. "I ain't got any," I told him, looking down at the white and black piece of paper. Detention was written across the top in red block letters, as if the fine print wasn't enough. "Man, how are you gonna show up to my house without any cigs or booze?" I studied the sheet, thinking of ways I could destroy it this time. "I couldn't be home," I explained to him. "And my brother's out of town." He slouched down on the old couch next to me and snatched the detention sheet out of my hand. "Jay, you gotta stop with this whole detention thing. This is the third week in a row and we haven't made Saturday plans in months." I grabbed it back from him, and gazed at it with a frown. "I can skip-" I told him. Tyler smacked my arm, then laughed. "Are you serious?" I looked at him, confused. "Ariel Love got detention too. The hot ginger." I snorted. "Why would that matter?" He got up and walked over to his dresser drawer, and began clawing through the contents. My mind clicked and I knew what he was looking for. "Tyler I don't need-" he tossed a long strip of golden wrapped condoms at me, and I chucked them right back. "I'm not gonna bone her. She's a bitch and I can't stand her." His eyes went wide and his mouth went into an 'o' shape, clearly displaying his shock. "She's one of the hottest girls at school," he said, his voice higher. "Not to mention she's best friends with Brenda Lee." I rolled eyes at him and ran a hand through my long black hair. "They're not that hot," I said, crumpling up the sheet. "Ariel, maybe, but I'm pretty sure Mikaela's way hotter." Tyler shrugged then flopped back on the couch again. "Whatever. I'm going though. Maybe something will happen."

After Tyler's house, I trudged my way to my own house through the cold rain. People in their houses and in their cars frowned at me and narrowed their eyes, but I brushed them off. In my neighborhood, rebels weren't welcome, but that didn't stop me from anything. Like normal my living room lights were on in the big house and I imagined my father sitting in his armchair with a scowl on his face. I sucked in a deep breath and made my way to the solid wood doors, opening them carefully and trying to be as silent as possible. "Jason, you're home," my father said, surprised. "I guess I am," I said to him sarcastically, trying to make my way up the stairs without being lectured. "Where were you?" he asked me and I could see him attempting to read the paper without his glasses. "I was at Logan's house," I lied, climbing up the stairs. "Come back here," his deep voice boomed, sending me back down the stairs in a hurry. I stood in front of him, hands crossed behind my back as he stood up from his chair and brushed the wrinkles out of his suit. "Don't lie to me young man," he hissed. He stepped closer to my face and my blue eyes met his black ones, sending shivers down my spine. "I can smell the smoke on you." I made a mental groan as I took my leather jacket off and draped it on my arm. "Dad I was at Tyler's for a little-" "I knew it!" he yelled, pacing back and forth in front of me. "Give me your cigarettes, your pot, your booze, whatever illegal substances you have on you." I looked at him and couldn't help but display a shocked expression. "I didn't do any of that, I told you I-" He spun around on the balls of his feet and went to grab my arm when my step mom, Jackie, waltzed in. My dad's hand quickly retracted and he strided over to her, giving me enough time to dart out of the parlor into my own save haven.

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