Hollis Weasley

Molly Weasley found a baby girl on her door step, attached to the baby was a letter stating that she was 2 and her name was Hollis. Hollis is fascinated by Severus Snape her potions teacher, and wants to become his apprentice but finds it difficult to concentrate in his class.


9. The plan in action

                On Saturday everyone was in Hogsmeade, Ginny, George, Fred, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Hollis sat at a table in the three broom sticks. “Um… Ginny, let’s go to the café” Hollis said, Ginny grimaced at her “yes let’s go” she answered, Hollis and Ginny walked into the cafés bathroom and got in a stall together. Hollis pulled out the potion “I am nervous Gin” Hollis said “well so am I, my sister is going to sleep with professor Snape” Ginny said “I am not” Hollis said. Hollis drank back the potion, seconds later she was taller and her chest had grown a considerable amount and her hair was longer “you look really different” Ginny said “your face is different”. Hollis ran out and looked in the mirror, she had a scar across her cheek “What the hell” she said “does it show what you do look like when you are older, will I really have this scar?” she asked “I guess” Ginny replied. Hollis continued looking at herself, her shirt had split around her chest and her skirt was a weird length “my clothes” she said, Ginny smiled deviously “I know what to do” Ginny said. Ginny ripped Hollis’ skirt really short and took of her over robe, Hollis looked at herself “I look like I am going to sell my body” she said. Ginny laughed “isn’t that the point” Ginny said cheekily “shut up Gin” Hollis yelled “well looks like I don’t have any other change of clothes, and what the hell am I supposed to wear as school robes now” Hollis said angrily “whatever, I am going out now” Hollis squealed in excitement and fear.

                Hollis walked out of the bathroom and walked into the hogshead where the professors were sitting together, Hollis walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. She felt like a total rebel, she was drinking alcohol and she wasn’t even of age, after Hollis finished the drink she walked slowly past the table with the professors. Hagrid, the groundskeeper was very drunk “and who are you?” Hagrid asked Hollis “Um… I am… Celestina Foot” she said, they all looked oddly at her, Hagrid slid over to make a spot for her. She sat down, she was in between him and professor Sprout “so Celestina, what do you do?” Minerva McGonagall asked her “I… um…” Snape was looking at her curiously “I do potions” she said. Some of the staff chuckled “how old are you “um… I am… 28” she said, she wasn’t very good at making stuff up “you weren’t at Hogwarts were you?” Sprout asked “um no… I went to… um Durmstrang” she said. Hagrid ordered her a drink of fire whiskey, she had never had fire whiskey before and her parents would kill her if she did but she didn’t care, she wanted to talk to Snape.

                Hollis was drunk and had gotten over her nervousness “Snape, I need to talk to you” she said, Snape looked at her and walked over to the corner where Hollis was leading him. She smiled at him, he really was magnificent “what were you holding in the tower?” she asked. Snape looked surprised “I saw you, what were you holding?” she asked, Snape didn’t look like he believed she was who she had said she was. Hollis got was getting nervous again “what the hell were you holding, and what did you do to it” she was demanding more then asking now “tell me” she said. Hollis was talking a little too loud and was a little too drunk, “you tell me right now, or I will… I will…” she began, she put her head on his shoulder, he smelled wonderful, like pine trees “excuse me Miss. Foot” he began. Hollis lifted her head and looked at him “tell me or else” she said, Snape could see Minerva and the other teachers laughing at him, thinking that he and ‘Celestina’ were being romantic. Hollis poked him on the nose “tell me, please, I want to know, I won’t tell anyone” she continued, she wrapped her arms around him “listen Severus” she felt odd calling her professor by his first name “you better tell me what the hell you were holding or I will get very mad” she was smiling, in a drunken i-have-no-idea-what-i-am-doing way. “Miss. Foot, it is none of your business as to what I was holding in that tower” he said, Hollis smiled with bliss, his voice was so perfect, and her hands were dancing on his back, next thing she knew she had kissed him. When she kissed him laughter erupted from the table with the rest of the professors, the kiss had felt good, she had felt as if she had ghosts running through her veins “what are you doing Miss. Foot” he said as he pushed her back. This sobered Hollis up a little “HOLY FUCK” she yelled, she didn’t care that she had just said a very foul word, she had kissed him “OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” she yelled. She looked at Snape “OH FUCK” she yelled and then ran out of the hogshead and straight back to the bathroom in the café to wait for the potion to ware off.     

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