Hollis Weasley

Molly Weasley found a baby girl on her door step, attached to the baby was a letter stating that she was 2 and her name was Hollis. Hollis is fascinated by Severus Snape her potions teacher, and wants to become his apprentice but finds it difficult to concentrate in his class.


7. Her Realization

                Ginny ignored Hollis for the rest of the week, in fact Ginny was ignoring everyone, and seemed to spend a lot of time alone. Hollis was angry that Ginny wouldn’t talk to her, Hollis and Ginny were best friends and she missed her sister. Since Ginny was ignoring her she spent a lot of time with her older brother Ron and his friends, they were kind of weird, she didn’t like Hermione much, she was an annoying know-it-all that acted like she owned the world. Hollis had gotten into reading, she barley had time to read at home because of her loud family, and her detentions weren’t that bad, she spent most of it just cleaning cauldrons. On her last week of detentions Snape had told her to bring her cauldron and her potions book. Hollis came to detention with all her stuff and waited for Snape, he walked in with a box of jars floating behind him “Miss. Weasley” he said, Hollis listened to his voice it sounded like an angels voice. He walked over to the desk where she was sitting and placed the box of ingredients next to her “make something” he said, Hollis looked confused “make something” he said again. Hollis looked up at him, he didn’t look angry, he looked curious. Hollis had not been doing well in his class, she spent most of it just listening to the sound of his voice and not the actual words he was saying. Snape rolled his eyes “make something, anything and I will be back in an hour” he said and then left the room, Hollis looked confused but did as he said. She decided to make a shrinking solution, it wasn’t in her text book, but she had written it down in the back of it. By the time Snape got back the potion was finished.

                He looked at the potion “what is this?” he asked “um… shrinking solution” Hollis said “I know it isn’t in the text book but I just, I don’t know” she said nervously looking at Snape, he looked impressed, confused, and angry “how did you know how to brew this?” he asked. Hollis turned red ‘I should have just done one from the text book’ she thought “um… I wrote it down from a third year’s text book” she said awkwardly. Snape stood there for a moment, he looked as if he were in deep thought, Hollis liked the way the candle light hit his pale skin, lighting up his every feature, she hadn’t noticed how different he looked up close, he looked majestic, like a work of art. “Come with me” he said, Hollis followed him, they walked up to Dumbledore's office “sit” he said pointing to the chair. He took out a vial of the potion that Hollis had made and gave it to Dumbledore, Dumbledore looked at it, he pulled off the cap and poured a little onto a quill on his desk, it shrunk. He smiled “very well done Miss. Weasley, I believe this is a third year level potion?” he asked “um yes” she said “what is the problem Severus?” he asked. Snape looked at Hollis “I was wondering how Miss. Weasley could make such a potion when she is failing my class” he said, Dumbledore looked confused “why did you bring Miss. Weasley here, I am sure you could have asked her back in your office” Dumbledore said as he peered over his half-moon spectacles at Snape.

                Hollis started twiddling her thumbs around, Snape was looking at her strangely, as was Dumbledore “I am sorry” she said. Both men looked at each other “and what exactly are you sorry for Miss. Weasley?” Snape asked, Hollis didn’t know what to say, it would be odd to tell him why she wasn’t paying attention in his class. She did not ‘like-like’ him but she just loved the sound of his voice and the feel of his presence and the way he could keep the same look no matter what emotion he was feeling, it was incredible. “I… uh… I… um” she began “Professor” Snape began “in class she does not seem able to mix the simplest of potions, but when she is left alone she seems to do very well” he said. Dumbledore looked sympathetically at Hollis “I didn’t think you were shy Miss. Weasley” Dumbledore said “I’m not… it’s just when… um” she said. Snape and Dumbledore looked at each other, Dumbledore nodded and Snape left the room “where is he going?” Hollis asked when Snape had shut the door behind him. Dumbledore ignored her “why can’t you concentrate in professor Snape’s class?” Hollis frowned at her feet “he… is just… weird” she said awkwardly “what do you mean Miss. Weasley?” Dumbledore asked her, Hollis was starting to freak out, she didn’t want to tell Dumbledore about her strangeness around Snape. “Is it something to do with professor Snape Miss. Weasley?” Hollis looked at him, she was biting her lip “I don’t like him” she said “he is just interesting” Dumbledore laughed “do you have a crush on professor Snape?” he asked. Hollis got all defensive “no, no I do not. He is just very um…” Hollis frowned at herself ‘do I like Snape?’ she asked mentally asked herself. Hollis’ eyes opened wide ‘holy mother of god I do, wait… I am 11, he is like a lot older than me, what the hell is wrong with me’ Dumbledore smiled “I wont tell him” he said, Hollis turned bright red “don’t tell anyone!” she said “you can leave now Miss. Weasley” Hollis ran back to her dorm and jumped into her bed.



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