Better than words

Zayn Malik and Britt are becoming really close, and with their little Brooke gone, will their relationship last or will it fall apart? Will jack and Finn come between them two?


13. zayns pov


She left me! She grabbed her shit and left.

Once she left i went back to perrie. I know its not what you think! I went to her to tell her to stop following me! We were in Florida so was she! Were back in London and so is she. I couldn't take it anymore i needed my Britt! So i went to harrys. Liam let me in. I found Britt sleeping down stairs with a puppy and be growled at me.


I found her crying so i cried with her.

Me: i was horrible and I'm sorry! Please come home!

Britt: zayn im sorry were just different we have to take things slow we have been dating for like 3 months and we live together.

Me: and i love you

Britt: i love you too zayn. But she didn't look at me.

Me: please look at me.

Britt: zayn stop! Please I'm tired and i dont feel good.

Me: then maybe you shouldn't have been drinking as much.

Britt: i know but i needed to get this out of my head.

Me: c'mon let's go home. Please Britt!

Britt: i cant right now. Zayn my stomach is killing me i think i might puke!

Me: how much did you drink

Britt: i took a couple of shots like three of vodka.

Me: you shouldn't be this sick.


After about 4 hours Britt was still sick. So me and the boys and these two twins rushed Britt to the emergency room.

Doctor:hi my name is dr.vasquez whats the promblem?

Britt: i was drinking a little bit last night and my stomache just wont stop hurting she exclaimed.

After they ran some test. It came out that Britt had alcohol posion. I took Britt home with me this time

Britt: zayn?

Me: I'm right here whats wrong?

Britt: i think im gonna be sick.

Before i had the time to react she threw up on the floor. I took off her clothes and put her in some warm water to calm her stomach down.

While she was relaxing i started to clean up the floor. I felt so bad for her, but the doctors said that the puking should stop soon. As i grabbed her a towel i pulled out some sweats a shirt and her under wear and put it on her.

Britt: zayn i love you!

Me: i love you too! Now c'mon let's go downstairs so i can keep an eye on you.

I invited the boys over and of course they brought the twins over i wanted Britt to feel welcomed back at our house.

Harry; so um zayn. Where's Britt?

Me: she's over there in the living room.

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